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Ege Rugs n- In 1938, Mads Eg Damgaard had a vision for what is today the number one flooring company in Europe, for those with a taste for the finer, and more unique side of things. Browsing the Ege collection, one instantly notices the flair and breathtaking style that sets Ege area rugs apart from the competition. This is thanks to the visionary powers of Mads Eg Damgaard, who never wanted to do things the normal way. He wanted to be bold- different. It isn’t easy to do things differently, yet Ege has continued to be the standout brand for many years. Not only did Damgaard dream of aesthetically pleasing carpets, he also wanted the highest quality- another aspect of Ege rugs that is still very much alive today.

Not only in durability, but in customer care. This is why Ege has planted businesses across the world, ensuring all costumers have instant access to trusted Ege employees. Since the first factory opened its doors at The Chaff Cutting Mill, Ege rugs have gone Global; the tempting patterns and never-before-seen designs are irresistible to all. With more clients, comes the expansion of factories. These sprawling manufacturing plants are dedicated to creating a sustainable product, which means not only are Ege carpets gorgeous but they are also eco-friendly. It wasn’t all about Damgaard’s ideas though; Ege makes customized flooring as diverse and funky as one may wish.

Also important, the Ege rug company has made sure that the flooring they create is built to last. When the company first launched, the competition was centered on traditional things like price — today, Ege realizes that they stand out from the rest because they are able to create shapes, flare, and design, that others simply can’t. The Ege rugs ability to go above and beyond started with Damgaard, it now resides in the high-tech dyeing factory that allows over 40,000 colors to be used in any way one pleases. With Ege, the options remain truly endless. From 1938 to today, there is no demand the company can’t meet and no costumer goes unpleased, just as Damgaard indented all those years ago when the Ege rugs were nothing more than a vision.

Incorporating Vintage Danish Ege Rugs Into Your Interior Design

The roots of modern interior design have their beginnings in the early 19th century. By the time the mid century modern design style rolled around in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the foundations were clearly established. Modernism, was a step away from the organic world of building and interior styles that focused on natural materials and a movement toward styles that included modern man-made materials, such as steel, concrete, and glass. The ornate, wandering designs of earlier years gave way to simple geometric shapes and minimal lines. Buildings and the pieces in them focused on function as much as form. This marriage of function and form continues in many of today’s contemporary design styles for your home or office.

The vintage Danish Ege rugs are iconic area rugs that reflect these ideas, making them perfect for contemporary interiors that continue this tradition of combining form and function within the space. The graphic Danish modern designs, bold colors, and abstract expressionist works bring over 70 years of design inspiration into the modern era.

Here are some ideas for using Danish Ege rugs in a range of decor styles that are trendy and gaining popularity today:

Artistic Ege Rug Offer Edgy and Contemporary Visual Impacts

Vintage area rugs by Ege were cutting-edge design in their day. They continue to inspire artists with their themes and iconic images. Ege carpets continue to help create inspiring spaces that have a message about contemporary themes that are still relevant today. Early expressionist paintings were about capturing the passion of the moment, and they bring this same feeling to the spaces that they occupy within the home.

An Ege rug is the perfect way to give your home a feel that is fashion-forward and that stays ahead of design trends. Whether familiar designs, such as Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe in hot pink is your style, or you prefer the more subdued work of Arne Hansen, one of these iconic art rugs will create a focal point in the room. They are an excellent way to use glass-top tables and furniture with minimalist chrome or wooden legs to embody the idea of combining form and function into a single space.

Baja and West Coast Style

Ege carpets have an ultra-modern feel that is urban and made for a modern penthouse or studio space. They are pieces of art that could have just as easily been created by modern artists. Ege carpets show that some things are timeless and never lose their ability to evoke passion and emotion. The edgy themes of these carpets are perfect for creating a West Coast style that is unique and expressive.

If your home is a reflection of SoCal style, then these beautiful rugs are the perfect addition to the hard edges and simple shapes of Baja architecture. These Scandinavian rugs fit perfectly into a world of glass, chrome, and natural woods. Many of them have a more graphic-design style that uses heavy, black lines, abstract shapes, and modern color palettes, such as grays with a splash of color, or pinks and creams. This makes them perfect for contemporary design trends.

Minimalist Modern Art Gallery

Whether the Ege design is a Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Robert Jacobsen, or Andy Warhol classic, it is an iconic piece of modern art that is made for your floor. A minimalist space is a perfect way to show off these pieces of art. They can be used to define a space and create a vignette that is modern and emphasizes your artistic side.

Minimalist designs often use large-scale paintings and artwork to define the space. The room often features a single piece of artwork and a few carefully-selected pieces of furniture. The scale and modern designs of Ege rugs can easily carry the look where a large work of art is needed to complete the room.

Ege rugs beg to be the focal point of the design and need only a few accessories to make them stand out. They give the room an “art gallery” feel, and they are the perfect complement for other accent pieces, such as sculptures and oversized paintings. They have a formal, elegant feel that is sophisticated and charismatic. In minimalist styles, each piece must count and contribute to the overall theme of the room. Mid century Ege carpets are the perfect way to create a theme throughout the space without relying on excessive decoration to pull it off.

Vintage and Retro Styles

Originally, Ege carpets were used to complete the look in rooms that were designed to create an experience within the space. These spaces not only appealed to the visual senses, but they were meant to evoke a certain feeling. Mid century furniture designs were created to evoke a sense of optimism about the future. The designs relied on simple shapes to create an uncluttered, futuristic feel.

Ege carpets took advantage of the open spaces created by popular furniture styles that featured simple shapes and minimalist, chrome legs. These designs allowed you to experience the entire space of the carpet without any of it obstructed by furnishings. The idea was to create a space where the eye could flow freely throughout the space without encountering abrupt stops.

This makes the perfect backdrop for the pictorial works of these iconic pieces. Retro interiors and furniture is back, and it is not surprising the Ege carpets are once again gaining in popularity, too. They are perfect for an authentic, vintage room or for one that features modern, retro-style furniture and accessories.

Ege carpets create drama and intensity within the space. They are a statement piece, and they are perfect for many of today’s styles. Even though they are vintage pieces, many modern designers are once again creating pieces that reflect their style and aesthetic qualities. An authentic Ege rug is a treasure for the vintage collector or for adding a contemporary feel to the room. We encourage you to explore the modern, and sometimes playful, pieces in this collection. If you find a piece that inspires you, be sure to contact Nazmiyal’s professional and experienced staff so that we can reserve it for you.

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