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If you are looking to buy rugs for your home, you may want to read the following articles:

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Below, you will find a series of articles written to assist you to buy rugs and navigate the process of buying an antique Oriental rug. Each article deals with a different aspect of antique rugs, and, together, they will help to paint a full picture of what the process of buying an antique rug fully entails.

From a list of suggested reading, to various breakdowns on the various types of antique rugs that you may encounter, there is certainly a lot to consider. Most individuals will have specific requirements that they would need to consider when trying to decide on which rugs they are interested in buying. Being aware of these different individual and specific needs before going out on a rug buying adventure is surly a must.

Buying an antique Oriental rug can be a thrilling and unique experience. From exploring the difference between city and village rugs, between tribal and Nomadic rugs, between formal and informal rugs – and countless other such pairings – one stands to learn a great deal about one of the crafts longest practiced by mankind – rug weaving.

Fine antique Oriental rugs are timeless works of arts, and are living embodiment of the peoples and the cultures responsible for their creation. Explore the fascinating and exciting world of antique Oriental carpets and Persian rugs today, and you’ll surely be ready to buy one all your own in no time!

1. Books to Read About Hand Made Rugs

Are you interested in a rug as your next purchase? As you shop, you will discover many styles of antique rugs. With so much to think about, it is challenging to know which one to buy. Click through this suggested reading to discover what you need to know to effectively shop for a rug. Explore your needs and understand the styles of available rugs. These selections are designed to introduce you to differing aspects of antique rugs and provide you with a comprehensive look of the entire rug buying process. [Read more: Books to Read About Hand Made Rugs]

2. Use of Rugs and Carpets in Decoration

Rugs do more than simply provide a soft place to step. They serve practical purposes from offering insulation to dampening sound. And their decorative purposes should not be overlooked. Here is what you need to know to select a rug for your home or business that is pleasing to the eye in addition to being useful. [Read more: Use of Rugs and Carpets in Decoration]

3. Shopping for Formal vs. Informal Rugs

Available rugs range in formality to suit everything from a formal office space to a relaxed bedroom environment. At work client meeting spaces and board rooms require the most formal rugs. At home entry ways, living rooms and dining rooms may also require a touch of formality. Match the right level of formality to your needs. [Read more: Formal Rugs vs. Informal Rugs]

4. Choosing Antique Rugs for Wall Hanging

Although they may be intended primarily as floor coverings, rugs also work well as decorative wall hangings and even furniture coverings. Rug weaving is an art, and many rugs bear cultural and artistic significance. Develop your appreciation for these rugs through our articles as you prepare to purchase a rug that is truly a work of art worthy of your wall. [Read more: Choosing Antique Rugs for Wall Hanging]

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