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Antique Rugs and Antique Carpets By Nazmiyal Antique Rug Gallery in NYC

About Nazmiyal Antique Rugs:

The Nazmiyal Collection has been specializing in buying and selling rare and decorative antique rugs for over thirty years. Our uniquely comprehensive collection of antique carpets, includes some of the very finest rugs available to consumers today. In addition to working with clients, carpets dealers and auction houses from all over the world, over the past three decades, we have also had the privilege to work with some of the leading interior designers and decorators in the industry.

The unique scale and scope of our collection, which includes genuine rare masterpieces and quintessential examples, of first-rate rug making, enables us to offer some of the finest, high end carpets in the world at a price point that others simply cannot match.

The Nazmiyal antique rug gallery in NYC is committed to offering its clients personalized service, expert advice and an inventory of the most captivating vintage and antique carpets in the world.

When it comes to shopping for old rugs, buyers and collectors don't only want access to the largest selection of carpets... they would like to choose their rugs from the finest and best antique carpets available. That is why we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting carpets to add to our ever-changing collection.

Antique Oriental rugs represent an outstanding variety of artistic expressions. Each village, city and weaving center has had its own approach to rug weaving. As such, the looks of older period Oriental rugs are as varied as the centers that wove them. There are traditional central medallion carpets with fine intricate and detailed fretwork embellishments. Other carpets are more decorative and funky such as the mid century modern vintage Scandinavian rugs or French art deco carpets. There are tribal and symbolic animal motif carpets and Oriental carpets that feature designs of abstract patterns as well as baroque feature designed from Europe.

Because the world of antique carpets is so diverse, rugs can be found to complement any interior design and decor style. Rug Aficionados and collectors of rare carpets are delighted by the selection of fine carpets available to be searched online on the Nazmiyal website.

Shopping For Antique Rugs in NYC by Nazmiyal
Shopping For Antique Rugs in NYC

Shopping for Antique Rugs at Nazmiyal:

Here at the Nazmiyal gallery in NYC, we have a passion for antique rugs. For over three decades, we have scoured the globe for the most stunning and evocative carpets. This has enabled to assemble a collection of only those unique and special rugs that excite us. For us at Nazmiyal, the work that we do, is a reflection of the love we have for these magnificent works of art. We are fully invested in preserving the magnificent histories of the foremost rug weaving cultures of the world. We also believe that the older rugs, that are part of our inventory are some, of the best examples of these talented ancient artisans’ work.

Every single one of our experts possesses the same enthusiasm and passion for these wonderful works of textile art. Our experts have dedicated their lives to collecting the finest carpets as well as deepening their knowledge of the ancient carpet weaving craft. Each individual expert is here to help you find the perfect piece based on your unique taste, requirements and and lifestyle.

Search our Inventory of antique rugs:

We only buy those rugs that we love. As a result, our inventory reflects the unique and discerning tastes of our seasoned buyers and experts. We believe in quality over quantity. Each rug in our collection is an example that truly captivated us.

Whether you prefer the exquisite fine detail work found in centuries-old rugs from Persia, the glamorous geometry of vintage Art Deco carpets, or even the powerful abstract look of mid-century tribal Moroccan carpets, we’re confident that you could find it here.

Recently Published Articles and Blogs about Antique Carpets, Interiors and Rugs:

The Nazmiyal Collection's online website is not only focused on selling and buying antique carpets and rugs. For us, the work that we do is is a labor of love. This is the main reason why we have been investing so much time, energy and resources into researching and publishing articles about rugs.

Below are a few of the most recent articles, blogs and informational resources about antique carpets that we have published. If you have specific questions that we did not cover in our guide or in any of our related articles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

An educated antique carpet buyer is not just a tag line, it is a vital component of the antique rug shopping experience.

Newsweek Features Nazmiyal

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs Featured in Newsweek
Nazmiyal Featured in Newsweek

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Hali Magazine Features Nazmiyal
Hali Magazine Features Nazmiyal

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Antique Rug Articles
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Guide to Antique Oriental Rugs

Guide To Antique Oriental Rugs
Guide To Antique Oriental Rugs

View Some Of The More Popular Styles of Antique Rugs In Our Current Carpet Collection:

Our collection of antique rugs is one of the largest in the world. It is also one of the more comprehensive antique rug inventories you will find anywhere (online or off). Below we included just four of the most current in-demand antique carpet categories for your review.

If you would like to search our entire collection of vintage and antique rugs, you should visit: Search for rugs online.

The Nazmiyal Antique Rug Gallery and NYC Showroom:

Our antique rug gallery, in New York City, has become the go-to source. We cater to customers from all over the world who expect fair prices and an in-depth and curated selection.

