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Antique Persian Mohtashem Rugs – Antique Rugs By Mohtashem From Kashan – Ustad Mohtashem is one of the most revered weavers of Kashan. His rugs are some of the highest quality Persian weaving. The town of Kashan located in central Iran between Isfahan and Tehran is often referred to as the greatest weaving center in western Persia.

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Since the 3rd quarter of the 19th century and for about 30 years, the finest and most delicate area rugs of wool and silk were woven by arguably the most respected ustadan (master weaver), Zufilkhar Ed Din Mohtashem.

These fine Persian rugs are noted for their use of purple and ruby red silk bindings for the selvedges. They are characterized by a particular style, color and use of imported merino wool. Whether signed or unsigned, antique Mohtashem Kashan rugs are considered the crème de la crème of all antique Kashan rugs.

In modern times, the Mohtashem name is well known, but very little is known about his origins. It remained a mystery whether or not Mohtasham was simply a trade name, or whether he had actually existed.

There is a legend going around according to which Hadji Mollah Mohammad Hassan Mohtashem of Kashan was a well-to-do businessman, famous for his textiles. However, in the 1880’s business was bad owing to the importing of machine-worked textiles from Europe.

The story goes that Mohtashem had married a young woman from Sultanabad, who had brought with her from her city of origin the ancient tradition of the knotted carpet.

In view of the fact that business did not seem to be picking up, his wife wove a carpet using merino wool imported from Manchester. Upon completion of the carpet, local merchants were so enthusiastic that they commissioned more similar ones.

This drove Mohtasham not only to ask his wife to start weaving again, but also to train other weavers of Kashan to produce carpets using this model.

Thus, according to the legend of the bazaar, the art of the carpet began again; it had been lost in Kashan since the fall of the Safavid dynasty in 1723. This sparked a revival of the art of the carpet in Kashan; in 1890 there were only three operating looms, and that these became one thousand five hundred in 1900 and four thousand in 1949.

This specific Mohtashem carpet exemplifies how art can influence the onlooker. To appreciate such a great work of art, no great knowledge is needed; all one needs to enjoy this carpet is mere observation and attention to detail. This Mohtashem, woven with high quality kourk wool and an extremely fine weave, is unusual with its all-over design of delicate scrolling floral vines and palmettes in soft blues and ivory colors.

The combination of the colors used coupled with the exceptional condition and the fact that Mohtashem rugs are never found in runner sizes make this a truly rare and magnificent work of art.

What did you imagine as you read that just now? No doubt it was an elegant and refined weaving graced with curvilinear flora that winds its way through and around a commanding medallion. A rug that draws dropped jaws from anyone that beholds its magnificence.

A sea of swirling ruby tones, indigo, sapphire — a rug as bejeweled and becoming as a sultans own palace. The image may seem fantastic, but in truth antique Mohtashem rugs boast just these types of elements. Mohtashem rugs from city of Kashan are some of the finest rugs to emerge from the major Persian weaving centers of old and are synonymous with the quality one would expect from an antique Persian rug.

History Of Antique Persian Mohtashem Rugs

The 19th century Persian Mohtasham rugs, are the rarest of all the antique rugs that were woven in the city of Kashan  in the modern day country of Iran. These fine and beautiful antique rugs utilize color palettes and designs that are not exactly traditional. The reflective quality of the rugs’ surface comes from high grade lamb’s wool used to create these elite master weave carpets.

The truly extraordinarily fine knotted antique Mohtasham rugs are difficult to locate. These magnificent antique Persian rugs tend to employ either an antique leaf, allover blossoms with intricate detail or a teardrop medallion pattern.

The antique Persian Mohtashem carpets that date from the mid 19th century or before are the most prized of this style. Earth tones and pastels that have been softened over time are the colors used. Some of the most beautiful Mohtasham rugs will have a background that is gold or antique ivory to reflect the exquisite detail of the fine Persian carpets. Private collections are usually the only place that very old antique Mohtasham Kashan rugs can be found.

Elite or classical Mohtasham rugs from the 19th and the turn of the 20th century are some of the best Persian rugs ever woven. These magnificent carpets are quite formal in their approach to design and a result, they tend to work well in a number of interior design settings including the grand spaces that creative architects are currently creating. The finest examples, when they are in good to excellent condition tend to make some of the most solid investment rugs .

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