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DIY – Create Your Unique Custom Area Rugs In Any Look and Size At Nazmiyal In NYC

Nazmiyal Makes Customizing Rugs Easy

Who Can I Go To To Order A Custom Design And Size Area Rug?

Whether you are located in NYC and can stop by our Manhattan showroom, or if you are located half across the world, we at Nazmiyal have everything you need to make your beautiful custom area rug. Our approach to custom making rugs makes the rug customization process easy and fun. If you are able to stop by our Manhattan showroom, you will be able to see custom area rug samples to get a better feel for the different qualities. You will be able to see and pick through a wide range of colors that could be used to create your very own custom made area rug.

Bespoke Persian Design Custom Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Enjoy Your New Bespoke Persian Design Custom Rug

If I Am Not Local Can I Custom Make Area Rugs Online?

If you are not located in NYC, not to worry! We made custom rugs for people all over the world. In such cases, we can begin by communicating online or on the phone. After we get the ball rolling and have an understand on the general look and feel of the rug you would like to customize, we can ship strike offs and color poms and will email you CAD (computer aided designs) so you could see what the rug will look like once it has been created.

Creating Custom Area Rugs With Photos

Using photos and samples to create your custom area rugs is an excellent way of getting a strong feel for what your customized area rug will look like once it has been completed.

Customize Your Very Own Bespoke Handmade Area Rug

Handmade rugs with uniquely inspired patterns and designs can complement a home better than any generic and bland commercial pattern. However, another way you can take it up a level, is by creating your own, unique, custom bespoke rugs. Custom designed by you, with the exact colors you want, in the perfect size for your room, custom made rugs are the epitome of personal and artistic expression.

Custom Made Modern Swedish Inspired Bespoke Area Rug by Nazmiyal

Custom Made Modern Swedish Inspired Bespoke Area Rug by Nazmiyal

Getting Assistance From A Professional Rug Designer To Help Create Your Custom Rug

While many people can, and even enjoy, creating their own unique custom rugs, a talented rug designer can help. Our bespoke area rug designers can collaborate with the client and help to create a personalized area rug that meets all the needs of the rug owner as well as interior decorator. In addition to rug colors and patterns, bespoke rugs are also adaptable in rug size and shape. That is because the rug will be woven specifically for you, and will

Bespoke Custom Rugs Nazmiyal

Creating Bespoke Custom Area Rugs

Is It Worthwhile To Custom Make Bespoke Rugs?

Clients often wonder if it is worth the time, effort and expense to design their own unique bespoke rug. From a decorating standpoint, many interior design professionals, prefer doing a custom rug because it is the quickest way to ensure you get the correct size and color. In addition, creating your very unique own one of a kind rug will ensure that your interior design is completely personal. Custom designs enable people to express who they are and show off their artistic flair to the world.

Bespoke Custom Rugs Scissors Nazmiyal

Picking Colors For Bespoke Rugs

Custom Make Area Rugs For Businesses

Bespoke rugs become especially important in some interiors, where the style and personality of the individual must stay on display. Studios, design firms, the hotel / hospitality industry, and even salons can benefit from weaving a custom designed area rug that features their own business logo illustration for example. A cool custom rug with a logo is for your business is a fantastic way to help further your brand awareness and is also a great way of adding a unique and special decorative touch. People that take the time to have a unique rug made for their home or business will also show an attention to detail that many other designs may not have.

Custom Rugs Color Wheel Nazmiyal

Custom Create Your Rug’s Color Range

Kicking Off The Custom Rug Project

As mentioned above, creating custom area rugs is easy and fun. And while Nazmiyal is located in NYC, if you don’t have to stop by our Manhattan showroom to work with on creating your perfect, unique or preproduction custom made rug.

Picking The Custom Rug Design

The project of creating a unique one of a kind bespoke custom rug begins with a design template. You are free to come up with your own unique custom patterns or you can use a basic pre-made in stock rug. The style of the design can range in its look and feel from a very traditional type of rug to something much more modern and anything in between – the sky is limit.

Paying Attention To Detail Of The Custom Project

Every step along the way involves careful review and inspection by the Nazmiyal team to ensure that the material and the workmanship is the best offered in the industry. Each project is a unique design, so the length of time to complete the work varies. Things like the size, complexity of the design, number of colors, and the quality will affect how long it takes to weave a custom-made rug.

