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Long and Narrow Ivory Antique Indian Agra Runner Rug 49752

Size: 4 ft 6 in x 26 ft 6 in (1.37 m x 8.08 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Beautiful Long and Narrow Size and Extremely Luxurious Ivory Cotton Pile Indian Agra Antique Runner Rug, Rug Origin and Type: Antique Indian Area Rug, Circa / Approximate Weaving Date: 1900 – A beautiful, yet subtle garden of flowers awaits you on this antique Indian Agra rug. From one end all the way to the other, this long runner rug boasts a series of soft and beautiful meandering floral vine scroll motifs. This is one exceptionally decorative rug that is sure to brighten up any hallway or gallery space.

The overall design of the runner rug showcases a more sparsely adorned field of repeating stylized flower patterns. It is an all over design rug, without borders, which makes it appear even loner than it really is and the design appears to flow beyond the edges of the rug. This creates the illusion of expansiveness that will extend into the rest of the room.

The light floral motifs of the rug are rendered in soft happy colors of light greens and yellowish gold with just a hist of light powder blue. Set against the ivory colored background, these colors blend well to create a soft naturalistic feel that is gentle on the eyes and has a zen like calming effect.

The artistic impact that this antique Indian Agra runner rug has to offer will make it extremely difficult not to appreciate its beauty. This antique cotton Agra runner could be incorporated, with relative ease, into a variety of pre existing interior designs. From mid century modern to classic and traditional, this magnificent antique Oriental rug could be used as the main focal point or a magnificent backdrop that will illuminate its surroundings.

Another fascinating aspect of this rug is the fact that is was woven using a shag textured cotton pile. This soft texture gives this magnificent Indian rug a unique and extremely soft look and feel that could only be described as luxurious.


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