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About Contemporary New Modern Rugs

In the last decade or so, the production of new contemporary modern rugs has experienced a Renaissance of sorts. The quality of their weave, wool, and design has not been as good since the early decades of the twentieth century. One of the unforeseen benefits of this new trend has been the revival of a particular genre of modern rug production that may be distinguished from the rest – the Modern or Contemporary design rug.

What Are The Origins Of The Modern Rug Designs

The roots of modern and contemporary rug design vary considerably. They may, however, be traced, most of all, to the first carpets made in “style Moderne” / the Art Deco carpets of Europe, America and China. Another important inspiration came from leading abstract painters of that period like Picasso, Klee, and Miro, and Piet Mondrian, whose work could readily be translated into the medium of woven carpets. Early Scandinavian rugs also contributed to this trend.

Contemporary modern rugs made today tend to draw freely on all these sources or inspirations, combined with cutting edge innovations from contemporary architectural and interior design and painting. As a result, those rug buyers with a taste for the clean, abstract, simplicity of Modern interior décor once again have the option of purchasing quality rugs and carpets in this style, without having to compete for the limited supply of Modernist vintage pieces which are rapidly and paradoxically becoming costly antiques.

Finding The Perfect Modern Rug For Your Personal Interior Design

Can’t find the perfect rug? With a little information, you can make the best decision for you. Remember knowledge is power and can be a deciding factor on choosing your favorite style. Stay up to date with our guides on different rug types and interior styles.

Here is some helpful information to help you decide. Did you know that Moroccan rugs are fairly new to the scene – especially in the collectors world? These rugs have a flare of excitement and are best known for their gorgeous colorful designs, as well as for their geometric patterns and abstract designs. They are definitely a collectors item. Moroccan rugs have an amazing decorative element to them.

Nate Berkus Interiors Incorporates Mid Century Modern Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal

Nate Berkus Interiors Incorporates Mid Century Modern Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs serve as a great decorative items to have in the great room or in your den. Moroccan rugs certainly take charge of making a room feel warm, bright and interesting with their unique colors and patterns.

Did Moroccan rugs spark your interest? Let’s see how you feel about Persian rugs.

If you ever decide to research the world of Persian rugs, you would discover a rich and colorful history passed down for thousands of years. These rugs are known for their beautiful bright colors and unique design and for those of you seeking good omens this year, the geometric figures and symbolic motifs on modern vintage Persian rugs protect the rug owner from evil and misfortune according to ancient traditions.

Contemporary and new modern Persian rugs are perfect additions to the family room in your home. The unique patterns mixed with simplicity definitely adds a homely element to any room. But what about Scandinavian rugs for your interior style?

Turkish Oushak rugs also have a historical past about them. Something that you may find interesting is that they were once used by nobility as bedding as well as a display of social standing. These gorgeous rugs have rich colors and have a very unique artistic element about them different from Botanical rugs. They are guaranteed to capture the attention and admiration of viewers at social gatherings. Oushak rugs like the Persian Sultanabad rugs are great statement pieces for bright homes.

Oushak rugs are truly a work of art and they deserve to be on display. They are a great addition to your family room and in case of their smaller sizes would also look lovely hanging on the wall in your home. These rugs are amazing conversation starters and spark admiration and interest from viewers.

So do you have a favorite yet? Just know that it is perfectly fine to appreciate all of them especially since they all have a particular unique quality about them. If you need help defining modern interior styles, read our guides in our blog to soon become a rug expert!

Popular Modern Rugs Styles in The Homes Of Manhattan Celebrities

Interior design trends are always changing. Often, the best place to look for the upcoming style is in celebrity homes and the homes of other wealthy people who work with the best and brightest in the design field. As with all homes, many of these celebrity houses make use of antique rugs as well as modern rugs to help define and decorate areas.

Examples of Modern Rugs in Celebrity Manhattan Homes

While some homes of the famous use antique and vintage rugs, many have sleek, minimalist styles that are well-served by modern rugs. These examples can serve as inspiration for current designs and a foundation for future trends.

Celebrity Jessica Chastain Manhattan’s Apartment

Jessica Chastain Nazmiyal

Chastain’s Manhattan apartment features several interesting rugs. In her living room is a modern broadloom, flat-weave rug that pleasantly complements and contrasts the Victorian style of the rest of the room. The rug in her library is a little simpler, getting most of its visual appeal from the silky rug piles. It nicely ties together the room, blending the old and new touches of the space. In the dining nook is a modern sisal rug. This flat weave kilim rug with a spiraling, geometric design pleasantly contrasts the vintage furniture.

