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Oversized rugs are those rugs which measure more than twenty feet, either width-wise or lengthwise. These monumental compositions are celebrated for their attention to detail, as well as for the intricacy and sophistication that typifies their design. Generally commissioned works, many antique oversized rugs were the result of custom orders placed by wealthy individuals and families, often for a specific room in one of their homes.

Oversized rugs occur in many styles, and may be antique Persian rugs, antique Turkish rugs, or a different style all together. These rugs would typically remain in families across generations, and, subsequently, their appearance on the market is celebrated by collectors and admirers of antique Oriental rugs. Oversized rugs are probably some of the more exciting and beautiful of all antique rugs.

Homeowners who are lucky enough to have spacious homes or mansions, often find that locating oversized rugs to match the scale of their estate, is a serious challenge. Because affluent consumers have long supported the carpet industry, there are far more antique oversized rugs available today than contemporary ones. Most customers will also quickly (and happily) discover that the antique oversized carpets may not even cost more than their contemporary counterparts.

Since the antique oversized rugs are already made, there is no lead time and no need to worry about what you ordered verses what you may get. Shoppers can browse for massive rugs by size as well as by many other attributes. Monumental rugs are essential for bigger spaces.

At Nazmiyal Collection, shoppers will find oversized antique rugs and mansions-sized carpets in many sizes, colors and styles.

Rugs in general come in a wide array of sizes that are readily available from most carpet galleries. Scatter, area and runner sized rugs can be found in any store that specialize in Persian Rugs and Oriental rugs, but among these classic sizes are twenty-plus feet rugs that are in a league of their own.

Prized for their beauty and expanded coverage, the palatial rugs and carpets were commissioned by elite patrons and often held by families and private collectors for decades. Throughout history, commissioning these expansive oversize rugs has always been the easiest way to acquire one of these elusive pieces.

Due to the time and materials needed to produce these enlarged rugs and oversize rugs in today’s market, it may prove more practical and economical for people to look first at what is readily available in antique rugs rather than commission a brand new rug. Below is a selection of oversize rugs / Palace sizes from our collection.

Browse through our collection to become acquainted with the facets and phenomenal style of these impossibly huge works of art. Sheer size is not the only that sets these oversized rugs apart from other antique oriental area rugs and room-sized carpets. Due to the distinguished audience, these monumental carpets feature the finest and most luxurious materials. The colors and tonal palettes are phenomenal and widely varied. From bright, bold reds to chic pastels, these opulent pieces were created to flatter the most elegant interiors in the world.

Today, these exceptional oversized rugs still grace the marble, stone and parquet floors of the greatest and grandest manors, villas and estates. The broad borders and expansive decorations featured in these opulent rugs are the perfect accompaniment to elegant, traditional interiors.

Thanks to their global origins in the royal weaving industry of France and the workshops of Persia’s most prestigious master weavers, these monumental antique carpets feature a tremendous variety of styles and colors. Worthy of the most distinguished homes, Oversize Rugs still reflect an aura of status, personal achievement and unparalleled luxury.

Antique Oriental Oversize Palace Size Rugs

The palaces and epic estates of antiquity were unmatched in their stunning architecture and remarkable size, but furnishing such large spaces often presented a problem. In order to keep these spaces from feeling disjointed and cold, decorators often used huge oriental oversized rugs. Intricately woven and meticulously crafted, palace rugs measured from 11 by 21 feet to an impressive 19 by 30 feet in size. These ornate fabrics filled living rooms, dining halls, entryways and other parts of the home that guests were likely to see. These rugs also added warmth to bedrooms. They also fill our inventory, which we’re proud to say includes some of the rarest and most intricate oriental rugs of the 19th and 20th centuries.

