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Antique Balkan Rugs and Textiles – Located in Southeastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula is a unique and diverse region with a complex social history. A former territory of the Ottoman Empire – and the only Ottoman territory in Continental Europe – the Balkans is emblematic of the Empire’s diverse makeup. Balkan rugs often depict Islamic motifs, as well as nomadic, tribal designs. Balkan area rug industry reached its peak during the nineteenth century, during a time when the Ottoman Empire was a particularly influential power.

While Balkan rugs may not boast the pedigree of the more traditional, classically composed rugs of Sultanabad or Tabriz, these carpets are certainly notable for their beautiful designs and uniqueness. Antique Balkan rugs, while not possessing one unified aesthetic quality, are united in the quality of their weaving and in the cultural significance they inherently channel.

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