Celebrity Homes Jessica Chastain Nazmiyal

The living room in Jessica Chastain’s Manhattan apartment.

Celebrity Will Ferrell’s Manhattan Home

Will Ferrell Nazmiyal

In Will Ferrell’s Manhattan home, the style is industrial and contemporary. This makes modern rugs a great fit for the space. In the living room is an expansive, plush, custom-made rug that neatly accentuates the industrial furniture and neutral color palette of the surroundings. A similar rug adds a sense of comfort to the bedroom. Again, it helps contribute to a very industrial and contemporary style. However, this rug is a darker slate gray. It helps to tie the rest of the room together, connecting the different furniture.

Manhattan Residence Of Celebrities Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Nazmiyal

Although they no longer live together, the home shared by Watts and Schreiber featured several modern rugs that enhanced the interior design and adding some warmth to their Manhattan residence. In their living room were two jute rugs that created two distinct sitting areas. Although subtle, the natural style of jute offers a pleasing visual that helped bring together the clean, chic room.

In their kids’ room, they had several black and orange flat-weave modern rugs that added warmth to the space. Both sons were quite young while the couple was living there. The brighter colors added a little child-friendly comfort and fun to the bedroom, contrasting the artsy photos on the walls provided by the boys’ uncle, photographer Ben Watts.

Celebrity Homes Naomi Watts Liev Schreiber Nazmiyal

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber’s living room.

Designing With Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are hugely varied. From bold colors and striking patterns to subtle, monochromatic rugs made with natural fibers, you can find something to fit almost any aesthetic while browsing our modern collection. Typically, modern rugs are less likely to be investment rugs than antiques. There are certainly some high art rugs intended for display. However, most are created to be used as conventional floor coverings.

Often, people select rugs that will bring the rest of their décor together. This idea is reflected by Ferrell’s rugs that blend perfectly into the contemporary look of the rest of the home. To make this work in your own place, think about the colors that you are using in the rest of the room’s décor. Consider choosing a subtler shade of a primary color. Alternatively, select a secondary color used in artwork in the room. Either of these approaches can allow a modern rug to bring the room together.

Decorating with Modern Rugs Nazmiyal

Decorating with modern rugs

Another approach to using modern rugs is to add a contemporary touch to a more classically styled room. Jessica Chastain’s Manhattan home demonstrates this beautifully. Her Victorian inspired furniture contrasts with the more modern rug. Many vintage aesthetics have relatively low-saturation colors. Choose a rug design that features similarly saturated traditional colors in a modern pattern. This creates a pleasant transition between the old and the new.

It is also currently trendy to have more natural and exposed materials in homes. This choice is reflected in the former home of Watts and Schreiber. The jute rugs bring a pleasant natural theme to the modern contemporary interior decor decor. Some modern aesthetics can be clean but a bit cold. Adding the natural element helps make the rest of the room seem more approachable and welcoming.

Find Your Ideal New Contemporary Area Rugs at Nazmiyal

There is a modern rug to fit every home, and Nazmiyal has an extensive collection of modern high quality rugs to choose from. You can be confident in getting something beautiful to match your home décor. If you need help finding the perfect fit, connect with our experts at any time. We are happy to offer guidance through the world of rugs.

Here are some beautiful modern rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection to inspire you:

Modern Flat Weave Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Flat Weave Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

Modernist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modernist Collection Rug

Modern Flat Weave Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Flat Weave Rug

If the modern touch isn’t your style, explore our collections of antique and vintage rugs. You could emulate the classical elegance of Samuel L. Jackson’s LA home, which includes a wall-displayed antique Persian rug. Whatever your design preferences, we have a rug to fit, and can even help with custom making area rugs to get you exactly what your space needs.

Celebrity Homes Samuel Jackson Nazmiyal

Samuel Jackson’s LA home, with a Persian rug above the fireplace.

The Re-evolution of New Modern Contemporary Rugs

The interest and involvement of Europeans in the later nineteenth and twentieth centuries gave enormous incentive to Oriental art deco rug production, but it also had negative effects.

The most important of these was in the realm of dyes. At about the mid nineteenth century German scientists developed synthetic, chemically based dyes that involved far less time and labor than vegetable-derived colors.

By the late 19th century – 1860’s and 70’s they had become common in Turkey, and a decade or so later, Persian Rugs were following the trend.

However, these colors soon proved to be fugitive on exposure to light, or when washed. This resulted in the production of many carpets with badly faded colors or ugly dye runs that resulted from routine cleaning. At the same time western industrialization also introduced the commodity of machine-spun wool, which helped in the production of carpets on an ever-increasing scale.