Custom Rugs Poms Nazmiyal

Color Poms For Creating Custom Rugs

Many customers may not expect a bespoke area rug project to be as easy as we make it.

The process begins with photographs, artwork or other inspirational items supplied by the client for the design.

View Our Selection Of Custom Rug Samples / Strike-offs / Contact us to start making your rugs

Selecting The Material For Your Custom Rug

Next, the material is selected and for the most part, the bespoke rugs will either be wool rugs, silk rugs or a combination of both silk and wool rugs. Some other materials that may be an option (depending the project) are linen, sisal, bamboo silk, banana silk, or viscose.

Once the material has been selected, color selection for the threads begins. Each color is carefully selected to perfect match the inspirational colors the client prefers. The client can choose to work directly with the designers or with us directly through each step of the design process. Some clients actually prefer to allow the rug weavers to work on their own which is also an option.

Selecting The Custom Rug Shape And Size

In addition to the colors and the pattern, the customer must also choose the shape of their custom rug. Possible options include traditional shapes like square, oval, round, or a runner, as well as many others. We also produce custom shapes for any customer that can offer a printed or drawn representation of what they need.

Custom Rugs Computer Nazmiyal

Make A Custom Rug In Any Color

Now You Can Be A Custom Rug Designer

One of the most beautiful forms of art in the world is a masterfully designed carpet. This is also one of the most impactful aspects of your home decor and will dictate a lot of what is going to work in your interior design. Going back centuries, people have designed and woven stunning textiles to decorate palaces, temples and homes. Hundreds of years ago, artists would have to train for years and years to create and custom design the perfect rug.

Custom Designing Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Custom Designing Rugs

But with current technology, and a guiding hand, now even you can design your very own unique, one-of-a-kind custom rug with the exact specifications needed to make it work. In just a few steps, now you too can be your own custom bespoke rug designer.

Customize Your Rug When You Can’t Find That Perfect Piece

You have searched the world over of the perfect rug and you are still not finding that perfect piece that you had envisioned all along. You started out by looking at new contemporary modern rugs and did not find it. Then you realized you like something that has some age and character so you expanded your quest to include vintage rugs but those too seemed not to be exactly what you wanted.

Getting The Custom Rug Texture Right by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Getting The Custom Rug Texture Right

So you expanded your search to include the antique rugs. But it seems like every time you fall in lover with an antique rug, it ends up costing way above what you can afford right now. So what do you? You need a rug, you want to buy something you love, but you don’t have a $100,000 budget.

Recreating Antique Rug Colors by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Recreating Antique Rug Colors

That is where Nazmiyal comes in. Luckily, we have now opened up a new division to handle custom making bespoke rugs.

Custom Making Rugs Gives You The Ability To Reflect Your Personal Taste

There are many different antique and vintage designs of rugs that are already available on the market and we can work with you to recreate those pieces. But you also have the freedom and flexibility to change and alter any of the colors and / or patterns. When designing your own custom, bespoke rug, you are free to make every decision. Choose just the right shape and size to fit into your space. Choose from textures to create anything from a flat weave rug to a long pile shag rug. Play around with colors to find the right shades for you.

Replicating Antique Rug Textures and Colors by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Replicating Antique Rug Textures and Colors

The sky is the limit when it comes to inspiration: maybe you want to recreate something artistic, reproduce an old, antique, piece, or just make your own unique creation from scratch. Whatever your inspiration is, your custom rug will be woven to your exact specifications and together we will make the perfect rug for you .

The Process Of Custom Making Rugs:

Please note that you don’t have to be physically here in NYC or at our Manhattan rug gallery in order to custom make your rugs. Below is a general outline of the steps that we will take as we embark on our quest for creating your own unique area rug:

  • We start by brain storming and talking over the specific needs and wants.
  • We settle on a specific design.
  • We pick the specific colors and texture.
  • We create a Photoshop rendering to give a main idea of the look.
  • Once approved, we send the rendering along with the colors and texture to our weavers.
  • The weavers create a small strike off (usually 2 feet by 3 feet) for you to review and approve.
  • If any changes are requested after reviewing the strike off, we will send those to the weavers to create a second one based on your feedback.
  • Once the strike off is approved, we give the green light to the weavers who will curate the materials, dye all the yarns build the loom and begin to weave the rug.
  • Once the weaving of your custom rug is done, the rug will come off the loom to be sheared, washed and take care of all the finishing touches.
  • Next, your newly woven bespoke rug is shipped to us and we will clear it from customs and receive it.
  • Now all the is left is to lay your new bespoke rug down in the room and enjoy.
Tweaking The Rug Strike Off by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Tweaking The Rug Strike Off

Your Own Personal Treasure

Designing your very own carpet gives you the ultimate conversation piece. Now when someone asks you who designed your rug, you have the opportunity to tell them that you are the designer! Creating your own custom rug is also perfect for those who are doing interior design for a very specific space.