You are welcome to make an appointment to visit our Manhattan showroom and view the rugs in person. Or, if you prefer, you can simply and easily search our vast inventory online. Through our website, you can search online for the perfect antique or vintage rugs by their size, colors, origins and many other attributes from the comfort of your home.

Our NYC Antique Rug Gallery is open:

9:00 am through 5:30 pm, Monday - Thursday

9:00 am through 5:00 pm on  Fridays

Please note that visiting the antique Oriental rug gallery on Saturdays and Sundays is by appointment only.

About Jason Nazmiyal

Discover the Beauty of Antique Rugs
Discover the Beauty of Antique Rugs

For the last three decades, Jason has been one of the foremost dealers of antique rugs in the Tri State, New York City area. His passion for antique and rare carpets and unique aesthetic taste, has enabled him to assemble a curated selection, of the most brilliant rugs, from every corner of the globe.

Jason's extensive knowledge and dedication to the study of antique carpets and rugs has made him a trusted expert in the industry.

As one of the first antique carpet dealers to sell high-end rugs online, Jason Nazmiyal was a pioneer. His innovation has allowed him to offer customers, from all over the world, access to an inventory of the finest antique and vintage rugs. This comprehensive inventory can easily be accessed and searched online, 24/7, from the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, his long history as an antique rug wholesaler has allowed him cut out the middle man. As a result, Jason is able to buy (and therefore sell) these beautiful and rare pieces at a lower price point than traditional antique Oriental carpet retailers and dealers… making the carpets and rugs that are sold by the Nazmiyal Collection, in NYC, exceptional investments as well as beautiful works of rare and ancient textile art.

Highend and Collectible Antique Rugs by Nazmiyal

At the Nazmiyal Carpet Collection in Manhattan, New York City, we believe that the profound artistic value of the finest rugs is something special. Each one of the high end antique carpets in our collection is unique, and each and every single rug bears the unmistakable hallmark of world-class craftsmanship.

Whether it is an astonishing Mohtashem Kashan rug from Persia, an impeccable old Agra carpet from India, or an enchanting antique Oushak rug from Turkey, every piece in our collection has a timeless beauty, and its own unique personal story. Such qualities are unique to the masterful and older period rugs that are our specialty here at Nazmiyal.

It is difficult to overstate the artistic impact a carefully chosen and impeccably woven carpet has on a room's design. Majestic, regal rugs from Persia can easily complement the interior decor of a classically designed room. While antique Turkish rugs can bring to life the interior of a more eclectic and casually designed room. Whatever the situation, Nazmiyal 's impressive and comprehensive rug collection has the high-end rugs that you seek.

What Makes a Rug Important To Collectors of Antique Rugs?

The question of what features make specific antique rugs important, is an especially challenging line of inquiry. Objectively speaking, this is perhaps the most difficult quality, for most people, to ascertain.

That said, despite the challenges inherent in asking this question, it is one that future rug collectors must learn to quickly address. Generally speaking, antique Oriental rugs may be important on various levels. For instance, in terms of the quality of its drawing and color, any given antique carpet may be an outstanding example of its type. That said, the same carpet may be unimportant in other ways. Meanwhile, an antique rug may be considered important if it is an exceptionally rare example of its type. This is just about the reverse of the previous idea and it is important to acknowledge this complicated asymmetry.

Unusual carpets that are antique, by virtue of their rarity, may potentially be important collectible rugs. Particularly if they appear to be seminal or transitional works within the larger group's development. Collectors should strive to acquire rare collectible rugs that are important. Or, at least, important to some degree.

About Nazmiyal Collection's commitment to educating people about antique rugs

Since day one, the Nazmiyal Collection has been committed to the art of antique carpets. Jason Nazmiyal, the owner and founder of the Nazmiyal Collection, has personally been in the business of buying and selling old rugs for over three decades. His passion, dedication and commitment to this magnificent art form, is unrivaled.

This passion, combined with his impeccable taste, has earned Jason an unparalleled reputation in the field. His reputation is revered throughout the entire industry. Mr. Nazmiyal's drive to educate the public and share his knowledge about antique carpets has been an important factor behind the creation of this website. Over the years, this online website, has come to be regarded as the most comprehensive and erudite collection of  information about rugs to have ever been assembled in one place. Without a doubt, the Nazmiyal website is the most authoritative source for information about antique carpets anywhere online.

The Nazmiyal Collection believes that the more the general public knows about this unique and exquisite art form, the more appreciation they will develop. That is why, in addition to buying and selling antique rugs, Mr. Nazmiyal has also hosted numerous lecture series. During these lectures, Jason, as well as other rug experts, have presented information about the art and history of rugs.

We invite you to explore the Nazmiyal site today. Here you will discover the endlessly fascinating world of antique Oriental rugs!