Eventually in the 1920’s and 30’s western technology perfected synthetic dyes. This now made it possible to produce huge dye lots of uniform color. The ultimate result was the loss of the lovely variegated color effects or “abrash” that were common with less controllable vegetable dyes, and that lent so much character and charm to vintage carpets.

Also, the machine spun wool imparted a uniformity of texture which, along with the uniformity of color, tended to make the effect of light on the surface of the carpets less animated and rich. While the designs of Oriental carpets remained true to tradition, these technical changes gradually led to a readily perceptible difference in quality between modern rugs and those produced before, say, 1920, pre mid century modern and vintage designs.

As a result, the concept and the commodity of the “antique carpet” as the superior, the more desirable, and therefore the more expensive type became established.

Throughout the twentieth century, many well-made rugs continued to be produced across the Middle East, but they could never compete for the most discerning or the most demanding buyers, who preferred the depth of color and reflective quality of vegetable dye and hand-spun wool similar to Vintage Moroccan Rugs, and who were willing to pay for it.

In the last twenty years or so there has been a revival of traditional weaving, relying once again on on vegetable dyes and hand-spun wool. This development began in Turkey as a government-funded experiment, Project DOBAG, designed to recover or restore a lost traditional craft.

To some extent this program also focused on reviving traditional designs, which had degenerated somewhat in the course of the twentieth century. Its success prompted similar attempts in Afghan and then Persian weaving, and eventually in virtually all Oriental rug-producing regions.
Today it is once again possible to encounter outstanding carpets which are not only well woven and nicely designed, but which also have the textural and color quality of the finest antique rugs. Shop Modern Rugs.

5 Ways To Use New Modern Area Rugs in Your Contemporary Decor

As interior design trends shift from the plush living rooms and bedrooms of the 1990’s and 2000’s to the more modern, angular lines of today’s decor, carpeting has gone by the wayside in favor of hardwood or tile flooring. Carpet-free spaces are often easier to keep clean and create a more sophisticated look, but they can also be too cold or leave the room feeling too sparse. Area rugs are the answer. New contemporary modern area rugs add excitement, and when paired with the right pieces, often tie an entire room together. The challenge is deciding how to best accent your room with a rug.

1. Create Definition with Modern Area Rugs

Homes with open floor plans provide plenty of space and often lots of sunlight, but it can be harder to define the spaces when it comes to their purpose. Without definition, the living room easily becomes the dining room, which runs into the kitchen and leaves the space feeling empty. This is especially true in studio apartments, where the living, sleeping, and eating spaces are often one, or in large rooms or homes.

Modern area rugs that match your decor can help you add definition to these spaces. Add one under your dining table for a comfortable eating space, at the front door to welcome guests, or under your living room furniture to create a cozy place to curl up with your favorite TV show.

Modern Area Rugs Open Space Nazmiyal

An area rug can help define a space in an open plan.

2. Choose the Right Color Modern Rugs for the Space

Different colors evoke different emotions, so you’ll want to choose a rug that not only matches the rest of your decor but also helps to create the atmosphere you want to achieve in the room. Are you adding a rug to a contemporary modern home office? Choose a neutral color, such as white, tan, or gray. Perhaps you’re putting together a child’s room. Bright yellow or green creates a sunny, cheerful mood. Remember, the darker a color, the smaller the room will appear.

Avoid jewel tones or black if you are furnishing a small space. Avoid getting stuck in the rut of trying to perfectly match the color of your rug to the rest of the decor. This is difficult to do and may even make the room look unnaturally coordinated.

Bright Color Modern Area Rug Nazmiyal

A brightly colored modern area rug brings joy and life to a child’s room.

3. Add Some Variety to Your Modern Area Rugs

In particularly large spaces, it can be difficult to find one rug that covers all the area you want it to. One option is to use two or more new modern area rugs, but be careful of the layout you choose. When you use rugs that are all the same size and shape, it is easy to make a room look too divided, especially if the pieces aren’t the same color or pattern.

When using more than one rug in a space, vary the sizes to add balanced variety. For example, you can use a smaller rectangular or round rug in front of a door and choose a large square rug for the rest of the living space.

Mixing Modern Area Rugs Nazmiyal

When mixing modern rugs, change up the sizes and shapes of the rugs.

4. Consider the Rest of the Room When Picking Your Modern Area Rugs

A room that’s too busy is visually unappealing and makes it hard to know where to look. Trying to relax in a room full of too many patterns and colors can also be distracting. If the space you’re decorating already has patterned wallpaper, bright furniture, or other “loud” decor, choose a neutral-colored rug with a subtler look to even it out.

