Beautiful Oversized Spanish Art Deco Design Carpet 50065


Size: 20 ft 4 in x 28 ft 2 in (6.2 m x 8.59 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

An Exiting And Beautiful Art Deco Design Spanish Carpet, Country of Origin: Spain, Circa Date: Early 20th CenturyArea rugs like this are just too spectacular for word to do them any justice. It does not take a seasoned rug expert to be able to see that this is truly one of the more beautiful rugs as well as one of the very best area rugs of its kind.

The Art Deco movement began in France at a 1925 Paris art exposition. It quickly spread throughout the world and remained popular through the 1930’s. As the movement spread, it took on a unique style, and it is not surprising that in Spain, Art Deco style included the use of vibrant, bold colors and lines that reflect the confluence of traditional and modern design. This beautiful carpet is an excellent example of the Spanish Art Deco movement.

One of the key identifying characteristics of the Art Deco movement is the precise repetition of design elements. This gives it a distinctive industrialized character that contrasts with the realist movements of the earlier art forms. The Art Deco movement is about good times, and a time of wealth and prosperity. It embodies a certain degree of extravagance and elegance. This piece is a captivating example of Spanish Art Deco work with its brilliant colors and precisely executed design elements. It shows the classic Art Deco shell designs and elegant ribbon designs that give it a three-dimensional quality. The Art Deco movement in Spain was characterized by bold arches and Mediterranean / Middle Eastern influence. It took on a more classic appearance, often retaining elements such as Old World plaster reliefs and classic arched stained glass windows, as opposed to the angular streamlined shapes that are found throughout America and Europe.

The Art Deco style in Spain retained its unique, classic character, and this carpet is an excellent example of these stylistic elements. It is a versatile piece that sparks the design imagination. Of course, you could use it in a period Spanish Art Deco room, but it could also make a bold statement in a more contemporary design, too. If you need a piece that will stand out and draw attention, this breathtaking piece is up for the task.

This colorful antique rug displays a single huge medallion on a pale lavender field. A vivid red border lined in solid khaki and filled with flower blossoms and ribbons surrounds the blue outermost exterior of the medallion on the Spanish rug. This blue part of the medallion displays four red and yellow trumpeting blossoms and four shell-shaped ivory, gold, purple and blue ones. The interior portion of the medallion presents concentric khaki-colored circles encompassing a vivid yellow and red design set against a blue background. It surrounds a gold circle and interwoven angularly curving light blue line enclosing a colorful red and blue pinwheel with a yellow center. Four dark purple spandrels bracket the corners. This Art Deco rug displays a single very narrow khaki border decorated with yellow and red floral blossoms and blue ribbons.

For people who are looking to buy area rugs that are captivatingly artistic, this oversized Spanish art deco design carpet would surly fit the bill.

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