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Antique English Wilton Carpets and Rugs: Although they were machine-made rather than handwoven, Wilton carpets from England are quite sought after for their elegance of design, subtle coloration, and fine, precise drawing. Wilton rug designs often follow Persian rug patterns closely, but they still betray the strong influence of contemporary English Arts and Crafts traditions, not only in the drawing or patterning, but especially in the color tones and juxtapositions.

A more modern rug designed to match with a more modern series of decorations, the Wilton rugs are renowned for their versatility and its powerful presence amidst any interior décor. Wilton rugs are typically machine-made rug, rather than handwoven carpets, which allows developers to create any number of unique styles and motifs on the rugs themselves in order to provide individuals with a more versatile series of textiles. Because of the machine-crafted nature of these rugs, versatility is often the biggest advantage to using them. They may showcase any number of motifs and designs, ranging from the abstract to the traditional in terms of composition and patterning along the borders and central field, though the most esteemed Wilton rugs follow classically Persian and English designs.

Because there is no clear-cut definition to the design process, the artistic merits of each rug is largely up to the designer. Wilton carpets are most commonly created in England, so they often reflect English Arts and Crafts traditions along their primary design. This includes not only the motifs used to define the foreground, but also the variations in the colors and juxtapositions of landmarks and other elements. Many rugs combine these decorative systems with Persian ones to create a unique fusion of elements that culminates in larger blossoms and finer weaving on the foreground patterns throughout.

The color palettes chosen for these antique rugs are most often warm, which allows the rug to stand out as a powerful centerpiece in any room. Because of their inviting nature, they can often be set amidst similar tones or entirely opposite ones in order to draw attention to the details within. Depending on the motifs present, it can be easy for individuals to also thematically decorate with these rugs and draw attention to the elements at the forefront as a way to unify the room.

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