On the other hand, if most of your decor is neutral and the walls are white, a brightly colored rug or a pattern can add depth and interest to an otherwise stark space.

Modern Area Rugs Decor Nazmiyal

If you’re using a boldly patterned rug, keep the rest of your decor neutral, and vice versa.

5. Shop for the Right Size New Modern Area Rugs

The wrong size rug can easily disrupt flow of the space you’re decorating. A piece that’s too small to fit well under your furniture night make the room feel cramped, but one that’s too large for the rest of your decor could make your furniture look miniature. If you are buying a rug that you want to cover the room, subtract three feet from the room’s dimensions.

For example, if the room is 12 feet by 20 feet, you’ll want a rug that is 9 feet by 17 feet. When you want a rug that is only as large as the furniture it’s under, go about two feet larger than the dimensions of the space your furniture covers. A living room furniture setup that is 8 feet by 10 feet needs a rug that is 10 feet by 12 feet.

Modern Area Rugs Size Nazmiyal

Make sure to choose a modern area rug that is the right size for your space.

Whether you want your new modern area rugs to be big and bold or small and neutral, remember to put a liner underneath of them. Area rugs without liners are prone to slipping on hardwood floors and can bunch up under furniture, leaving creases that may require professional removal.

Nazmiyal Collection provides a wide variety of contemporary modern rugs in many styles, colors, and sizes. Check out our selection to find the right area rug to spruce up your home today!

Modern Rug Trends to Follow This Year

Every year, new trends define the world of interior decoration. This is as true for rugs as for any other decorative item. Whether you are dedicated to staying up with the latest fashions, want to know what to expect to see this year or just are curious about current modern rug trends, the following styles are in vogue for 2020.

1) Natural Fibers

Natural materials, such as wool and silk, have always been at the pinnacle of the rug world. However, many designs this year are taking things a step further towards nature. Undyed and lightly dyed rugs made with eco-friendly materials, such as sisal, are growing increasingly popular. Jute is another highly desirable option currently. Many of these fibers are increasingly soft and luxurious. Wool and silk have always been premium quality. However, other natural options are providing a pleasant feel and creating the types of cozy, welcoming environments we are all seeking. The strength of some of jute and sisal has also led to a rise in indoor-outdoor rugs.

Modernist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Rugs made out of wool, like this one, and other natural fibers are a rug trend this year.

2) Layering

Layering a rug on top of a carpet or another rug has been really picking up steam. This is arguably an old-fashioned style. However, it is going strong in 2020. Using rug layers can help to more clearly define certain areas of a room. This is a powerful tool in open-concept spaces and larger rooms. For example, in a carpeted living room, you could use a rug to define a seating area while keeping other spaces more open and flexible. From a visual perspective, layering creates some interesting opportunities to add depth. Add a bolder area rug on top of a more subtle large rug or carpet to create an incredible, contrasted look. Alternatively, mix two bolder patterns together to create a stunning aesthetic.

Layering Modern Rugs Nazmiyal

3) Patterned Area Rugs

Area rugs are a staple of interior decoration. For a while, the most popular styles featured cooler tones and more geometric and abstract rug designs. However, many people are turning towards warmer, more inviting colors. Along with this comes patterned area rugs. Unsurprisingly, handmade, Oriental rugs are at the top of this market. The beautiful, complex patterns mixed with the artistry of their creation makes these rugs highly sought-after. However, there are numerous other styles, such as Moroccan rugs, that can deliver on this design also. Mixing patterns is also growing increasingly popular. Rather than only pairing boldly patterned rugs with quiet furniture, many designers are layering patterns together. This can be risky, but it is beautiful when it pays off.

Bold Pattern Rugs Modern Expressionist Nazmiyal

Bold patterned area rugs are in for 2020.

4) Hand-Woven Rugs

Handmade rugs have always fetched a premium because they are so challenging to make. This keeps the supply relatively low and makes them very desirable. The prevalence of relatively cheap, machine-made rugs has helped to fuel even greater demand for genuine, hand-crafted ones. Artisans are pushing the limits more with advanced weaving techniques, such as combining high and low piles, to create depth. Many people love rugs created by communities where the rug-making skill set is passed down from generation to generation. It adds a sense of history to the rug. Many of those rugs can be passed down by the owners to thanks to their durability and quality.

5) Neutral Hues

Although many designers are getting bold with their patterns, neutral hues are picking up steam also. These color choices help make homes feel more inviting and welcoming. Neutral and earth tones are a reaction against many of the bolder options that could seem cold and distant. This same trend is also growing popular in other areas of décor. For example, earth-toned walls are gaining steam. This can work well with a monochromatic look. Alternatively, contrast your neutral tones with a few splashes of color for some added visual interest.

