Nazmiyal, The Best Place to Buy Rugs!

The Nazmiyal Collection: Why We’re The Best Place to Buy Rugs

The best place to buy rugs – Established in 1980, The Nazmiyal Collection has acquired quite possibly the largest collection of antique and vintage rugs in the world.

In the rug realm, The Nazmiyal Collection is well known and and extremely respected. But general consumers might not be aware or may have not heard Nazmiyal Antique Rugs. Therefore, allow us to tell you a bit about what separates us from other rug collections and why we’re the best place to buy rugs.

Why Nazmiyal is The Best Place to Buy Rugs
Why Nazmiyal is The Best Place For Rugs

First, by trade standards, Nazmiyal offers the largest, most diverse and best array of rugs available for consumers to buy (both online or in person). Hand picked and collected from around the world, we are sure to have the best rug options for what you are looking for.

Jason Nazmiyal, the founder of Nazmiyal Antique Rugs, is a great lover and collector of textile art. This passion for the woven arts is what allowed Jason to adapt the way he buys rug and align his acquisitions with current market trends. Since Nazmiyal’s rug inventory is constantly being “updated”, the gallery has become known as the best place where interior designers and collectors buy their rugs.

Nazmiyal Is The Best Place To Buy Rugs
Nazmiyal Is The Best Place To Buy Rugs

Known for our exquisite taste in carpets, we have bought rugs dating from 3rd Century Textiles to Mid Century Swedish Rugs.

Lastly, Nazmiyal guarantees the best prices on the market, with total price transparency. This makes the rug buying process so much easier and comfortable.

From ten different origins around the world, explore a hint of our magnificent collection through these detail-previews.

Click any rug to see it in full, and discover why we are the best place to buy rugs!

1. Antique Chinese Rug (46621)

Antique Chinese Rug, Nazmiyal

2. Breathtaking Large Oversized Antique Khotan Carpet (48219)

Breathtaking Large Oversized Antique Khotan Carpet, Nazmiyal

3. Antique 18th Century Caucasian Karabagh Rug (47245)

Antique 18th Century Caucasian Karabagh Rug, Nazmiyal

4. Large Light Blue Persian Kerman Rug (48869)

Large Light Blue Persian Kerman Rug, Nazmiyal

5. Jacques Emile Ruhlmann French Art Deco Carpet (47642)

Jacques Emile Ruhlmann French Art Deco Carpet, Nazmiyal

6. Antique Turkish Oushak Rug (49188)

Antique Turkish Oushak Rug, Nazmiyal

7. Gallery Size Vintage Berber Moroccan Rug (48948)

Gallery Size Vintage Berber Moroccan Rug, Nazmiyal

8. Vintage Swedish Scandinavian Kilim Rug (46857)

Vintage Swedish Scandinavian Kilim Rug, Nazmiyal

9. Antique Bezalel Rug from Jerusalem Israel (8514)

Antique Bezalel Rug from Jerusalem Israel, Nazmiyal

10. Rare Small Size Antique Indian Agra Rug (48854)

Rare Small Size Antique Indian Agra Rug, Nazmiyal

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