Approving Custom Rug Strike Off by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Approving Custom Rug Strike Off

Maybe you have an oddly shaped corner or nook and can’t find just the right size and shape rug. Or maybe you have a perfect pattern and color in mind but can’t find a pre-made piece out there that just clicks. When creating and designing your custom rug, you can be sure that everything will come out just right. And with carefully woven pieces using the best quality materials, you can be sure that your unique creation will last generations to come.

DYI Rug Project - Make Your Own Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

DYI Rug Project – Custom Make Your Own Area Rugs

View Our Selection Of Custom Rug Samples / Strike-offs / Contact us to start making your rugs

Choosing a Custom Rug Design

Customers decide on their designs in many ways. It is common for people to draw inspiration from a favorite work of art and then personalize the image further with their unique twist. Other clients choose to get their inspiration from some of the most desirable and prized antique carpets in the world. Whatever appeals to the client can become their work of art.

Custom Making Rugs Pile Poms Nazmiyal

Custom Making Your Rugs Allows You To Take Any Pattern And Change The Colors

Maintaining Our Personal Philosophy

Our philosophy is the same as it has always been. The customer should always get a beautifully finished custom rugs without any hassle. Custom designed rugs should be fun and easy to complete whether it is for personal use or the use of architects or interior designers in the homes of their clients.

Nazmiyal in Manhattan New York City works with private homeowners, business owners, and interior decorators. All customers have the same options available to them. In addition to custom woven unique rug designs, it is also possible to create bulk orders for commercial facilities like hotels, hospitals, or other locations.

Currently, we offer custom made rugs from several different origins which highlight today’s demand for decorative modern rugs. Our rugs are sourced from Nepal, India and Morocco, which are known for their consistency, quality, and experience producing bespoke area rugs. These rugs can be made to order in any color, size, or even shape. You can tweak all the aspects of these bespoke rugs until they meet your exact needs.

Custom Rugs Arrangement Nazmiyal

Selecting The Texture Of Your Custom Rugs

Recreating The Antiques In Custom Made Rugs

Not only can Nazmiyal NYC help you design your dream rug from scratch, we also offer recreations of our distinguished antique and vintage rugs. Taking inspiration from the Nazmiyal’s rug collection, we recreate stunning custom made modern rugs in whatever size and shape you need for your space.

Custom Rugs Recreation Nazmiyal

Custom rugs inspired by antique rugs.

Furthermore, if you are looking to work with specific colors, we can adjust the original inspiration and create a custom colored rug in whatever palette you like.

These examples below are of the rug above, but in different rug colors:

Custom Sultanabad Rug Blue Nazmiyal

Custom Sultanabad rug in blue.

Custom Sultanabad Rug Pink Nazmiyal

Custom Sultanabad rug in pink.

To learn more about custom making your very own bespoke rugs please: contact us

View Our Selection Of Custom Rug Samples / Strike-offs / Contact us to start making your rugs

Creating Large and Custom Made Moroccan Rugs

Shop Our Entire Collection Of Vintage Moroccan Rugs | Berber Carpets and Rugs From Morocco

Are you considering purchasing a vintage Moroccan rug or carpet? Do you find that you are having difficulty locating a piece that’s large enough for your space? This may be the case because original vintage rugs from Morocco were never woven wider than 6 or 7 feet. However, the Nazmiyal Collection has successfully developed a method of joining together two or more rugs to create large size Moroccan rugs – a process that is especially well-suited to Moroccan rugs.

Create Your Very Own Unique Custom Made Moroccan Rugs

Custom Moroccan Rugs – Moroccan rugs are among the most beautiful and most widely used type of vintage rug. Because of the asymmetry and unique elements of design that make these folk art rugs so distinct from other styles, customers have the unique option of creating custom size rugs from two or more, totally separate, Moroccan rugs.

Generally, Moroccan rugs (especially the Beni Ourain rugs) are characterized by abstract, non-repeating patterns of tribal elements and color. This makes them ideal for joining together to create one completely unique custom made rug.