6) Dhurrie Rugs

This style of rug from South Asia has recently come into the forefront of many design trends. They are often made of natural materials including cotton, wool, jute and silk. The patterns are typically colorful. Some designs are bold and geometric, whereas others are more intricate. Dhurries are flat-woven rather than made with piles. They are also relatively thin compared to other types of rugs. This creates a pleasant, soft feel that can be very enjoyable in the right space. These go very well with cozy, well-lit spaces.

Rug Trends Dhurries Nazmiyal

Dhurries are a popular choice for 2020.

Get Your Ideal Rug

Whether you plan to follow the latest rug trends for 2020 or stick with the timeless classics, Nazmiyal has the pieces you need. Our collection spans from antique to vintage to modern. We have both practical rugs for use as floor coverings and beautiful art / investment rugs for display. Explore our selection of antique, vintage and modern rugs. Feel free to consult our experts to learn more about rugs and find the right one for your needs. We can accommodate many different budgets and tastes. Get started today and find the perfect rug for your home.

Here are some modern trendy rugs for 2020:

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

Modernist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modernist Collection Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

Modern Flat Weave Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Flat Weave Rug

Modern Expressionist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Expressionist Collection Rug

Browse some of the gorgeous modern rugs from our collection to inspire your home decor:

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Clean Boho Chic Rug

Modernist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Blue Modernist Collection Rug.

Modern Expressionist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Expressionist Collection Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

Modern Expressionist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Expressionist Collection Rug

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs has a limited inventory of contemporary modern area rugs on sale as well.

How Weaving Techniques Have Advanced With Modern Rugs

Rug weaving is an ancient art that has been perfected in cultures around the world. Oriental rugs have been prized possessions for centuries and are still sought after today. Despite the value and prestige of the classics, modern weaving techniques have allowed artisans to create ever more innovative designs.

Weaving Modern High / Low Pile Rugs

A high / low pile rug is exactly what it sounds like: a rug with a combination of high piles and low piles. There are two or more levels of thickness in this type of rug. With this technique, rug makers can create a three-dimensional design with much more texture than would be possible otherwise. High / low pile rugs are typically made using multiple materials rather than a single wool, cotton or silk. In addition to creating different pile heights, this also adds texture to the look of the rug.

With the combination of variations in depth and feel, rug makers can make designs that feel like they are jumping out of the rug. Creators can achieve a similar effect using varied rods. This technique is described more in the section on rod height below.

Some rugs made with this technique are updates on traditional styles and others may be more abstract. Artists may use extreme forms of technique to make even more innovative designs. For example, some artists have made designs that appear to decay down to the jute backing.

High Low Pile Nazmiyal

A close up view of a high-low pile.

Modern Cut and Loop Rugs

Conventionally, when making a rug, the creator weaves loops and cuts them to create a series of equally sized piles. On some rugs, the loop is left uncut to create a different texture. Cut and loop is a combination of these techniques. Cut and loop can be used to create a variety of designs including geometric and abstract patterns. This form is less common with traditional patterns, but it could be used to update a more conventional design.

This method was very popular in the 1970’s and ’80’s but fell out of fashion in the ’90’s. As with other styles, its popularity is cyclical, and it is starting to gain appeal again. Today, many rug makers are designing geometric patterns that use the cut and loop technique to contrast the design against the field. This creates a look that is more textured and visually pleasing.

Cut and Loop Nazmiyal

Cut and loop modern weaving technique, where some pile is cut and some is in a loop.

Modern Rug Weaving Using Varied Rod Height

When hand weaving rugs, artisans typically use a rod to keep the pile heights consistent. One of the ways that they achieve a high / low pile texture is to vary the size of the rod. This allows them to use the same material to design more complex looks and create an attractive texture that has different depths similar to high / low pile rugs.

Although this is used in some vintage looking rugs, it is primarily used for modern styles, as the visual appearance is more fitting in innovative designs than in traditional styles.

Varied Rod Height Nazmiyal

An example of the varied rod height technique, where the cut pile is higher in some places than others.

The Advantages of Modern Rug Weaving Techniques

The main reason that rug makers use these modern techniques is to create more unique designs. Throughout most of their history, rugs designs have not taken advantage of the three-dimensional nature of piles. Instead, rugs have largely featured flat designs of consistent pile heights.

These advancements allow makers to be more creative about how they design rugs. Patterns are bolder when they involve some physical texture. Another advantage is the unique feel a varied texture creates; however, this is a subjective quality that some people may like and others may dislike.

