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*Please note that small scatter size rugs are rugs that measure less than 8 ft in length

What are that standard sizes for small area rugs?

Standard sizes for small area rugs can vary, but there are some common dimensions that are often considered standard for small rugs. These sizes are generally suitable for various spaces in homes, such as entryways, hallways, and under smaller pieces of furniture.

Here are some standard sizes for small area rugs:

  • 2′ x 3′ (24 inches x 36 inches): This is a common small size that works well for entryways, bedside rugs, or in front of kitchen sinks.
  • 3′ x 5′ (36 inches x 60 inches): Slightly larger than the 2′ x 3′, this size is versatile and can be used in various areas like entryways, hallways, or as an accent rug in a smaller room.
  • 4′ x 6′ (48 inches x 72 inches): A bit larger and suitable for small living rooms, under small dining tables, or as an accent rug in bedrooms.
  • 5′ x 8′ (60 inches x 96 inches): This size can work well in small living rooms or under coffee tables. It’s also a good choice for defining seating areas within a larger room.
  • 6′ x 9′ (72 inches x 108 inches): Although leaning towards the larger side of small rugs, a 6′ x 9′ rug can be used in compact living rooms or under dining tables with limited space.

Remember that these dimensions are general guidelines, and you should consider the specific layout and dimensions of your room when choosing a rug size. Additionally, personal preferences and the overall design aesthetic of the space play a role in selecting the right size for your small area rug.

What is a small rug called?

A small rug is often referred to simply as a “scatter rug” or “accent rug.” These terms are used to describe rugs that are smaller in size and are typically placed in specific areas to add visual interest, warmth, or a pop of color to a room.

Small rugs are versatile and can be used in various spaces such as entryways, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, or under furniture like coffee tables or bedside tables. The size of a small rug can vary, but it is generally smaller than standard room-sized rugs and is designed to complement specific areas within a living space.

What are small rugs good for?

Small rugs, also known as scatter rugs or accent rugs, serve various purposes and can be beneficial in different areas of your home.

Here are some common uses and advantages of small rugs:

  • Decoration: Small rugs are excellent for adding a decorative touch to a room. They come in various colors, patterns, and textures, allowing you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space.
  • Defining Spaces: Small rugs can help define specific areas within a larger room. For example, placing a small rug under a coffee table can create a visual boundary for a seating arrangement in a living room.
  • Protecting High-Traffic Areas: Placing a small rug in high-traffic areas like entryways or hallways can help protect the flooring from wear and tear. It adds a layer of insulation between the foot traffic and the floor.
  • Comfort and Warmth: Small rugs can add a cozy and warm feel to a room, especially if you have hard flooring surfaces like hardwood or tile. They provide a soft surface underfoot, making the space more comfortable.
  • Accentuating Furniture: Placing a small rug under furniture, such as under a coffee table or at the foot of a bed, can draw attention to the focal points in the room and tie together the overall design.
  • Color and Texture: Small rugs offer an opportunity to introduce additional colors and textures to a room. They can be used to complement or contrast with existing decor, creating visual interest.
  • Covering Imperfections: If you have a small blemish or imperfection on your floor that you want to conceal temporarily, a small rug can be a quick and stylish solution.
  • Easy to Change: Small rugs are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, making them a great option for experimenting with different styles and looks without a significant financial commitment.

Ultimately, the use of small rugs depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the layout of your space. They are versatile decorative elements that can enhance the overall look and feel of a room in various ways.

Where should a small rug be placed in a house?

Small rugs, also known as accent rugs or scatter rugs, can be placed in various areas throughout a house to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Here are some common placements for small rugs in different rooms:

  • Entryway: A small rug can be placed in the entryway to welcome guests and provide a designated space for removing shoes. This helps protect the flooring in this high-traffic area.
  • Hallways: Runners or small rugs can be used in hallways to add color, warmth, and protection to the flooring. They also help define the space and create a pathway.
  • Kitchen: Place a small rug in front of the sink or stove to add comfort underfoot and protect the floor from spills. Make sure to use a rug that is easy to clean in the kitchen environment.
  • Living Room: Small rugs can be used to define seating areas within a larger living room. Place one under a coffee table or in front of a seating arrangement to anchor the space.
  • Bedroom: In the bedroom, small rugs can be placed on either side of the bed or at the foot of the bed. They add a cozy touch and provide a soft surface for your feet when getting in and out of bed.
  • Bathroom: Use small rugs or bath mats in the bathroom to absorb water near the sink, shower, or bathtub. They also add a decorative element to the space.
  • Under Furniture: Place small rugs under accent furniture such as coffee tables, side tables, or chairs. This not only protects the floor but also adds a stylish element to the furniture arrangement.
  • Children’s Rooms: Small rugs work well in children’s bedrooms or play areas. They can provide a comfortable spot for play and add a playful design element to the room.
  • Closets: In walk-in closets or dressing areas, a small rug can add a touch of luxury and comfort.

When placing small rugs, consider the overall layout of the room, the function of the space, and the visual impact you want to achieve. It’s important to balance the size of the rug with the proportions of the furniture and the room to create a harmonious and well-designed look.

More about the smaller area rugs

The Nazmiyal Collection offers the most extensive collection of scatter size smaller rugs from the Caucasus, India, Turkey, China and other countries. These antique rugs, which are sometimes referred to as area rugs, come in sizes that range from five feet long to nine feet long, and are ideally suited to the smaller spaces in your home or apartment.

While there is no one type of small scatter size rugs, these pieces were generally woven by nomadic tribes, and, as such, often present with village and tribal aesthetics, which are generally characterized by an emphasis on abstraction and geometric experimentation. Of course, there are more traditionally composed small rugs as well, from major rug-producing reasons such as Kerman and Tabriz. Irrespective of their origin, small rugs are extremely versatile, and well suited to almost any space.

For those rugs that are more than 10 feet but less than 15 feet in length, explore our collection of room size rugs.

The large size rugs, are between 15′ and 20′ long and our extra large oversized rugs are the largest carpets in our collection.

Small rugs can be attractive additions to any room. They serve a variety of purposes, whether they are placed as a functional scatter rugs in front of a desk or bed or arranged underneath another article of furniture as a decorative option. Small scatter rugs are among the most versatile and practical options that we stock, and they can be particularly recommended for first time shoppers who are just beginning to explore decorative options with antique rugs.

Smaller rugs come in all shapes and designs, and they can be one of the best ways for you to add an accent to a large area or set a more defining presence in a smaller area. An easy way to add style and presence to any room is to set the small rug underneath another piece of furniture. The furniture you choose to match with the rug depends largely on the rug’s size and color. A smaller rug can work well with accent furnishings and other individual pieces, while larger rugs are often better chosen for their corresponding articles of furniture. You can mix and match to get the desired effect in your room. Small rugs may also be ideal when they are set around strategic sections of the home. Places like small walkways and hallways can always benefit from the addition of a smaller rug. The rug’s size makes it easier to arrange within the desired area, and it can even be used with another rug to “synergize” a certain visual effect.

This is particularly recommended in hallways, where viewers can experience a range of motion through the use of several rugs. With smaller size rugs, you may find it easier to create a transition to larger elements and effects in the home. A shifting of colors and themes can begin with the inclusion of a small rug in the area, leading the viewer’s eye from one section of the room to the next. This effect can be achieved through the use of a smaller rug in front of the entryway, leading the viewer’s attention either to other furnishings of a different style or to another rug entirely, one that further transitions into the room’s decor. Like with any other rug, planning ahead for the shapes, colors and textures can be one of the best ways to determine which rug can work best with your decor.

How To Decorate Your Home With Small Size Rugs

Area rugs play a major role in interior design. They can help to bring a space together or add a unique accent to a room. Big rugs are often expensive and can be a major commitment. If you change homes with a large rug, you have fewer options about how you can reuse it. Learning to decorate with multiple small rugs can be flexible, fun and allows for your personality to reflected in your home decor.

First, small doesn’t have to mean tiny. For the purposes of this topic, a small rug is less than nine feet on its longest side. Also, as the guidelines below will indicate, one of the secrets to using small rugs well is to combine them. This is a great opportunity to get creative about how you place your rugs in your room.

