Rich Red Jewel Tone Oversized Antique Allover Design Indian Agra Rug 72240


Size: 18 ft 2 in x 30 ft 10 in (5.54 m x 9.4 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Breathtaking Oversized Antique Indian Agra Rug, Country of Origin:  India, Circa Date: 1880 – The vivid colors and striking pattern of this rug from the city of Agra create a stately piece that will make any room of your home stand out. The rugs of Agra have a fascinating history, and this piece is an excellent example of their artistic talent. It is an exquisite example of Agra rug making, and this oversized piece would make a grand statement in an estate or public space.

The history of the rug weaving industry in Agra dates back to the early days of the Mughal Empire. The first Mughal Emperor brought the craft back to India after a period of exile in Persia. By the early 1600s, Agra was a center of rug-making that rivaled that of the Persian Empire.

The Indian weavers eventually developed their own style that makes them stand out from Persian rugs. The overall layout of the rug is similar to the “Garden” design found in the rugs of Persian with abundant floral patterns on a latticework structure. This rug has an allover design and rich, saturated tones that accentuate the pattern. While you will find many motifs and patterns borrowed from Persian rugs, Agra rugs developed into more angular, abstract designs, which is one of the unique qualities that make them stand out from Persian rugs. The result is simply breathtaking, as you can see from this piece.

By the last quarter of the 1800s, many of the larger pieces were created on commission. They became popular in America and throughout Europe as new industrial moguls wanted to show off their newfound wealth. A rug, such as this, could take as much as a year or more to weave by a team of skilled workers. It is a real treasure and a unique part of history, both in India and internationally. It has hundreds of years of tradition behind it, and it will make a sophisticated statement in any space that is large enough to accommodate it.

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