Varied Rod Height Weaving Nazmiyal

Weaving using a varied rod height.

Drawbacks of Modern Rug Weaving Techniques

Rugs woven using these techniques may wear less evenly than conventional techniques. Since the pile heights are different, they react differently to foot traffic. This is especially noticeable with cut and loop rugs because the two pile types bend differently, accentuating any uneven wear.

A similar issue may arise with high / low pile rugs composed of multiple materials. Styles with very short piles or exposed backing may also become damaged with excess use, so certain designs using these techniques may be better saved for rugs that see very little use or rugs hung on the wall as a form of tapestry / textile art. They can be absolutely beautiful, but they aren’t always as practical for commercial use.

Find Your Perfect Modern Rug

Whether you love innovative weaving in modern rugs or want to stick to the classics, Nazmiyal can help you find the right style for your home. Rugs are a beautiful and artistic way to decorate the inside of your bedroom, living room, and even your wall. With the advent of modern weaving techniques, they can be even more eye-catching than ever before and can make a special conversation piece.

Check out our collection of antique, vintage and modern rugs. If you need help finding the right rug for any area of your home, our experts can provide guidance and insight based on your style, color, and pattern preferences. We are here to ensure that you find the perfect high-end rug to complete the look of your room.

Here are some beautiful modern rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection using modern weaving techniques:

Modernist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modernist Collection Rug

Modern Boho Chic Rug Nazmiyal

Modern Boho Chic Rug

Choosing a Modern Rug Style for Your Home

When choosing a modern rug style, there are many factors to consider. Your preferences may be contemporary or traditional. There may be colors or patterns that you love to display in your home. You must consider also the purpose of the space.

Do you want your living space to be calm and relaxing? Do you want your area to feel lively and festive? You need to consider your own personal style as well. The new rug should fit seamlessly with your furniture. Do not let the questions overwhelm you. We are here to help. Consult our rug style guide to assist in making this decision.

Why Should You Consider Adding a Modern Rug?

A modern rug can be a great addition to any room. It can serve as noise control on hardwood floors, or it can define a space. Rugs can add depth to a room with carpeted floors as well. Rugs can be used to define each area of living, make the room feel larger, unify decor, or to keep the room fresh. If your home has an open design concept, rugs can define each room’s purpose.

Large rugs create an optical illusion making the room seem larger. Rugs can unify the remaining decor in your home, becoming that special element that ties everything else together. Getting a new rug can change the look of a room without changing large furniture pieces. Switching accessories takes less effort, and is also less expensive.

Modern Rug Decor Nazmiyal

A modern rug is a great addition to any decor.

Choosing A Modern Rug Style

One of the biggest steps in adding a modern rug to your home is choosing the rug’s style. While searching for the perfect modern rug to fit your home, the 3 main styles of rugs that you will encounter are transitional, traditional, or contemporary. In our rug style guide, we will explain how each style of rug will fit in your home.

Traditional Modern Area Rugs

A traditional rug is the easiest style of a rug to identify. Traditional rugs include Persian, Oriental, and other classic styles. Traditional rugs are ornate, and extremely detailed. The traditional designs found today were actually developed many years ago in royal eras of many countries. Traditional rugs bring a formal look to the room, and ushers in an air of cozy sophistication.

Traditional rugs, like traditional furniture, offer classic style mixed with comfort. Traditional rugs display an array of colors, an ornate design, and a distinct border. Some traditional rugs are pictorial and even display a scene or still life. Look for rugs with roots in the 18th century with English sophistication or French country charm. Soumaks, dhurries, and kilims are considered part of the traditional rug family even though some consider them to be more tribal in nature.

Traditional rugs that have more neutral colors can be paired with warm woods or bronze decor. Luxurious draperies with embellishments, like tassels, pair well with traditional rugs. Furniture with gentle curves and soft edges are the best fit the traditional rug. Consider having traditional rug as the final component in your home decor if you decorate with still-life paintings, chandeliers, crystals, candlesticks, or flowers. Depending on the intricate details, these rugs can have a feminine touch, or they can add a bold masculine vibe with deep colors and dark patterns. Consider pairing a traditional rug with a leather couch.

Take some time to look around your home to determine if a traditional rug is good match for your current personal style of the furniture and decor in your home. Don’t be afraid to try a new look. It is easy to change if you want to refresh the look again.

Traditional Modern Rug Nazmiyal

A modern traditional rug.

