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Antique Lori Rugs: Unveiling The Artistry Of Heritage


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Antique Persian Lori Rugs – Persian Antique Lori rugs and carpets (which are also spelled as Luri) represent a unique and important development in the antique rug world. The Lori rugs were generally woven in or around the Zagros Mountains area of western Persia (which is the modern day country of Iran), by the Lurs. These Persian carpets are representative of the beautiful and tribal art of Persian carpet weaving.

The Persian Lori carpets tend to depict geometric design repertories such as animal motifs and geometric figures. Persian Lori rugs tend to depend on rich combinations of colors – above all reds, blues, greens, and yellows. These vibrant hues and shades of beautiful rich and jewel tone colors contribute to the excitement that these unique tribal compositions provide. These weaving largely consist of bags and wrappings – but Lori weavers made fairly large carpets and scatter size rugs as well.

History Of Antique Persian Lori Rugs

The antique Persian Lori rugs were woven by nomadic tribes in the southern part of Iran. These gorgeous, plush antique Persian rugs are quite rare and have a rich Oriental rug history and tradition.

The tribal Lurs people created these incredible antique rugs which have a rich history throughout Iran. Rug artistry is an integral part of their lives. Known as the Lurs, many of these people have now settled in Iranian cities. Most of their village rugs, however, are still made by rug weavers that live outside of the urban areas. Even some of the most seasoned antique rug collectors don’t realize the incredible impact the Lurs have had on the art of rug making. Scholars have written how the Lurs have contributed to the romanticized ideal that collectors in the West have when it comes to tribal rugs and the traditions surrounding it.

The high grade wool used when making each Persian Lori rug will eventually provide a long lasting and supple durable carpets. It will also guarantee that each of the threads will absorb and retain the natural rug dyes that will be used when creating each Persian Lori rug. The carpet dyes will retain their rich and vibrant colors for each carpet’s lifetime. This sort of detailed care for the entire process ensures that the Lori rugs are exquisite, original, and of the highest quality possible.

Besides the highest attention to detail, the antique Persian Lori rugs also represent the traditions of the nomadic rug tribes that create them. The rich colors and vibrant designs showcase the unique life that has been shared for generations among the Lurish people. Breathtaking blues, stunning reds, and earthy greens are just a few of the amazing colors that can be found in these incredible rugs. The combination of colors that create unique designs and patterns set the antique Lori rugs apart from any other.

Among all the tribal rugs, the Persian Lori carpets are perhaps one of the more well known because of their rarity. There are several reasons the Lori rugs have become so scarce. One reason is simply because these particular rugs are sometimes not always classified correctly. There can be confusion when buyers try to distinguish between the tribal Lori rugs and other types that have been made in Iran. Another reason is because the nomadic tribes that create them are often isolated and don’t always have access to buyers.

There are several aspects of Persian Lori rugs that make them not only rare, but of exceptional quality. For starters, these incredible rug designers use only the most exceptional wool that often comes from their own flocks. The shepherds make sure the animals that will provide the wool are given healthy water and grazing.

Ultimately, the creative genius of the rug makers resides in their simplicity. They create rugs with designs and shapes that reflect their day to day lives. This includes tribal floral patterns, homages to a variety of wildlife, and elaborate geometric design shapes that reflect aspects of their culture. These motifs will often set them apart when compared to the designs and styles of many other Persian carpets. Because of their unique artistry, vivid yet simplistic designs, and extreme care for the entire process from start to finish, the Persian antique Lori rugs and carpets are known as some of the most exceptional tribal rugs known today.

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