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Shabby Chic rugs – In all elements of home furniture and design the term shabby chic speaks to smart elegance and sophistication. The distressed rugs that are both antique and Shabby Chic, are carpets that are rustic and untouched. These beautiful area rugs are preserved in their original distressed condition. The carpet design are aesthetically pleasing, quality made rugs that have aged gracefully. They exude a relaxed, warm broken in feeling that reflects their long history. Any additional restoration would only detract from their beauty.

Technically, any antique rugs that age well can be used as decorative accessory additions to homes. Within the home, shabby chic rugs are some of the most sought after carpets are typically from East Turkestan. More specifically, the rugs from the Khotan region are most sought after type of antique and vintage shabby chic rug when people are shopping for rugs for their home decor accessories.

The demand for the antique shabby chic rugs that are distressed in look and feel is as high today as it has ever been. These days, collectors and admirers of the finest pieces, seem to be setting their sights on those distressed and shabby chic carpets that most embody the tastefulness and sophistication that can only be offered by the shabby chic aesthetic of such beautiful examples. A style that is markedly distinctive from more traditional approaches to design, both floral or geometric. The broad appeal of shabby chic entices those with a deep frame of art-historical reference as well as those who just identify with the carefree nature of the approach.

Shabby Chic is Back

Home is where your heart is, it is said, and the aesthetic interior designers turn to in order to beautifully express that sentiment is the soft, aged-to-perfection shabby chic style.

Wildly popular in the 1990’s, this form of interior decoration which relies on furniture and furnishings have a worn-in appearance is experiencing an update and resurgence.

When it comes to shabby chic rugs, don’t allow yourself to be fooled by words like “shabby”, “worn-out” and “distressed” — The look may be short on structure and formal rules, but it amply makes up for that with the feeling of effortless elegance that it adds to your home.

While the term “Shabby Chic Style” may call to mind the cottage look, that was popular in the 1990’s, this new iteration of the trend, is based on one-of-a-kind vintage, tribal and antique accents from all different cultures.

It’s more sophisticated and worldly, and less “quaint” — it speaks less of the style of a charming French cottage, and more to the style of a home filled with artifacts from many time periods and cultures, each lending a unique bit of character to an overarching modern aesthetic.

The style began in the United Kingdom in the 1980’s as a counter-culture movement to the expensive home decor that was popular with the upper middle class of the time. It soon spread all over Europe and North America to become a part of the metropolitan aesthetic.

The proponents of the style, who were mostly artisans and Bohemians, extended their fondness for recycled old furniture and clothing to create this charming style. No wonder many of the original shabby chic interiors are considered works of art!

In the early days, shabby chic aesthetic became rather grand; thanks to the adherents desire to make their home decor look authentic. Since then, it has evolved to mean a design style with characteristics that include simple, uncluttered, natural, textural and weathered or worn.

Some would say that its cottage style give it an appearance very similar to French country houses. But perhaps the phrase that describes it best is “relaxed luxury”.

Shabby chic carpets are usually antique pieces that are have been well-used and loved. They show their age, but remain resilient and beautiful. They are chosen for their aged, relaxed and warm look as well as other aesthetically pleasing qualities.

Now, the thirst for Shabby Chic style has been folded into contemporary designers’ love of all things “vintage“. Antique rugs are one of a kind, and the distressed quality of “Shabby Chic rugs” adds an additional layer of character and charm.

The so-called ‘flaws’ of Shabby Chic antique rugs do not detract from their loveliness, rather, they tell a story of the rug’s age and history, and illustrate how good design transcends generations. It is a popular style, which turns your home into an effortlessly beautiful work of art. This is the essence of “shabby chic”.

Antique Shabby Chic Rugs are the hottest home decorating trend

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs has been collecting antiques for years, and a noticeable upcoming trend this season is appreciating the chicness in used and distressed home accessories, especially in exquisite antique shabby chic rugs. Most new items are worn down to create the look of being an antique piece, while true antique pieces have marks that have grown graceful in age and have a historical significance.

Imagine sitting in a room, admiring your traditional Oriental rug, and knowing that a specific mark is 3 centuries old and holds a part of history forever on its body. The shabbiness becomes a part of it’s meaningful personality, it is sophisticated, shows that it is well loved, and as some might describe it, is a ‘relaxed luxury’

Take a look at a few of our antique shabby chic rugs that work beautifully in today’s homes

Light Blue Shabby Chic Antique Sultanabad Rug

Large Light Blue Antique Shabby Chic Rugs from Sultanabad

Large Light Blue Shabby Chic Antique Sultanabad Rugs

This breathtaking Sultanabad Persian rug has a beautiful bold red border, and a large lustrous light blue center. The beautiful colors shine through the worn distressed areas that act like a veil, hiding secrets and stories about the rug. A great rug for a library or living room, lighting up and inspiring people that gaze upon it.

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