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Wider Narrow But Long Gallery Rugs

Exploring the gallery rug

The gallery rug is a rug that is long and narrow bur wider than a typical runner rug. Rugs in this general size are referred to as “gallery size rugs” or “corridor carpets”. Wider gallery size rugs are distinct, uniquely sized antique rugs that serve to connect between pieces that are considered room size rugs and pieces that feature the dimensions of long and narrow runner rugs.

Gallery rugs, like runner rugs, are meant to be longer than they are wide. Unlike runner rugs, however, gallery rugs may be even wider, though ultimately they retain their impression of having a much longer surface than a wider one. Because of their size, they may not be right for every home, though they may lend a tremendous degree of personality and style to any room in which they are set. The most important thing to take into immediate consideration is size, and whether or not the room can accommodate the rug itself.

Long and narrow gallery size rugs are ideally suited for wider halls, foyers, and other similar spaces that typically occur in-between rooms. Gallery rugs, because of their relatively unconventional size, are relatively rare compared to other rug formats. However, the Nazmiyal Collection has an extensive inventory of gallery rugs, featuring pieces from China, Morocco, Persia, the Caucasus, and beyond.

If you are interested in antique rugs that are narrower than these wide gallery rugs, search our collection of antique runner rugs.

Decorating the Home with Beautiful Gallery Rugs

Gallery rugs are, at times, some of the largest size rugs. If you have a space that is the right size to fit a gallery rug, you might be wondering how to decorate with it. They are special, rare pieces that aren’t found often because of their massive size. Here we explore some of our best tips and tricks for incorporating a stunning gallery rug into your space.

Large Size Gallery Rugs

Gallery rugs are similar to runner rugs in that they are longer than they are wide. However, gallery rugs are much larger than the typical runner rug. Generally, they run 5 to 7 feet wide and at least 14 feet long. These rugs can be any ratio and are still technically gallery rugs if they are this large size while still longer than wide. For example, some gallery rugs will be long and narrow, while some will be rectangular like a typical room sized rug. Gallery rugs are well suited for spaces like large hallways and foyers due to their size and shape.

Gallery Rugs Entryway Nazmiyal

Gallery rugs are perfect for an entryway.

Decorating with Gallery Rugs

Lucky people who successfully attain one of these rare rugs, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when decorating. First consider the size of the rug relative to the size of the space you’re decorating. To avoid making the space look too small, the rug shouldn’t touch the wall on any side. The general rule of thumb is to keep at least eighteen inches between the edge of your carpet and the wall. At the same time, make sure there isn’t too much space between your carpet and the wall, or the rug will end up looking too small for the space and out of place .

Gallery Rugs Decorating Nazmiyal

Consider the surrounding decor when choosing your gallery rugs.

Since gallery size rugs are so large, consider the pattern when you’re choosing your carpet. You do not want to overpower your space or take away from any other decor by choosing a bold, intense pattern if it clashes with the other elements in the room. Choose to highlight the detail in these magnificently beautiful rugs by going minimal with the rest of your decor. Don’t add too much furniture, and pick neutral colors for walls, floors, or decorative elements. On the other hand, you can choose to blend your rug with your decor. Instead of highlighting the rug by surrounding it with neutrals, select complementary pieces in your design.

Stunning gallery rugs are magnificent in person, and the size allows you to truly appreciate every single detail. If you need some help decorating with one of these rare pieces, our carpet experts are available to give you all the advice you may need.

Why are wider but loner gallery size area rugs so rare?

Wider but longer gallery size area rugs, also known as runner rugs, are not as common as standard rectangular rugs due to a combination of practical and design considerations.

Here are some reasons why wider long and narrow gallery rugs are relative rarity:

  • Functionality and Space: Runner rugs are often designed to fit specific spaces, such as hallways, corridors, or narrow entryways. These areas typically require longer rugs that can define the walking path and protect the floor. Wider gallery size rugs may not be as well-suited for these purposes, as they might cover too much floor space and impede movement.
  • Limited Placement Options: Large, wide rugs can be challenging to place in a room without overwhelming the space. They might not align well with furniture or other elements, leading to an unbalanced or cluttered appearance.
  • Design Constraints: Wider but longer rugs can present design challenges. The proportions of a wider runner may not work well with certain patterns or motifs, leading to distorted or unappealing designs.
  • Manufacturing Considerations: Creating wider but longer rugs requires specialized looms and equipment, which might not be as widely available as those used for standard-sized rugs. This can impact production capabilities and costs.
  • Customization and Special Orders: Gallery size rugs that deviate from standard dimensions often require custom orders, which can involve longer lead times and higher costs. Many consumers tend to opt for more common sizes to simplify the rug-buying process.
  • Aesthetic Balance: In interior design, achieving a harmonious and visually pleasing balance is important. Wider gallery size rugs might not always align well with other design elements in a room, leading to an uneven or disproportionate look.
  • Cultural and Traditional Factors: Many traditional rug designs are intended to fit within specific dimensions and proportions that are culturally established. Deviating from these norms could affect the traditional integrity of the design.

Despite these challenges, wider but longer gallery size area rugs can still be created as custom made rugs to suit specific design preferences and spaces.

If you have a unique area that could benefit from a larger runner-style rug, working with us to custom make your rug might be the quickest and easiest  way to achieve your desired look while ensuring functional and aesthetic coherence within your space.

Some amazing area rugs in gallery sizes:

Antique Turkish Oushak Rug With Arts and Crafts Design Nazmiyal

Antique Arts And Crafts Design Oushak Rug

Yellow Color Background Antique Sultanabad Persian Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Gallery Size Persian Sultanabad Area Rug

Antique 17th Century Northwest Persian Animal Rug Nazmiyal

Antique 17th Century Northwest Persian Animal Rug

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