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Ege Rugs

Vintage Danish Ege Rugs Art Line and Carpets

Ege Rugs n- In 1938, Mads Eg Damgaard had a vision for what is today the number one flooring company in Europe, for those with a taste for the finer, and more unique side of things. Browsing the Ege collection, one instantly notices the flair and breathtaking style that sets Ege rugs apart from the competition. This is thanks to the visionary powers of Mads Eg Damgaard, who never wanted to do things the normal way. He wanted to be bold- different. It isn’t easy to do things differently, yet Ege has continued to be the standout brand for many years. Not only did Damgaard dream of aesthetically pleasing carpets, he also wanted the highest quality- another aspect of Ege rugs that is still very much alive today.

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Not only in durability, but in customer care. This is why Ege has planted businesses across the world, ensuring all costumers have instant access to trusted Ege employees. Since the first factory opened its doors at The Chaff Cutting Mill, Ege rugs have gone Global; the tempting patterns and never-before-seen designs are irresistible to all. With more clients, comes the expansion of factories. These sprawling manufacturing plants are dedicated to creating a sustainable product, which means not only are Ege carpets gorgeous but they are also eco-friendly. It wasn’t all about Damgaard’s ideas though; Ege makes customized flooring as diverse and funky as one may wish.

Also important, the Ege rug company has made sure that the flooring they create is built to last. When the company first launched, the competition was centered on traditional things like price — today, Ege realizes that they stand out from the rest because they are able to create shapes, flare, and design, that others simply can’t. The Ege rugs ability to go above and beyond started with Damgaard, it now resides in the high-tech dyeing factory that allows over 40,000 colors to be used in any way one pleases. With Ege, the options remain truly endless. From 1938 to today, there is no demand the company can’t meet and no costumer goes unpleased, just as Damgaard indented all those years ago when the Ege rugs were nothing more than a vision.

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