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1stdibs Magazine: “In New York, Jason Nazmiyal Has a Rug Collection Like No Other”

Antique Oversized Area Rugs by Nazmiyal Persian Rugs

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Barron’s: “Nazmiyal Holds One of the World’s Largest Collections of Antique Rugs”

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View some of the most popular rug and carpet styles from our collection:

The Nazmiyal Collection has one of the largest selections of vintage and antique rugs in the world. It is also one of the more comprehensive inventories of both vintage rugs as well as antique carpets that you will find anywhere (online or off). Below, we included just a few of the current and most in demand types of rugs and beautiful carpets:

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It seems like every dealer will call pretty much anything they sell “high-end”. But we all know that just because there is a big price tag on a rug doesn’t mean it is high end. So what makes some rugs high end and others not? In this article we aim to take the guessing game out of the world of antique , vintage and modern high end rugs!

Beautiful Rugs

We all know, or at least have heard the saying – “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. So does that mean that there is no universal beauty standard for rugs? Do private consumers, collectors, dealers and interior designers all consider different things before labeling “regular rugs” or “beautiful rugs”? Today we try to tackle the age old question of what make certain rugs more beautiful than others.

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