* Vintage Moroccan rugs use brighter colors and abstract patterns, combining them creates beautiful custom made rugs perfect for a modern contemporary home.

Custom Made Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Custom Made Moroccan Rugs

* Bright colors and contrasting patterns mix well together in this custom made modern Moroccan rug.

See this example of custom made Moroccan rugs:

For example, the two vintage rugs pictured below (one 3′ 1″ x 6′ 2″ and the other 3′ 2″ x 7′ 6″) were chosen by a client to be joined together into one large rug (sized 6′ x 6′ 2″ in the end). As you can see, when joining together two or more Moroccan rugs to create a custom-size piece, the appropriate alterations are made to create one attractive, coherent rug.

You will notice that the longer of the two rugs used in the construction of this custom size rug had to be slightly cut down so that the end-product wouldn’t be misshapen and irregular. However, the aesthetics of the longer piece remain intact even after being altered, a result of extremely careful professional work.

Custom Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Combine two or more vintage Moroccan rugs to create your own custom made Moroccan rug!

* Colorful lines in this Moroccan rug match the colored checkers of the other rug.

More Custom Made Moroccan Rugs:

For example, the two Moroccan rugs pictured below (one 3′ 10″ x 3′ 10″ and the other 4′ 3″ x 6′ 2″) were chosen by a client to be joined together to create one large, custom made Moroccan runner rug (sized 3′ 10″ x 10′ in the end).

Custom Made Vintage Moroccan Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Custom Made Vintage Moroccan Rug

The end result is something totally distinctive that also incorporates the very finest elements of both pieces. These two colorful rugs, which were beautiful on their own, come together to make something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

* Not only are custom made Moroccan rugs beautiful, you can customize them to be any size you want.

Custom making your own Moroccan rug is easy, start your search on our site today.
No matter what rugs you pick, combining Moroccan rugs to make your own custom rug creates a beautiful accessory to your home. Now that you have a rug in mind, see how to decorate your home with a Moroccan Rug!

One Of A Kind Custom Made Vintage Moroccan Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

One Of A Kind Custom Made Vintage Moroccan Rug

If you want to get the ultimate perfect holiday decor gift, make a custom-made rug for the perfect style, color and size specifically for your loved one. Pick and choose two or more vintage Moroccan rugs to combine in any way to create a masterpiece that is the most perfect and thoughtful gift.

Whoever receives this present is lucky to have you.

If you are looking for a large Moroccan rug, please view our vast selection of original vintage Moroccan rugs and let us know which pieces you are most interested in. Our expert sales team will assist you in creating the perfect size for your space. Please do not hesitate to call one of our carpet experts to discuss any special or custom sizes you wish to create.

More From Nazmiyal NYC’s Custom Moroccan Rugs Creations

There exists a tremendous range of antique rug styles. From the more classically composed Persian rugs with central medallions and ornate scroll-work, to the more abstract Art-Deco Swedish rugs which might feature a minimalist field, there is an antique rug style for just about everyone. Moroccan rugs, one of the most enduring and popular styles, offer something unique to buyers of antique rugs: the option to create something totally unique.

Choosing Rug Colors and Textures by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Choosing Rug Colors and Textures

Because Moroccan rugs will traditionally sport abstract and colorful design elements arranged in a seemingly irregular manner, they are ideal rugs for combining together. Two or more Moroccan rugs may be stitched together to create one large rug, thus giving the customer the opportunity to create a unique piece that is perfectly suited for any space.

For example, the three Moroccan rugs pictured above (one 4′ 7″ x 12′ 7″, one 5′ 3″ x 12′, and the other 6′ x 11′ 2″) were chosen by a customer to be joined together into one large, room size piece (sized 12′ x 16′ 6″ in the end).

As you can see in the image of the finished product, the unique beauty and design elements of each of the three rugs used in the construction of the larger piece are on full display, playing off each other in a wonderfully harmonious manner, creating a new rug that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Custom Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Custom Moroccan Rugs By Nazmiyal

Creating Custom Made Moroccan Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

The Rugs Used For The Above Custom Made Moroccan Rug

Creating Large Size Custom Moroccan Rugs – Let The Games Begin!

Antique carpets come in a very wide range of styles. Ranging from the more classically composed Persian rugs, which may feature central medallions and ornate scroll-work; to the more abstract, mid-century modern rugs of Scandinavia, which often feature minimally adorned fields, there is a veritable world of fine rug styles.

