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Dagestan rugs – The Caucasian Dagestan antique rugs and carpets were produced in the Eastern part of the Caucasus. This is why they were closely related to Shirvan and Kuba rugs, which were woven and originated in the same general region. The antique Dagestan (Daghestan) carpets and rugs tend to have small-scale allover designs utilizing multiple repetitions in fine detail that is appropriate to their generally small size. This format was easily adapted by Dagestan rug weavers to prayer rugs by adding a simplified niche or mihrab at the top of the design.

The colors that we generally see in these Dagestan antique rugs are mostly rich and varied, with emphasis on blues, reds, yellows, and greens.

History Of Antique Dagestan Rugs

Translated as the “land of the mountains,” Daghestan is a word that identifies the north-eastern borders of regions in the Caucasus that makes rugs. Daghestan epitomizes the real beauty of the Caucasian region with bitterly cold winters. What was once an area that was completely isolated until the Russians invaded in the 1860’s, Caucasus boasts some fantastic scenery with its high peaks and fast-moving rivers that split some of these mountains.

Daghestan is well known for producing ivory-ground rugs. These quality rugs from the Caucasian region for perfect for prayer, decoration and more. Indeed, the Daghestan prayer rug integrates traditional Daghestan elements as well as innovative motifs valued by connoisseurs of antique Caucasian rugs.

The Daghestan rug design for this area includes a narrow field and mihrab Prayer rug design ornament, which adds to the rarity and artistry of those who made these tapestries in the Caucasus. The Daghestan carpet contains soft pastel colors that are varied in their usage. You can enjoy the gold saffron and apple green color to give it a distinct look that true connoisseurs of these antique Caucasian rugs can enjoy on a deep colored wooden floor or on a wall that can provide a backdrop to a rich history of a 19th century Orient.

For those Caucasian rug collectors who are looking for a nice addition to their home, the Daghestan rug contains a very charming and attractive design that provides very exact placement of important motifs that bring a look and feel that is very attractive to collectors of these Caucasian rugs.

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