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The Continental area rugs (as in – rugs that happened to be woven in Europe) applied techniques and designs from Oriental area rugs and early period rugs from France. Production began in France with the Aubusson and Savonnerie styles and was later copied throughout continental Europe. Needlepoint embroidery was another European style that was adapted from Persian carpets. These rugs focus on the Arts and Crafts movement from the nineteenth century onward. These techniques were applied in various parts of Europe.

Why are area rugs from Europe also called Continental rugs?

The term “Continental rugs” is used to refer to area rugs that are produced in countries within the continent of Europe. This term is primarily used in the context of the rug trade and collecting, and it distinguishes rugs made in European countries from those made in other regions, such as Asia or the Middle East.

European countries have a long history of rug production, and their rugs often have distinct styles, patterns, and weaving techniques that set them apart from rugs produced in other parts of the world. Some well-known examples of Continental rugs include Aubusson rugs from France, Savonnerie rugs from France, and Axminster rugs from England.

The term “Continental rugs” highlights the geographic origin of these rugs and is a way of categorizing and classifying them within the broader context of the rug market. It’s important to note that while the term “Continental rugs” is used to describe rugs from Europe, it might not be as widely recognized or used as other terms that describe rugs from specific regions or countries.

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