Large Oversized Antique Decorative Brown Earth Tone Fine Floral Persian Khorassan Rug 48922

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Size: 13 ft 4 in x 27 ft 4 in (4.06 m x 8.33 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Extremely Decorative Large Oversized Antique Persian Khorassan Rug 48922, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1920 – This antique Persian Khorassan rug exudes an elegant and timeless quality. The expansive field features soft neutral earth tones that capture a natural, rustic quality that is quite charming and very soothing to the eye. The soft muted colors allow the detailed designs to flourish and the chocolate brown accents to stand out vividly.

The allover design of this oversized antique Persian Khorassan rug features a fanciful combination of line work that is quite varied as well as repeating larger formatted emblems or medallions. Some patterns are vaguely geometric, which contrast and play off the organic depiction of flowers and vine scrolls. The overall effect is a very detailed pattern that does not feel busy at all.

The elaborate and refined rug design is filled with hidden motifs. Some of these antique rug motifs may take years to discover while others are more apparent.

Overall, the look of this antique Persian rug is quite floral and curvilinear. This type of feel can only be achieved through the use of fine knotting – a true testament to the skill of the Persian rug weaver who created it. It is a beautiful large oversized rug that will only grow more endearing with age.

The soft coloration and allover design make it a coveted piece in the interior design world. It’s play on geometry vs floral and use of earth tone colors make it easy to decorate around. Its the kind of decorative rug that could fit perfectly in a more minimalist decor just as effortlessly as it could work in more traditional or even mid century interiors. Regardless of the room or what may be next to it, this oversized antique Persian Khorassan rug is sure to be a magnificent addition to any home.

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