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Affordable Rugs – When decorating a home, we all want to have the best rugs, most beautiful textiles and rarest most coveted examples. But as we all know, especially when it comes to antique rugs or even vintage rugs, the best examples are not going to be cheap rugs.

Everyone has a picture in their head of what their dream space would look like, but then the realities of the budget set in. That said, not all rugs are expensive and you can have the space of your dreams and still stay within the budget. The key is knowing where to splurge and where to hold back a bit.

Here are a few tips to help you get a beautiful look that you want and put your money where it matters most.

Spend money where it counts and save money where you can

The biggest items in your decorating budget are larger pieces of furniture like sofas and beds and, of course, the area rugs and carpets. These bigger purchases will probably be with you for a long time, so it pays to choose high quality pieces that you love and that will last a long time.

Smaller accessories such as end tables and lamps can easily be swapped out when you want to change the look.

Affordable Rugs Nazmiyal

Neutral furniture

Because you will likely spend more on your couch than other components of the room, it is wise to choose something a bit on the neutral side. You can keep the neutral theme throughout the room. You can also get a rug that adds the right mood, color and texture. You can add pops of color throughout the space with the rug, pillows and other accessories.

Start your decor with the rug

In the past, designers often selected the rug as an afterthought. As long as it blended in, it was not supposed to attract too much attention. Now times have changed. Area rugs are being seen as the works of art that they truly are.

These days, rugs are the first element that is chosen by interior designers. The rest of the room is built around the colors and style of the rug.

Rugs tie the room together and as such, they now take center stage and set the tone of the room’s decor. The area rug is a piece that will have to take a bit of wear. Therefor it is wise to invest in a rug that will hold up for a long time.

Affordable Rugs Nazmiyal

Just Replace the Rug

If you are happy with your space overall, but it just looks a bit dated, replacing the area rug can give it an instant update without spending a fortune. Today’s colors and patterns have the ability to transform the room. You might be surprised at how much getting a new area rug changes the room. It might be all you need to fall in love with your space again.

Look at the design shapes first

When you are purchasing furniture, look at the shape before you look at the fabric. You can reupholster anything, but the shape has to match the style of the room. If you update a traditional antique couch with fine wood ornaments and cabriole legs with a modern, bold chevron design, it will still look like an antique. It will not give the room a modern look. However, if you are going for a modern look, a streamlined Eames Era couch will do the trick, just don’t think about pairing it with Victorian florals. It is the shape of the furniture that sets the tone of the room, not the fabric patterns.

Keep what you love

Redecorating the room does not mean that you have to throw out the baby with the bathwater. If there is a piece that you absolutely love or that has a special meaning, incorporate it. Consider re-purposing it and using it in a new way that you had not thought of before. Get creative. A quirky piece from your grandmother can add interest.

Affordable Modern Rug Nazmiyal

Another piece of advice is not to be afraid to break up sets. Just because pieces are being sold together does not mean that you cannot separate them. If you like only one of the pieces then use only one in the new area you are decorating.

Use Cheaper Inexpensive Affordable Rugs to Define Spaces and Draw Attention

Today’s modern rugs feature designs are bold and innovative. Rugs define the space. One tip from contemporary home decorators to make the space look larger is to place the furniture so that two legs are on the rug and two are off. Otherwise, it can look cramped. You can also position and place rugs in ways that define the color scheme and mood of the room. They can form the foundation of the room and draw attention to a piece of furniture that you want to show off.

When Decorating On A Budget and Looking For Captivating Inexpensive Affordable Rugs Make Sure To Shop Around

The final piece of advice when decorating on a budget and looking to source beautiful but Inexpensive affordable rugs is to shop around. You don’t have to do the entire redesign all at once. If you have a plan and know what look you are going for, and you can often pick up major pieces one at a time. The perfect rug can be an excellent way to give the room a new look, and the good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune to get a rug that is high quality.

Nazmiyal has many stunning modern inexpensive affordable rugs priced under $5,000. They might be just the right piece to give your space a fresh and updated look

Here is our selection of cheaper priced affordable modern rugs $5,000 and under:

Modern Flat Weave Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Flat Weave Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

And here are some inexpensive antique and vintage rugs:

Scandinavian Rug after Ulrica Hydman Vallien Nazmiyal

Scandinavian Rug after Ulrica Hydman Vallien

Vintage Plush Shaggy Moroccan Berber Rug Nazmiyal

Vintage Plush Shaggy Moroccan Berber Rug

Vintage Pablo Picasso Rug Nazmiyal

Vintage Pablo Picasso Rug

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