One of the most popular styles today is the Moroccan style, which boasts some of the most dynamic and exciting rugs currently available.

Custom Size Moroccan Carpets To Create Large Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are typically characterized by very abstract, tribal designs, and often feature bright colors, grid patterns, and intriguing line work. One of the more interesting facets of the vintage Moroccan rugs is that customers have the unique option of combining two or more pieces to create something entirely unique – and perfectly suited to their space.

For example, the five Moroccan rugs pictured above were chosen by a customer to be joined together into one very large rug (sized 13′ x 18′ in the end). As you can see in the image of the finished product, the unique beauty and design elements of each of the five rugs used in the construction of the below large Moroccan rug are on full display.

Thus, the option of creating your very own large and custom size rugs is often a great option for the shopper who particularly admires multiple pieces. Each of the area rugs used in the construction of the below large Moroccan rug is given new beauty as each plays off the other in a new, dynamic way.

Large Moroccan Rugs - Nazmiyal

Large Moroccan Rugs

Here are the rugs that were used to create the above large Moroccan rug:

Rugs Used To Create A Custom Large Moroccan Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Rugs Used To Create The Above Custom Large Moroccan Rug

Nazmiyal Collection in Manhattan New York City is here to ensure that your custom made rugs will be perfect!

View Pictures and Photo Gallery of Vintage Moroccan Rugs

View Our Selection Of Custom Rug Samples / Strike-offs / Contact us to start making your rugs

See a selection of rug samples from our custom collection

As part of the process of creating custom rugs, we will create strike offs and samples for you to approve prior to going forward with weaving the full rug. We create the rug samples so clients could get a much better feel for the texture, colors and pattern of the bespoke rug. The samples we create are usually about 2′ x 3′ feet (0.61 m x 0.91 m) and will represent a section of the rug. We can tweak the colors, patterns, textures and materials till we reach a point where the client is 100% happy with everything before we move forward with the actual rug.

Modern Nepalese Custom Made Tiger Area Rug Samples

If you are looking for a unique, high-quality area rug that combines ancient weaving traditions, fine threads and vibrant, modern designs, have a look at our new, tiger design customizable rugs. We are pleased to offer these hand-knotted rugs in three different types of yarn: pure highland wool, pure silk and combinations of wool and silk. In addition, these carpets can be customized to suit your design needs. They can be made in any size, color and combination of yarns, and the pattern can be modified to your liking. Here, we show samples of each material type with the same overall design to highlight how each rug takes on a different look because of the yarns used in the weaving.

Whether you want a full-sized carpet, an area rug or something in between, we can customize the size to your need. In addition, the colors can be modified to suit your interior design scheme. You can go for bold, contrasting colors, muted shades or whimsical combinations that work with your palette. The staff at Nazmiyal can help you select materials, calculate the size and modify colors to create a unique, one-of-a-kind carpet.

Modern Nepalese Tiger Rug Samples by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Nepalese Tiger Rug Samples

Custom Rug Samples Design Elements

The tiger design has been used for hundreds of years throughout Asia, particularly China, Nepal, Tibet, Korea, India and Malaysia. Through interactions with Asia, Europe incorporated the tiger motif into its art, often using it on coats of arms and as mascots. These designs express the elegance of the animal, the threat of danger and the symbolism of power, strength and respect.

In our new creation, the artist portrays the beauty and strength of the tiger through simple lines and subtle combinations of colors. In the samples shown, bold, black lines create stripes, eyes and facial features. Tawny browns and light tans are blended to show the variations of the tiger’s coat. Pure white contrasts with the black stripes and golden hues of the coat to delineate facial markings. The fine knotting and short pile simulate the dense, thick, shiny fur that characterizes the sleek look of this kingly cat. The rendering of the stripes creates a minimalist feel that complements décor ranging from modern to traditional.

Materials and Knotting Of Custom Area Rugs

The quality and type of materials in a handcrafted carpet affect its appearance. The type of knotting, knot count and kind of yarn contribute to a carpet’s beauty and look. Our hand-knotted tiger rugs are woven using age-old techniques with a high knot count, creating a soft pile that works so well in this representation. Although higher knot counts are often associated with quality, the type of yarn, pattern and type of knot affect the count. Many high-quality carpets have lower knot counts for these reasons.

