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Greek Embroidery Textiles – Antique embroideries and textiles are among the more unique and desirable of all antique rugs. These splendid creations are celebrated for their precision of detail, as well as their rich cultural heritage. The embroideries and antique textiles from the Greek Islands, meanwhile, are in a class all their own. Boasting an ancient tradition, embroideries and textiles from Greece are characterized by a distinct aesthetic style that reveals a great deal about the unique and complex history of Greece and her islands.

While such fine textiles and embroiders disclose something of the influence of Ottoman Turkish textile arts in their design and coloration, their floral and animal repertory descends from Medieval Byzantine decorative arts. However, this aesthetic is replicated with a more rustic folk art sensibility in terms of drawing style and composition. As such their style reflects their geography – Greece stands on the cusp between East and West, and had been influenced by both for centuries, all while maintaining a culture that is uniquely Greek.

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