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1stdibs Magazine: “In New York, Jason Nazmiyal Has a Rug Collection Like No Other”

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Searching for the most extensive collection of fine rugs? Then look no further than Nazmiyal in Midtown Manhattan New York City. Nazmiyal is a haven for rug connoisseurs and interior designers. At least for those who seek some of the best carpets and rugs.

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Nazmiyal Collection Gallery

We pride ourselves in our extensive collection of high-quality carpets. Shop iconic Turkish rugs and exquisite older or vintage pieces. Our rug and carpet assortment features magnificent varieties of styles. These include antiques, mid-century modern gems and vintage carpets. In addition, we carry newly woven modern and custom creations. Each and every piece will elevate the ambiance of any space. Especially those adorned with a luxurious carpet floor.


If you have a specific vision in mind, we can help. We provide the option of creating pretty much anything. Our custom-made area rugs give the ability to create anything. Choose the exact size. The exact shape. The perfect pattern. Feel free to pick any custom colors. We ensure you get the piece that fits seamlessly in your home’s decor.


Our carpet selection is the finest. With some pieces dating back over 300 years. Rug lovers impressed by our captivating pieces of history. Each older rug is a masterpiece. Some were handwoven by master artisans. Others boast intricate designs that tell unique and varied stories. We understand the importance of preserving these timeless works of textile art. We ensure their longevity as well as their quality. The older examples we offer will stand the test of time.


Nazmiyal offers more than just your round of the mill floor coverings. Enter a world where artistry and texture meets history and skill. Each one of our carpets are hand-picked. They reflect cultural and artistic influences from various regions. These regions include Persian, Oriental and European masterpieces. Owning one of our area rugs, is owning a piece of history. Each carpet has a unique cultural heritage and story. Our carpets beautify living rooms, dining rooms and any other room.


We recognize the historical significance the pieces in our collection. This is something we pride ourselves on. Our carpet experts are to help guide you through the shopping process. With their aid, you are sure to find that absolute perfect rug for your home.


We are committed to finding remarkable and elusive examples. Then we make them available for you, our customers, to shop. From Persian opulence to Oriental mystique or European elegance. Our extensive rug collection boasts diverse selection of all kinds of style rugs. Our collection boasts unique motifs, colors and designs. We carry so many pieces in varied shapes and sizes. That is why it is one of the most extensive selections worldwide.


Shop and choose from a wide selection of weaving materials. From wool rugs, silk carpets, or a blend of both. Each one will offer its own unique traits. Consider your preferences and the intended use of the rug. This will aid in finding the ideal rug making material. Ensuring it’s made of natural fibers is great for long-lasting quality. Plus, it will add a touch of style and historical significance to your home.


With older carpets, it’s vital to assess the condition of the rug. Especially before you purchase any older rug. Some wear and tear add character. Some may be more stain resistant than others. Though extensive damage may impact longevity and value. So feel free to ask for a detailed condition reports. And make sure to do so prior to making your purchase. This will align your expectations. In addition, it helps shop our collection with confidence.


In the area? Amazing! Stop by and visit our showroom located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. Our rug store is a true treasure trove and an exciting adventure. It is a shopping experience you will enjoy for sure.


Can’t visit our store in person? No problem! Explore and shop our magnificent collection online, right here on our website. Need assistance when rug shopping online? Connect with any one of our reputable rug experts.


Plus, all our buyers enjoy fast free shipping on your purchase – online or off.


The historical pieces from Nazmiyal transcend mere decoration. They are a chance to embrace history. Our carpets offer quality and cultural richness. Our world of carpets bring authentic heritage to your home. Nazmiyal is here to assist. Especially for those seeking to acquire fine, rare and decorative carpets. No matter the rug caliber, the buying experience will be enjoyable. It should match the joy of the hand knotted carpets themselves.

