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Antique Karabagh rugs Eagerly sought after by collectors as well as designers, have one of the oldest and most varied design traditions of any antique Caucasian rugs. Many are descended from the classical Caucasian carpets of the eighteenth century. Others are more closely related to Kazaks, with large medallion patterns and a more tribal geometric sensibility. But still others have realistic floral ornament related to Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets in the West. But whatever their orientation, Karabaghs represent the best in quality and design among the antique rug styles of the Caucasus.

These rugs were made in the south-eastern Caucasus close to the Kazak district and bordering north-eastern Iran. These rugs are exemplary in their quality and design and are considered among the best rugs made in the Caucasus region. This region uses a distinctive weave, a double weft which occurs between every two rows of knots.

The geography of Karabagh contributes to the rugs falling into multiple design categories: the village type similar to the richly colored Kazaks, the city type influenced by classical Persian rugs style and the Russian design appealing to Western tastes and sensibility. Karabagh rugs feature medallion like “eagle kazaks”, “cloudband kazaks” with medallions containing s-like forms and pictorial and realistic (French style, Aubusson and Savonnerie) floral motifs.

Antique Caucasian Karabagh Rugs

Beautiful rugs created in the Karabagh area have a unique flair depending on where in the region they are created. Located between the Araz River and the Kura River, this lovely area extends its border to the small Caucasus mountains.

Artisans in the Lenkoran, Talish, and Moghan regions of Karabagh specializes in creating Karabagh rugs that have runner size configurations. This shape fits particularly well in long, narrow spaces, such as hallways. The Eastern Karabagh area is known for its production of rugs featuring pale blue wool or cotton selvages along with cotton wefts. As a general rule, Karabagh rugs that are not manufactured feature a soft, high pile of up to 2 centimeters.

In addition, many other rug types have likely been woven in Karabagh, including Kasymushak Kazaks, Cloud Band Kazak, and Eagle Kazak, even though they might not include the name of the region. Some of these antique Caucasian rugs feature flat woven, folded and sewn top and bottom ends.

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