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Antique Avar Rugs – The Avar are One of the Largest of the Dagestan Tribes. Antique Caucasian rugs are among the more popular antique traditional Oriental rugs, widely admired for their distinctly tribal aesthetics. The Avars of the Caucasus were responsible for designing and producing some of the most distinctive, most easily identifiable antique Oriental rugs. These masterworks were characteristically woven with  repeating rows of stepped polygons, creating an impressive effect that is as breath-taking to behold today as it was when the rugs were originally made. These antique rugs also tend to feature diagonal stripes, which typically adorn the main border. The warp and threads are generally mixed with light brown coloring.

All of these distinctive characteristics combine to make Avar rugs some of the most fascinating – and some of the most beautiful – antique rugs available, not only of Caucasian origin, but of any antique Oriental rug style. Tribal and simplistic while also sophisticated and aesthetically daring, these rugs are a unique treasure. The unique color pallets utilized by Avar weavers infuse these carpets with a great deal of energy that beautifully complements the tribal aesthetic of these exciting and distinct rugs and carpets. An important manifestation of Avar cultural ideals, these carpets are a fascinating reflection of the people responsible for their weaving.

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