Contemporary Modern Rugs

A contemporary rug is a work of art itself. It does not follow the trends established hundreds of years ago. Contemporary rugs are as unique as the individual that purchased it. While traditional rugs are sophisticated, contemporary rugs can be fun, playful, formal, or romantic. Irrespective of the color, design, or style, the contemporary rug is a unique accessory on his own. The patterns are often modern and less intricate.

Contemporary rugs are characterized as having variety and originality. Some of their features include bold colors, contrasting elements, and geometric patterns. Many of them contain retro features like Art Deco. A variety of contemporary rugs display original works of art. If you are looking for unique qualities, you will find this in contemporary rugs.

They will not look like any other rug that you have seen before. They can display bold features that encompass the entire area of a rug, or a bold image that takes up only a part of the rug. These are just some of the features that contemporary rugs exhibit.

It is complicated to decide which contemporary rug is right for your home. With all of the options, deciding which one is right for you can be tricky. Contemplate pairing with more eclectic furniture and accessories. Contemporary bold rugs are more risky, and fun. The rugs size is also an important element to factor in. For example, living room rugs need to be large enough to put the legs of each furniture piece on the rug. Placing a rug under the furniture makes the rug appear larger. When placing rugs, do not anchor them under a single furniture piece like a coffee table.

In a bedroom, rugs should run under the bottom two-thirds of the bed. A smaller rug will look like a bathmat in a bedroom. If you have furniture that is more bulky, opt for a rug that has a pattern that covers the entire area of the rug. Arrange the rug so that you can see the entire pattern. If the rug that you have chosen has a pattern that takes a small part of the rug, use this rug with furniture with exposed legs so that you may enjoy the features of both the furniture and the rug.

If your furniture is printed, it is okay to choose printed rugs as well. One style suggestion concerning patterns is to look for a pattern that is different size than the rest of the furniture patterns. The smaller pattern will function as the background, while the larger pattern pops. If you feel like you know your personal style, choosing between contemporary and traditional rugs is an obvious choice. If you are not sure which one you should choose, you should look around your space, and take inventory of your furniture. You must ask yourself the following questions. What are you trying to say with the space? How do want to feel when you enter? Answering these questions can help you decide which style is right for you.

Modern Expressionist Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

An example of a Modern Expressionist Rug

Modern transitional area rugs can be more difficult to define, because they contain elements of both traditional and contemporary rugs. Many are comfortable with the transitional rug because they do not need to choose one extreme or the other. Because transitional rugs combine likable elements of contemporary and traditional styles, they can fit easily into many different homes.

Transitional rugs often present as traditional with a modern twist. For example, you will see elements of the traditional coexisting with elements of contemporary rugs. You will see fabrics that mimic hand carving. Many have asymmetrical design elements and impressionistic style. Transitional rugs give the comforting style of the traditional without the formal look.

Some of the modern transitional area rugs will leave off the border making it less organized and less formal. Some will be less intricate in embroidering. Many present with fewer colors and less contrasting colors. Transitional color palates are clean and crisp. The looks are more relaxed and subtle lacking the boldness of the contemporary area rugs. Soft carpets and warm wooded flooring pair well with transitional area rugs. Transitional rugs are considered to be the perfect combination of masculine and feminine features.

As stated previously, transitional rugs pair well with soft colors and warm wood tones. Low contrasting patterns coupled with soft tones brings a sophisticated comfortable look. Transitional rugs also fit well with a simplistic look. For example, a transitional area rug would go well in a room with simple curtains and furniture with very few bold accessories or an accent wall.

Transitional rugs are great with clean white decor, and they can help to soften the dark tones of wood floors. They go well over white carpet or to add depth or texture to a room. Transitional rugs usher in cushy, comfortable and relaxing vibes. Use in rooms where you expect peace and tranquility such as the bedroom, the nursery, and the library.

If you are looking for the benefits of a rug without the noise that the traditional and contemporary rug might bring, then a transitional rug may be right for you. The balance of a transitional area rug offers the best of both the traditional and contemporary styles and flexibility of mixing it up. The transitional rug brings subtle options if you can simply not choose between the two. If you simply can not choose between the traditional or contemporary rugs, the simplistic neutrality of transitional rugs may be just what you need for your living space.

Transitional Modern Rug Nazmiyal

A transitional modern rug.

Let Nazmiyal Help You Find the Right Modern Rug

In addition to using the rug style guide to help find out what type of rug is best for your home, take a good look at the space that you are trying to complete. Consider how you use the space and how you might transition through that space while you are living in your home. Then allow a design expert at Nazmiyal help you find the rug that would be best to fit into your living space. Choosing a rug is not a task that you will have to go at alone. A rug can add that zest to a dull room to liven it up. It can add that warmth that you need for a comfortable, warm, and inviting living space. You can change the character of a space with a simple rug.

