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Art Rugs By Iconic Artists- Vintage designed Rugs by famous artists represents a collection of inspiring works of artists, architects, and master weavers from the past 200 years. From the ustads of ancient Persia to Scandinavian modernists to French expressionists and European architects and designers, the rugs in this collection may vary in size, color and design, but all are desirable from a decorative and collectible standpoint.

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Some of these rugs by artists portray the unique vision of the artist, which is realized in the ancient art of carpet weaving, while others are simply woven renditions of previously conceived sculptures and paintings. Carpets and Rugs from the Art / Painting world are textural and tactile works of art as diverse as the skilled craftsman and artists who designed and produced them. This page is dedicated to those Vintage Rugs  ( Rugs, Carpets, Textiles and Tapestries ) that were designed by these artisan.

Explore our special collection of art carpets and signed rugs to experience their creative personality and innovative style. The creators of these exceptional artisan rugs were serious artists and craftspeople who dedicated their lives to producing functional carpets that are truly works of art.

An unfathomable amount of time and effort went into composing the intricate ornaments, selecting the perfect colors and weaving these impeccable carpets. Persian ustads searched far and wide for the most talented dyers, and Scandinavian master weaver Ingrid Dessau clipped a lock of a hair to capture the perfect shade of gray. These artists spared nothing to create carpets and works of art that will always be outstanding. Enter the world of art carpets, and discover the creative ingenuity that differentiates these exceptional artisan carpets and Pop art rugs.

Rugs By Artists for Designer Interiors

The art rugs, especially those that were designed by famous and iconic artists are an impressive lot. These distinctive, creative carpets are a feast for the eyes and a delight to the senses. Art rugs are modern masterpieces that showcase legendary artistic works. The aesthetic value as well as the collectible nature of limited edition art carpets makes them coveted by art collectors and rug aficionados alike.

The creative fury of the early 20th century led to many innovative experiments, including art carpets. Thanks to this leap of creativity, the works of Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Stig Lindberg, Yaacov Agam and many other great artists were immortalized in a new way. These collectible pieces have an infinitely modern presence and unparalleled artistic significance. Mid-century art rugs are must-have pieces for remarkable interiors.

Art on Art: Artisan Rugs

Artisan rugs, aka "art rugs", designed by iconic artists, are the ultimate way to achieve a remarkable interior. These limited edition vintage carpets are desired and in demand among art collectors, rug aficionados, and interior designers alike due to their ability to be as decorative as they are collectible.

Artisan rugs are modern masterpieces showcasing legendary artistic works from artists including Picasso, Warhol, and beyond. These functional carpets that are truly works of art are a result of the creative explosion of the early 20th century.

Add a stimulating and sophisticated artistic presence with the use of vintage artisan rugs, designed by world renowned art icons.

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Collection Of Art Rugs By That Were Designed by Famous Artists:

Art Rugs by Artist Adolph Gottlieb - Nazmiyal
Adolph Gottlieb

Art Rugs by Artist Agda Osterberg - Nazmiyal
Agda Osterberg

Art Rugs by Pop Art Artist Andy Warhol - Nazmiyal
Andy Warhol

Art Rugs by Artist Anna Gretta - Nazmiyal
Anna Gretta

Art Rugs by Artist Anna Johanna Aengstroem - Nazmiyal
Anna Johanna Aengstroem

Art Rugs by Artist Anne Marie Boberg - Nazmiyal
Anne Marie Boberg

Art Rugs and Tapestries by Artist Barbara Rae Schaefer - Nazmiyal
Barbara Rae Schaefer

Art Rugs by Artist Barbro Nilsson Nee Lundberg - Nazmiyal
Barbro Nilsson Nee Lundberg

Art Rugs by Artist Barbro Sprinchorn - Nazmiyal
Barbro Sprinchorn

Art Rugs by Artist Berit Koenig - Nazmiyal
Berit Koenig

Art Rugs by Artist Brita Grahn - Nazmiyal
Brita Grahn

Art Rugs and Tapestries by Artist Brita Molin - Nazmiyal
Brita Molin

Art Rugs by Artist Britta Rendahl Ljusterdal - Nazmiyal
Britta Rendahl Ljusterdal

Art Rugs by Artist Corneille - Nazmiyal

Art Rugs by Artist Ivan Da Silva Bruhns - Nazmiyal
Da Silva Bruhns

Art Rugs by Artist Decore Installe Meuble DIM - Nazmiyal
Decore Installe Meuble DIM