1. Use Two Smaller Rugs as a Frame

One of the most common uses for area rugs is to place them in a seating area. However, if your rug is too small, it will just float in the middle and look awkward. Fortunately, you can make up for this by using two rugs together. If you have long, narrow rugs, place them around the outside of the seating area. For example, if you have a sectional covering two sides of a square, use the rugs for the other two sides. This creates an attractive frame that defines the area without having to use a big rug.

This approach works best if the rugs are similar in color and style. However, they don’t have to be perfectly matching. Two Oriental rugs, for example, will look great if they have similar tones.

2. Use a Small Rug to Create a Welcome Area

You are likely already familiar with welcome mats. They add some definition to the entryway of a home and encourage people to wipe their feet. Consider using a small rug instead of a mat. This can be a more attractive alternative to the traditional mat.

While a beautiful rug isn’t as good for wiping muddy shoes, you can always have an exterior mat for that. Conversely, the rug option is significantly more eye-catching and fun. Having a rug in a mudroom or under a hall tree is a simple way to add visual interest to an otherwise boring area.

Small Rug Decorating in Entryway Nazmiyal

Use a small rug to bring life to your entryway.

3. Place Two Small Rugs Side by Side

Try making a larger area rug by combining two smaller rugs. This can really accentuate the room’s design if done well. The key to making this work is having two rugs that contrast each other but that have designs and colors that still work together.

For example, one rug may be a more neutral color while the other could be a deep red or purple. If they feature complementary saturation and patterns, this style can work well. Using this technique, you can turn your small rugs into a large rug. Just place the long edges together to create a sort of two-tone area rug.

Small Rugs Side by Side Nazmiyal

Consider placing two small rugs side by side.

4. Overlap Smaller Rugs

This is where you can start to get very playful. Layering rugs can create some very unique designs. As with the above tip, this often works best with a more neutral rug and an accent rug. One option is to overlap them just a small amount along one side, slightly offset. This creates a more dynamic look than a single, larger rug. This approach works best if the two rugs each mirror a color somewhere in the room. For example, one rug may match your furniture and the other may match your accent pillows.

Another option is to lay the top rug diagonally over the bottom one. This works best with a very subtle bottom rug. The possibilities are almost endless here. Try playing around with different overlapping techniques.

Small Rugs Overlapping Nazmiyal

Overlapping your small rugs creates a textured look.

5. Make a Small Rug a Beautiful Wall Hanging

Historically, rugs have not exclusively been used as floor coverings. Hanging a small rug on the wall can be a nice way to add an artistic touch to your room. There are many possibilities with this. Some people have displayed their antique rugs on the wall as the works of art / tapestries that they are.

Other people go with something simpler and more modern. For a more minimalist option, consider a flat-weave rug. If you have a cozier space, consider using a more traditional knotted pile rug. Again, there is an array of possibilities for getting creative when you hang your rugs on the wall.

Small Rugs Decorating Wall Hanging Nazmiyal

Decorate with a small rug by hanging it on the wall.

Small Rugs for The Perfect Nook

The perfect nook is often the most cherished space in one’s home. While it may be the smallest dwelling area, it is often a favorite for its ability to help us unplug. The perfect nook is for the escapist in everyone, ideal for reading, meditation, and resting.

The Perfect Nook Bookshelf Nazmiyal

Ideally situated near a window, it is commonly closest to a source of natural light, and will likely be in need of a perfect small rug to accompany it. So without fantasizing further, let us help you complete the perfect nook to take you on a magic carpet ride…

The Perfect Nook Reading Nazmiyal

Here are some small rugs that are ideal for the perfect nook:

Antique Indian Agra Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Indian Agra Rug

Find the Right Rugs for You

Making small rugs work in your design starts with having the right rugs. At Nazmiyal, we have a diverse selection to choose from. Explore our collection of antique, vintage and modern rugs. In our catalog, you will find everything from investment art rugs to affordable rugs you can have fun with while decorating.

Connect with our rug experts for help with your carpet decorating needs. Take a look through our selection of rugs today, and find the perfect small rugs to make your design ideas work.

Here are some perfect small rugs for your mode decor:

Beautiful European Vintage Art Deco Rug Nazmiyal

Beautiful European Vintage Art Deco Rug

Rare Antique Ukrainian Rug Nazmiyal

Rare Antique Ukrainian Rug

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