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Timeless Rug Treasures

Nazmiyal NYC Rug Store Gallery Hours


Monday – Friday Hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday By Appointment

Visit our NYC rug store and gallery to shop our collection in person. Don’t have the time or located far? No Problem! Shop our high-quality selection of modern, vintage and older examples. You can create custom rug options online from the comfort of your home. Nazmiyal in NYC is your one-stop-shop for all your floor covering needs.


Our Midtown Manhattan showroom is open on Sundays as well. But Sundays it is by advance appointment only.

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“One of the biggest buyers, and sellers, of antique Persian carpets in the United States.” – Newsweek

Room With Antique Rug Decorated by Thomas Jayne - Nazmiyal Rug Book - art under foot

Buy Nazmiyal Rug Book: Art Underfoot

The most renowned interior designers and home decorators shop with us. Including design icons such as: Thomas Jayne, Alexa Hampton, Cullman Kravis, Tucker & Marks, Michael Smith, Sue Firestone and Alexandra Lowe. Many others have flocked to Nazmiyal’s Manhattan gallery. They source their art for the floor here. From Mid-Century Modern residences to modern urban sanctuaries. From classic Upper East Side NYC apartments to Los Angeles Penthouses. Every space has a rug to fit its specific needs and decoration approach. This beautiful book is a valuable addition to any library. Especially for those interested in interior decoration. And those the love the art of weaving and of course – antique rugs.

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Nazmiyal in the Press:

“Nazmiyal Holds One of the World’s Largest Collections of Antique Rugs” – Barron’s Financial and Investment News
“In New York, Jason Nazmiyal, Has a Rug Collection, Like No Other” – 1stdibs Magazine
“One of the largest selections of rugs in the world” – Architects and Artisans


A Happy Customer Is Our Main Goal

We focus on dedication to satisfaction and fulfillment. Each and every customer is important to us. That’s why our commitment transcends mere transactions. It’s about fostering meaningful connections.


We guide towards discovering the perfect piece. One that seamlessly aligns with your personal needs and preferences. This dedication serves as the cornerstone of our ethos. Our team of seasoned experts will deliver unparalleled service and support.


Our rug experts have profound expertise and knowledge. They have a genuine passion for their craft and stand ready to assist. They are here to accompany you through every stage of your journey. So feel free to lean on them and rely on their guidance.


They are not sales associates but trusted advisors. Each one is committed to grasping your unique vision. Once they do so, they will translate your wish into reality. They will assist you in pinpointing the ideal piece. One that resonates with your discerning taste and style. Or unraveling the intricate details that elevate your space. Our team is here to provide tailored guidance. One that reflects your distinct charm and aspirations.


We recognize that most people have a budget. It is an important factor of the decision-making process. We are committed to assisting you to select options within your budget. We do this without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal.


We place great emphasis on addressing all requirements or preferences. This ensures your purchasing experience is seamless. We focus on your personal needs and desires.


We are dedicated to the satisfaction of each customer. This is why Nazmiyal is different from other dealers. Your delight and contentment with your purchase are paramount to us. It is the ultimate measure of our success.


We take pride in our ability to exceed your expectations. We go above and beyond. Every interaction should leave a lasting impression. One focused on excellence and transparency.


We encourage you to engage with us as much as you need. Your inquiries, concerns and preferences are important. We are here to clarify and provide personalized suggestions. We are here to listen and support you every step of the way. Your satisfaction is, not just a priority, but a guiding principle. It drives us to strive for excellence in all that we do.


Shopping at Nazmiyal will be nothing short of amazing. This is something we guarantee. From the initial point of contact to the final selection and beyond. We commit to delivering great value, service and satisfaction. We will make your journey with us memorable and rewarding.


We will find the perfect type, style, size and caliber of rug you need. Looking for a high traffic area? Indoor or even outdoor spaces? Outdoor rugs? Antique, new, vintage or custom? We are here to help choose the right rug for you.


Let us help you find that perfect antique rug and / or decorative carpet. Sourcing that perfect option is our goal. So please reach out today. We are here to guide and advise.

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