Art Rugs by Artist Eevahenna Aalto - Nazmiyal
Eevahenna Aalto

Art Rugs by Artist Ellen Stahlbrand - Nazmiyal
Ellen Stahlbrand

Art Rugs by Artist Elsa Gullberg - Nazmiyal
Elsa Gullberg

Art Rugs by Artist Ethel Halvar Andersson - Nazmiyal
Ethel Halvar Andersson

Art Rugs by Artist Emilio Pucci - Nazmiyal
Emilio Pucci

Fernand Leger Rugs - Nazmiyal
Fernand Leger Rugs

Art Rugs by Artist Gustav Klimt - Nazmiyal
Gustav Klimt

Art Rugs and Tapestries by Artist Hans Krondahl - Nazmiyal
Hans Krondahl

Artist Henri Matisse - nazmiyal
Henri Matisse

Art Rugs by Artist Hildo Krop - Nazmiyal
Hildo Krop

Art Rugs by Artist Ida Rydelius - Namziyal
Ida Rydelius

Art Rugs by Artist Ingegerd Silow - Nazmiyal
Ingegerd Silow

Art Rugs by Artist Ingrid Dessau - Nazmiyal
Ingrid Dessau

Art Rugs by Artist Jacques Borker - Nazmiyal
Jacques Borker

Art Rugs by Artist Gavin Morton - Nazmiyal
Gavin Morton

Gavleborgs Lans Hemslojd - Nazmiyal
Gavleborgs Lans Hemslojd

Art Rugs and Tapestries by Artist Georgette Owens - Nazmiyal
Georgette Owens

Art Rugs by Artist Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg - Nazmiyal
Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg

Art Rugs by Artist Jacques Emile Ruhlmann - Nazmiyal
Jacques Emile Ruhlmann

Art Rugs by Artist Judith Johansson - Nazmiyal
Judith Johansson

Art Rugs and Tapestries by Artist Jean Lurcat - Nazmiyal
Jean Lurcat

Art Rugs by Artist Joan Miro - Nazmiyal
Joan Miro

Art Rugs / Coverlets by Artist John Kachel - Nazmiyal
John Kachel

Art Rugs and Artistic Textiles by Artist Josef Frank - Nazmiyal
Josef Frank

Art Rugs by Pop Art Artist Keith Haring - Nazmiyal
Keith Haring

Art Rugs by The Kinheim Artist Workshop - Nazmiyal
Kinheim Artist Workshop

Art Rugs by Artist Klockaregardens Hemslojd - Nazmiyal
Klockaregardens Hemslojd

Art Rugs by Artist Karel Appel - Nazmiyal
Karel Appel

Art Rugs and Tapestries by Artist Lars Gynning - Nazmiyal
Lars Gynning

Art Rugs by Artist Leleu - Nazmiyal

Art Rugs by Artist Marc Saint Saens - Namziyal
Marc Saint Saens

Art Rugs by Artist Marianne Richter - Nazmiyal
Marianne Richter

Art Rugs by Artist Marta Gahn - Nazmiyal
Marta Gahn

Art Rugs by Artist Marta Maas Fjetterstrom - Nazmiyal
Marta Maas Fjetterstrom

Art Rugs by Artist Maurits Eschter - Nazmiyal
Maurits Eschter

Art Rugs by Artist Olga Fisch - Nazmiyal
Olga Fisch

Art Rugs and Textile Art by Artist Ottavio Missoni - Nazmiyal
Ottavio Missoni

Art Rugs by Artist Pablo Picasso - Nazmiyal
Pablo Picasso

Art Rugs by Artist Paul Klee - Nazmiyal
Paul Klee

Art Rugs by Artist Pierre Cardin - Nazmiyal
Pierre Cardin

Pop Art Rugs - Nazmiyal
Pop Art Rugs

Art Rugs by Artist Rakel Callander - Nazmiyal
Rakel Callander

Art Rugs by Artist Rob Jacobsen - Nazmiyal
Rob Jacobsen

Art Rugs by Pop Art Artist Robert Indiana - Nazmiyal
Robert Indiana

Art Rugs by Pop Art Artist Roy Lichtenstein - Nazmiyal
Roy Lichtenstein

Art Rugs and Tapestries by Artist Salvador Dali - Nazmiyal
Salvador Dali

Art Rugs by Artist Sam Francis - Nazmiyal
Sam Francis

Art Rugs by Artist Ulla Parkdal - Nazmiyal
Ulla Parkdal

Art Rugs and Fabric Textiles by Mid Century Artist Verner Panton - Nazmiyal
Verner Panton

Textile Art Fabrics by Verner Panton - Nazmiyal
Verner Panton Fabrics

Art Rugs and Tapestries by Bauhaus Artist Wassily Kandinsky - Nazmiyal
Wassily Kandinsky

Art Rugs by Artist Yaacov Agam - Nazmiyal
Yaacov Agam