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Folk Art Rugs – Folk Art, by definition, pertains to any work of art that was created by someone who is not a professionally skilled, schooled or learned artist. Unlike fine art which would have been created by a person who studied and would be considered in the mainstream as an expert artist.

Artists might be influenced by different social circles, creating works that he or she hope will be well received by the mavens of the art community. They have also spent time learning and crafting their skills by apprenticing or by simply going to school.

In contrast, Folk Art is created by an unskilled person and for the most part it was created with the intent to be used personally or to be given as a gift. Some of the great folk artists had a tremendous amount of raw talent and they used that talent to show what they themselves feel is beautiful without taking into account whether or not the piece has mass appeal.

By doing this we (the outsiders) often get an intimate view of the artists world, life, views and emotions. For the most part, people don’t think of rugs when they are talking about the different types of Folk Art but some of the most collectible rugs in the world are just that – pure Folk Art!

Artistic Folk Art Rugs by nazmiyal

Artistic Folk Art Rugs

Many of the antique tribal rugs fall into the category of Folk Art rugs. One example of Folk Art rugs would be the tribal rugs that originated in the Caucasus. Woven in peoples homes, by “unskilled” artisans, rugs like Shirvans & Kazaks are great examples. Their beauty is seen in the crudeness and primitiveness of the rugs they made.

Vintage Rya Rug One other great example would be the earliest examples of Rya rugs from Scandinavia. These rugs were made predominately by women, at home, and then either used in the home or given as gifts. Untrained, these women created magnificent works that embody the essence of the modernist movement.

Folk Art Area Rug by nazmiyal

Moroccan Folk Art Area Rug

Antique American Hooked Rugs also have a strong foothold in the world of Folk Art rugs. What could be a better example than our very own American hooked rugs? Filled with innocence and simplistic designs, these rugs, transport us back to a time when things were much simpler and day to day life was so very different than today’s. While they had their share of hardships, one can’t help but feel and appreciate the simplicity of their daily life.

The last group of rugs that I will talk about today is… Moroccan rugs. Recently we posted an article indicating how these little masterpieces pack as much of an artists punch as any of the great mid-century modern master artisans… You can read that article here: Move Aside Jackson Pollock.

Moroccan rugs were so advanced for their time that it leaves many in the art community speechless – how could these simple people create such phenomenal works of art, how could they dream up these designs and colors while, for the most part, living a simple life in the secluded region of the Atlas mountains?

Regardless of the specific type of folk art antique rug you pick they all have an artistic significance that will echo through that halls of history. They bring the past back to life and show us the way things were in the most simple and humble way. There is no doubt that these magnificent works of art are just that – magnificent works of art!

What is “Folk Art” as it pertains to area rugs?

“Outsider Art” and “Folk Art” in the context of area rugs generally refers to a category of rugs that are handcrafted, by people who never formally studied teh arts, using traditional techniques and designs specific to a particular culture or region. These rugs often carry a strong cultural significance and are reflective of the artistic expressions and craftsmanship of the local people.

Key characteristics of Folk Art area rugs may include:

  • Handmade: Folk Art rugs are typically handwoven or hand-knotted by skilled artisans, using age-old techniques passed down through generations.
  • Traditional Designs: The patterns and motifs on Folk Art rugs are inspired by the cultural heritage and folklore of the specific community or region. These designs often have symbolic meanings and tell stories from their history.
  • Natural Materials: Traditional Folk Art rugs are often made from natural materials, such as wool, cotton, or silk, sourced locally.
  • Vibrant Colors: Folk Art rugs tend to feature vibrant and bold colors, reflecting the lively and expressive nature of the communities they originate from.
  • Unique Variations: Due to the handmade nature of Folk Art rugs, each piece may have slight variations in design and color, adding to their uniqueness and value.

It’s important to note that the definition of “Folk Art” in the context of area rugs may evolve over time, and new styles or interpretations may emerge. When purchasing a rug labeled as Folk Art, it’s essential to research its origin and the cultural context to ensure it aligns with the intended meaning and cultural sensitivity.

Additionally, it’s always best to buy Folk Art rugs from reputable area rug dealers and stores who can provide information about the rug’s provenance and authenticity.

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