It’s the craftsmanship that makes these rugs so special. The massive size of palace rugs made them difficult to weave, limiting the number that were produced. If the design was intricate, a single palace rug would demand a dedicated team of six to ten weavers able to work simultaneously. It took these teams two to five years to complete a single rug, and they had to do so using a vertical loom that stood up to 30 feet in the air. The work was difficult and time-consuming. Crafting rugs was much like attempting to create Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel again and again. Only certain people had the required skills and the process simply couldn’t be rushed.

Our firm specializes in palace rugs from Persia and India and includes world-class antiques. Many of our antique Oriental palace and oversized rugs were woven in large cities due to their size, but we have several highly coveted pieces which were woven in traditional village styles. We have rugs from Persia’s Arak and Kurdistan districts and pieces from Bidjar, Sarouk and Ferahan.

If you want to give your space a formal feel, choose one of our oversized rugs from the Indian weavers of Agra and Amritsar. Rugs from these areas offer vibrant color palettes you won’t easily find in other palace rugs. Persian Lavar Kirman, Manchester and Tabriz styles also lend a formal and elegant feel. If you want an antique rug that offers a modern feel, we invite you to consider antique Perian Sultanabad rugs, which provide just that. These antique rugs fit remarkably well into modern spaces and feel casual and cozy rather than stiff. Serapi rugs are also available, as are rare palace rugs in geometric designs.

How to Incorporate Oversized Rugs into Your Home

Oversized rugs, by definition, are those that measure more than 20 feet in length. For some, this could make decorating with an oversized rug a dilemma, because the average room isn’t big enough to fit these rugs. However, if you have an open plan space or a very large room, an oversized rug can create the perfect look. Let’s explore how to decorate with these rugs to make your home look as good as possible.

Spaces for Oversized Rugs

Since oversized rugs are so large, depending on the size of the room you put them in, they will often fill nearly the entire floor space. These rugs can look perfect in a space like the master bedroom, a spacious living room, or a large office. They make a statement by themselves and do not need to be combined with any other rugs. The general rule of thumb when placing a rug in a room is to leave at least 18 inches between the rug and the wall, so keep that in mind when choosing an oversized rug for your space.

Oversized Rugs Living Room Nazmiyal

Oversized rugs look beautiful in the living room.

Large rooms can have a tendency to look empty or lifeless if the floor is bare, even if the rest of the space is intricately decorated. This is why it’s so imperative to choose the perfect rug for your space. Do so to add warmth and life to the room.

Oversized Rugs Tell a Story

Antique rugs that were woven to be this large were often done so for a reason. Especially in past centuries, it was unlikely that just anyone would have enough space in their home to hold a rug more than 20 feet long. As such, if a rug was woven this large, it was probably specifically woven for a palace or a place of worship. It wasn’t common for a weaver to spend so much time, effort, and material on weaving an oversized rug unless it was a specifically commissioned work. This makes oversized rugs some of the most luxurious rugs in existence. These rugs tell stories of cultures and communities of the past from the point of view of royalty.

Oversized Rugs History Nazmiyal

Oversized rugs have so much history.

Considerations for Decorating

Since oversized rugs cover such a large visual area, they will make a bold statement if they are covered in intricate patterns or motifs. If you’re going to be heavily decorating the rest of the space, consider a shabby chic or decorative rug, as these toned-down pieces won’t clash too much with other decor. Again, since they cover nearly the entire room in many spaces, use the shape of the rug itself and the shapes within the rug to guide your furniture placement. For example, if you’re decorating a sitting room and the rug has a central medallion, the furniture will look great arranged in a round or square shape around that medallion. If the rug is rectangular and will have some open floor space between the rug and the wall, think about putting the front legs of your furniture on the rug and leaving the back legs off. Many of the guidelines for decorating with oversized rugs are very similar to the guidelines for decorating with any rugs, just at a larger scale.

Oversized Rugs Entryway Nazmiyal

Oversized rugs in the entryway look beautiful.

If you need help finding the perfect oversized rug for your space, our team of experts is ready to help you find just the right piece. Browse some of our favorite oversized rugs below to gather some inspiration.

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