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Mazandaran Kilims – High art often has humble origins. This is the case with Persia’s age-old Mazandaran kilims, which have gone from little-known heirlooms to gallery-worthy examples of minimalist art since they were introduced to the West in the late 1990’s. Although they are traditional in their home province, these antique carpet treasures have a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic to Western eyes.

Mazandaran kilims are unique, decorative and truly utilitarian textiles that hail from a remote part of north central Iran. The legendary Mazandaran Province is bound by the snow-topped Alborz Mountains and the southernmost shores of the Caspian Sea. Its striped kilims and primitive “sofrehs” (literally spreads) come in several styles. The district of Hezarjerib produces striking black-and-white striped kilims that have prompted comparisons with Bauhaus art, Mark Rothko and contemporaries. Kiasar and villages in the Chahar Dangeh area are known for their brightly colored creations. Solid fields and horizontal stripes are prevalent designs. However, gradient ikat-like patterns and plaids are also common.

These handcrafted Persian rugs were included in dowries, hung to insulate and decorate walls and used to cover pile carpets and felt mats. Smaller sofrehs functioned as blankets, tablecloths and mats for preparing flour and bread. The traditional Mazandaran kilim is woven on a narrow loom. Two or more striped panels are joined together to create a larger Mazandaran that displays a greater interaction of patterns. Antique Mazandaran kilims and flat-weave sofrehs are the most artful and abstract textile art to emerge from Persia in recent years. These extraordinary kilims for north Persia are renowned for their minimalist aesthetic, collectible caliber and ability to complement almost any decor or setting.

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