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Sivas rugs are appreciated as some of the most well-made and decorative of room-sized Turkish rugs. Often finely woven, Sivas carpets tend to be made within a classically-derived Persian idiom of medallion and allover designs utilizing palmettes and vine-scrolls. Some Sivas rugs recreate the grandeur of early classical carpets. But their palette is generally soft, with emphasis on ivory ground tones and pastel coloration in the details. Consequently, Sivas rugs are superior decorative rugs for interiors that require a formal and elegant touch.

Created for commercial exporters, antique Turkish rugs from Sivas are largely copies of traditional Persian designs. Unlike most Oriental rugs produced in the historic region of Anatolia, few carpets from Sivas reveal their Turkish heritage. Due to the strategic position of the village and the province of Sivas, prominent export firms from Great Britain, Italy and European countries established outlets in the area. These merchants hired small home-based workshops to create carpets based on traditional Persian designs. The result is elegant curvilinear Oriental rugs that remain universally appealing today. A diverse variety of Turko-Persian patterns are featured in antique Sivas carpets. Elegant small-scale repeating patterns, exuberant arabesques and medallions set over monochromatic fields are just a few of the traditional Persian designs that are re-imagined in Sivas carpets.

Antique Sivas rugs were created to appeal to Western consumers, and this is a goal that they accomplished very well. Originally, early Sivas rugs were typically smaller area rugs, but as the industry evolved, oversized carpets were also created. Some of the oldest rugs feature traditional Turkish motifs and rectilinear patterns that are chock full of symbols, but these are among the rarest regional designs. Local weavers put their own traditions aside and used Persian designs to secure a reliable livelihood. The antique Turko-Persian rugs created in Sivas are exceptionally attractive. They feature soft, elegant colors and classical Persian motifs that will always have a high level of decorative appeal.

What are the Characteristics of Turkish Sivas rugs?

Sivas rugs, also known as Sivas carpets, come from the city of Sivas in central Anatolia, Turkey. Sivas is a historical city with a rich tradition of carpet weaving that dates back centuries. These rugs are among the various types of Turkish carpets renowned for their beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance.

Characteristics of Sivas rugs include:

  • Designs: Sivas rugs often feature intricate floral patterns, geometric motifs, and medallions. The designs are typically inspired by traditional Turkish and Anatolian art.
  • Colors: These rugs typically employ a diverse color palette with a range of colors such as red, blue, green, and beige. They often have a harmonious and balanced color scheme.
  • Material: Sivas rugs are traditionally handwoven using high-quality wool for the pile, which provides durability and a soft texture. Cotton is commonly used for the foundation and the warp and weft threads.
  • Knotting Technique: They are crafted using the Turkish knotting technique, also known as the symmetrical or Ghiordes knot, which creates a pile with a distinct appearance.
  • Sizes: Sivas rugs come in various sizes, from small area rugs to large room-sized carpets.
  • Motifs and Symbols: These rugs may incorporate various motifs and symbols with cultural significance, such as traditional Turkish symbols and ancient Anatolian motifs.

Sivas rugs are highly valued and sought after by collectors and carpet enthusiasts worldwide due to their exceptional craftsmanship and artistic beauty. They are not only used as floor coverings but also appreciated as decorative art pieces in homes and spaces around the world.

Similar to other handwoven carpets, it’s essential to purchase Sivas rugs from reputable rug stores and dealers to ensure authenticity and quality.

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