You make a small room appear larger, and a large room more defined. Determine what it is you want to accomplish in your space, and then let us help you obtain your design goals. Contact Nazmiyal today to let us help you determine what will fit your unique style. We have it all: traditional, abstract contemporary, and transitional. Let us help you find the perfect addition to the rooms in your home.

Modernist Collection Rug Nazmiyal

Modernist Collection Rug

How To Care For Your Modern Rugs

Whether your tastes run classical or contemporary, a modern wool rug makes a beautiful addition to your home and offers many practical benefits as well. Wool is a renewable natural resource, making it environmentally friendly. It is naturally stain repellent due to the lanolin contained in the fibers, and it also deters dust mites and bacterial growth, so it is a healthier choice as long as no one in your family has allergies to wool.

Wool is fairly durable, and a modern rug made from this material should last for many years, maybe even decades. However, even a modern wool rug needs special handling to prevent wear and retain its beauty. Perhaps the most important thing you need to do to care for your modern rug is to have it cleaned professionally at least once a year. If you have pets in the house or the rug is in a high-traffic area, more frequent professional cleaning may be necessary.

However, your rug will need upkeep in between professional cleanings regardless of how often you have them. If your rug has a label with care instructions, they should take precedence over the tips given here. However, if there is no label, here are some general care instructions that should apply to your modern wool rug.

How To Remove Dirt and Hair From Your New Rugs

The traditional way to remove excess dirt from a rug is by beating it or, for rugs that are small enough, shaking it. Before you shake out a small rug, however, check the laws of your community, because some have instituted ordinances against this practice.

You should always take your rug outside to beat it. You can drape it over a clothesline or, if you don’t happen to have one, you can use sturdy outdoor furniture instead. You can use a broom or a tennis racket to vigorously beat the rug until the dirt is no longer evident. You may want to wear a face mask while you do this to prevent yourself from breathing in the dust, especially if you have allergies.

Pet dander and human hair can accumulate in rug fibers. This is difficult to remove by beating, and vacuuming may not be very effective either, although it may depend on the vacuum cleaner you use. If you are having trouble removing hair from your rug, you can try a utility brush or a clothing brush with stiff bristles.

Beating Rugs Nazmiyal

Beat a rug with a tennis racket or other object to remove dirt.

How To Vacuum Your Modern Rugs

Some rugs are too small for vacuuming, in which case you can skip this step. However, a medium-sized or large rug can benefit from it. You should vacuum your wool rug two to four times a month in between professional cleanings.

Wool rugs will shed fibers, especially when they are new. This is normal, but for this reason, you will have to vacuum the underside of the rug as well as the top, and sometimes the floor underneath as well. This may be a nuisance at first, but over time, your rug will likely shed less.

Opinions are mixed as to whether or not you should use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar to clean a wool rug. Some say that this will give you a deeper clean, while others maintain that it is too harsh and will damage the wool fibers. If present, the care instruction label may provide you with some insight in this regard.

When in doubt, however, it is probably a good idea to err on the side of caution and forgo the beater bar. In any case, you should not use a vacuum with a beater bar on a fringed rug. Instead, use an upholstery attachment or a separate handheld vacuum on the fringes.

Vacuum Carpet Nazmiyal

Vacuum your modern rug to remove dirt.

Removing Stains From your Modern Area Rug

Inevitably, your rug will encounter spills, muddy footprints, or other accidents that could cause staining. Start by trying to blot up the spill first rather than rubbing at it, as rubbing only serves to push the stain into the fibers.

Proper stain removal procedures vary depending on the cause. Whenever possible, however, use a stain remover made for use on wool, and check the care label for guidance if present. Always test a small, unnoticeable area first to be sure that the colors will not run.

To the extent possible, you want to avoid getting your wool rug wet. Otherwise, the fibers can absorb the water, and the rug will be difficult to dry thoroughly. Use as little water as necessary to address the stain.

Modern Rug Stain Care Nazmiyal

Blot, don’t rub, any spills.

Tips For How To Care For Your Modern Area Rugs

There is more involved in caring for your wool rug that does not fit into the above categories. Here are some miscellaneous tips:
• Use a rug pad underneath. This helps to protect the rug from wear and prevent slipping or tripping.
• Do not pull on any loose fibers. If they stick up from the surface, snip them down with scissors.
• Rotate your rug every three months or so to prevent uneven wear and/or sun fading.

View our selection of modern wool rugs in many styles and colors. Find the perfect rug with which to beautify your space.

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