Nepalese wool is some of the finest in the world. Sheep raised at high altitudes in the Himalayas give a thick, resilient, lanolin-rich wool. The wool is hand-spun and dyed using plant-based dyes. Hand-spun wool has more variation in strand thickness, which affects how it absorbs dyes. This creates subtle variations of color in response to light. Because wool yarn is thicker than silk, wool rugs often have a lower knot count than silk carpets. The use of 100% wool gives a dense, slightly coarse look. Wool is washable, durable and holds color well when properly cared for.

Silk rugs are the most luxurious rugs in the world. Silk yarns are thinner than wool, allowing a finer weave. Silk also absorbs dyes more evenly, creating a rich sheen and luminous pile. These qualities give an elegant look to these Nepal rugs, highlighting the shine and thick nap that emulate the texture of a tiger’s coat. Combining wool and silk creates a beautiful gloss and accentuates the subtle variations in pile thickness and texture. The combination of silk and wool captures the sleek look of silk and the realistic look of a woolly coat of fur.

Nepalese rug weavers have adapted their weaving traditions to create modern designs that suit contemporary styles. Nazmiyal Collection is proud to offer this rug in a minimalist tiger motif in wool, silk and a combination of silk and wool. Please contact us to ask about customizing this delightful tiger rug to your design specifications.

Custom Making Your Own Rugs Is Easier Than Ever

5 easy steps to making your very own area rugs with Nazmiyal

As you already know, Nazmiyal Rugs has the ability of making custom rugs in pretty much any shape, size, color and material. Now, let us explain just how easy it is to make your very own rugs.

The five points you need to know when making your own custom area rugs:

  • Rug Size – Make sure you know the size you want the rug to be. Rug size will also affect the size of the patterns and the overall look and feel.
  • Rug Design / Pattern – Pick an existing rug design or you can create one yourself.
  • Material / Texture – The materials used when making rugs will affect the look and cost of the finished product. Also, flat weave rugs may be more affordable to make than hand knotted pile rugs.
  • Rug Colors – Make sure you establish the colors you want to use for the different elements.
  • Rug Budget- Establish a budget that you feel comfortable investing into this rug project. The budget and amount you can spend on a rug may affect the quality of weave, dyes used and other aspects of production costs.

Lets take a look at these points a bit more carefully.

Do It Yourself – How To Make You Own Custom DIY Rugs

Figuring out the size of rug you want to custom make – the size will affect:

  • The time to create – This is because the bigger the rug, the longer it will take to weave.
  • The cost of the rug – The more time it takes to make, the more money is spent on materials and weavers. The bigger the rug the more it will also end up weighing.
  • The design – The size of the rug will affect large or small the design will end up being. It will also impact how much design can be created.

Selecting the design of the rug you want custom made – the design will affect:

  • The quality of the rug – In handmade rugs, the finer patterns will require more knots per square inch to render.
  • Fine weave rugs with more complex patterns will require more attention to detail when the artist creates the rug cartoon or CAD.
  • Time create – Finer designs will take longer to weave and longer to finetune the samples prior to starting the actual rug weaving part.

*** As a sidenote – DYI rug projects have the ability to free you up to create anything your heart desires. This mean you can recreate your rug based on an existing design, artwork or pattern or can create a totally unique one-of-a-kind- rug based on your very own and unique art work / design.

Selecting the materials for your DYI custom area rug – the materials will affect:

  • The look – This is because different materials have different textures and appearances. Silk rugs, for example, will, for the most part, have more of a sheen that wool rugs.
  • The cost – Some materials cost more. So picking the type of martial will have a substantial impact on how much the rug ends up costing you.
  • The texture – Some textures are easier and quicker to create. For example, flat weave area rugs will usually cost much less to make than knotted pile rugs.
Make Your Own Rugs - Selecting Textures by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Make Your Own Rugs – Selecting Textures

Selecting the colors for the custom area rug you are making – colors will affect:

  • The look – Different, even subtle, color tones and shades can have a huge impact on the way the rug looks when it is done.
  • The time – The more colors you use, the more strike-offs might need to be created till all the colors are exactly as you want them to be.
  • The cost – When weaving custom rugs, we include one or two samples in the cost of the production. If more need to be made then we may need to charge for the extra ones.
Make Your Own Rugs - Selecting Colors by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Make Your Own Rugs – Selecting Colors

Make sure you know how much you can spend on your DYI rug project – your budget may affect:

  • The rug quality – Finer rugs will cost more to weave. So the number of rug knots per square inch may need to change to accommodate your budget.
  • The materials – Some materials cost more than others. So your budget may end up affecting which materials are used.
  • The pattern – More complex design patterns will cost more to create. So, the patterns and designs may need to be tweaked based on how much you are willing to spend.
  • The size – Since smaller rugs (of the same quality) take less time to weave they will end up costing less.
  • Texture – Pile rugs might cost more to make than kilim rugs. The two textures will end up creating two very different looks. So this is something that needs to be taken into account.

