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The great artisans that wove these antique carpets were masters at depicting small details that required great accuracy. Most of the exotic animals seen in rugs, were not seen bey the weavers in their natural habitat so they had to rely on imagery in books to draft the animal motifs they woven into the rugs. For example, this Turkish Oushak animal area rug features the mythical dragon and griffin entangled in a never-ending battle. Animal rugs such as this Tibetan dragon rug, also portrays the dragon motif, but in a more traditional Eastern Oriental format. Animals aren’t always so ferocious though and sometimes they are just happily playing.

Dragons, eagles, unicorns, leopard prints, geometric animals and hunting scenes are all found in antique rugs. From early American hooked rugs to Oriental rugs from China, these spectacular textiles feature iconic animals that are symbolic and naturalistic. Artists and weavers in the east and the west have never abandoned their connection with the natural world and storybook legends. These exceptional rugs incorporate art, mythology and beasts that are real and imagined.

Faux tiger pelts are re-created in Buddhist rugs from Tibet, graceful birds and mythical animals are featured in Chinese rank badges, and serpents, predators and placid animals are pictured in the iconic hunting rugs and Tree of Life rug patterns carpets produced in Islamic countries.

Animal Rugs by Nazmiyal

Antique Persian Animal Rug

In many cases, these animals symbolize supernatural powers, superstitions, legends and things that transcend their zoological form. Tribal weavers used abstract wolf’s mouth symbols to ward off powerful predators. The regal peacock often symbolizes power, nobility and status. The majestic lion has spawned an entire subset of artistic Persian rugs. Despite the diversity in the types of animals depicted, the way they are drawn and the qualities they stand for, carpets with animal motifs are an important group of rugs that also represent the profound skill required to draw and execute these detail-rich pieces.

Known for their quirky, exotic style, animal rugs can have a fabulous and unexpectedly elegant effect. Ranging from colonial hunter chic to modern couture, rugs that boast animal design motifs come in plenty of traditional and adventurous styles. Zebra print rugs are beloved for their graphic black and white patterns, which can create a stunning effect in classical spaces or cutting-edge interiors. Giraffe prints, leopard spots, cow print rugs and the famous Tibetan tiger rugs make striking statement pieces. Of course, there are also pelt-shaped wool carpets and imaginative animal print variations, such as peacock feathers or textural abstract patterns that resemble snakeskin. Shag carpets are another suitable cruelty-free alternative to animal rugs for those craving the luscious texture of fur without the guilt. Whether shoppers are seeking the plush textures or graphic prints, animal design rugs are a fabulous addition to any exotic interior.

Antique Animal Print Rugs: Ferocious Style

Bold, fun or modern, animal print rugs can do it all. Today’s carpets that have animal prints as their design pattern, are highly evolved and even sophisticated. These sometimes kitschy pieces range from wildly trendy to elegant and historic. Put your preconceptions aside; these bold rugs are back and hotter than ever. The graphic patterns featured in animal prints are unexpectedly versatile and amazingly flattering. Place a faux zebra print rug in any setting to create a daring statement. These stark patterns work well with minimalist decor, safari-style environments and formal spaces alike.

Animal Print Rugs - Nazmiyal

Animal Print Rugs

Rugs with animal prints designs are available in an endless assortment of variations. Wool rugs with animal simulated patterns, unusual colors and fun shapes are an exciting and often overlooked option for those who are ready to create a ferociously stylish space.

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