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Antique Oversized Arts & Crafts William Morris Rug - Nazmiyal

William Morris Rugs And Designs

The Iconic Antique William Morris and Arts & Crafts Rugs The late 19th and early 20th centuries were arguably the most dazzling eras of British rug weaving and design. The iconic William Morris Arts & Crafts rugs from that time period exemplify the highest standards of artistry and craftsmanship. Leaders of the Arts & Crafts […]

Largest Collection of Vintage Moroccan Rugs by nazmiyal

Nazmiyal Acquires Largest Collection of Vintage Moroccan Rugs

The Largest Collection of Vintage Moroccan Rugs in the World Largest Collection of Vintage Moroccan Rugs – As the renewed interest in mid-century modern design is in full swing, vintage Moroccan rugs, with their distinctly minimalist aesthetic, have become one of the most popular rug styles available today. These alluring compositions feature a distinct style, […]

Persian Carpet Weaving by nazmiyal

Persian Carpet Weaving Regions

History of Major Persian Carpet Weaving Regions Click to view our entire collection of Persian rugs Persian carpet weaving, in modern day Iran, has long been known for its exquisitely beautiful and sumptuous handmade carpets. Carpet weaving in Persian is so deeply ingrained in the culture and traditions of this ancient land that Iranian rug weavers have […]

Learning What Is A Rug - Nazmiyal

What is a rug?

Answering the age old question of what is a rug What defines something as being a rug? Sometimes, we take things for granted. The other day someone asked us to explain to them what is a rug. So we figured we would share this basic information with you. In it’s most basic definition, a rug […]