The Top Questions We Get When People Create Their Own Unique Custom Area Rugs

Can I make my own area rug?

The answer is – of course you can make your very own area rug. That is what custom making rugs is all about – offering people the flexibility of creating the exact rug they want, in the specific colors they chose, in the most ideal size needed and with a design that is only restricted by your own personal imagination.

Can you customize rug sizes?

Of course you can customize the size of your rug. Customizing rugs means that we give you the ability to make any rug you want in any size you wish. This also means that if you see a rug that you love, but want it in a different size, we can recreate it in the size you want.

When having any area rug made, what are the usual associated costs? The main ones that the custom rug makers will have:

  • Rent – weaving rugs takes space so a large workshop would be needed.
  • Materials – weaving rugs requires materials such as wool, silk, cotton, viscose and so forth.
  • Personal – other than the weavers, dyers and design drafters, the business still needs to factor in the regular costs of doing business. As such, the business will need accountants, physical laborers, tech savvy marking people, secretaries and so forth.
  • Shipping – once the rugs are ready, you will need to ship them to their final destinations and that can cost you more or less based on all kinds of factors.
  • Regular business expenses – like any business, there are always running monthly expenses such as electricity, phones, internet and so forth.

How much do custom made area rugs usually end up costing?

The price of a custom rug will be based on a per square foot price. As a very general rough estimation, your rug will more than likely end up costing anywhere between $50 – $200 per square foot. So a 9 x 12 size rug will end up costing, roughly somewhere between $5,400 and $21,600.

What are the main factors that affect the price of a custom rug?

As noted above, when making your custom rug costs will vary based on things like:

  • Size – larger and more unusual rug sizes or shapes may cost a bit more than a regular size rug.
  • Design – the more refined and intricate patterns may require more skill and time to render.
  • Materials – certain materials cost more than others so make sure to take that into consideration when making your rug.
  • Quality – the finer weave that your rug has, the longer it will take weave and thus will cost more.

Is it cheaper to buy or make a rug?

The simple answer is, more often than not, a rug that is already made will cost less than one that needs to be custom designed.

Can you get rugs cut to size?

The simple answer is – yes! If you already own a rug that you love but need to place it in room that might be smaller, you always have the option of cutting it down to make a smaller version of the bigger rug. There are many different ways of doing this and our experts will review all the different options with you prior to doing anything.

Is it worth getting a custom rug?

That depends on you and what you want. While most people are able to find existing rugs they love, others may have a far more difficult time with the process. If you have spent days, weeks or even months looking for that perfect rug with no luck, but you have the time and know what you want, then for you, getting a custom rug might be the best way forward.

Are handmade rugs more expensive?

Yes. Generally speaking, handmade area rugs will tend to cost more than tufted rugs or machine made rugs.

What do I need to consider when ordering a custom rug?

The main things to take into consideration when ordering your own custom rug are:

  • Time – weaving rugs, especially finer and more intricate examples by hand takes time. Also, sometimes things take longer than anticipated so you need to know that the expected delivery date may need to change as the rug gets closer to being finished.
  • Getting it right – since colors and patterns look different on paper or in samples than they do in real life, we suggest making strike-offs first. Once you have those exactly as you want them, the main rug making project can begin.
  • Costs – making your own unique area rug will cost money. But you can lower or increase the cost based on thing like the materials you select, design you want and size you need.

Can a carpet store make an area rug?

The simple answer is – some may be able to while others may not. That said, if you want to make a unique personalized area rug for your self, why not go to an expert, such as us at Nazmiyal, who does this all the time?

How to start making my very own custom rug?

Just contact our rug experts and Nazmiyal and we will start making your custom rugs today.

Do people make their own rugs?

While there are some people who buy the equipment and weave their own rugs, most will opt to go to a professional rug company to create their custom area rugs.

Now that you know the five easy steps to making your very of DYI rug – let the fun begin!

Contact us today to get the ball rolling. You may also use the form on this page – Sourcing Rugs – to send us some information about the area rug you would like to make.

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