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Malayer RugsAntique rugs from the Malayer region embody an angular northwestern style that is best defined by its diversity in style and color. Malayer is a city and an eponymous county located within the province of Hamadan. It is located between Arak and the city of Hamadan.

Local Persian rug weavers produced a spectacular array of traditional carpet patterns ranging from dense allover motifs to lozenge-shaped medallions that are placed over chic monochromatic grounds. Although angular motifs are favored, some of the finer Herati patterns feature subtle curvilinear details.

One of the charming constants of the Malayer rugs woven in Persia is the importance placed on creating richly detailed borders that rival the spectacular patterns featured within the field. Weavers in Malayer consistently put great effort into creating exquisite borders.

Regional weavers generally produced smaller area rugs and runners although larger room-sized rugs were created on commission. The colors and patterns of antique Malayer rugs are rich and varied. Tiny boteh motifs are often used to create tremendous allover patterns. However, large-scale arabesques with curvilinear vine scrolls are sometimes found. Today is an excellent time to invest in antique Malayer rugs because they are just now gaining the popularity and recognition they deserve.

The rugs woven in the Malayer region constitute an important and distinctive group of Persian weavings. Technically they stand between those made in nearby Senneh and Hamadan. They were produced in a range of medallion and allover designs which, although they come from classical Persian sources, tend to be somewhat abstract or far more geometric in their pattern rendering.

Sometimes Persian Malayer carpet designs can utilize small-scale and fine forms like the Herati pattern, but they can also combine such features with larger composition schemes and the use of open, empty space. Their coloration is generally soft but varied.

Many of the magnificent antique Persian Malayer rugs have a quiet formality to them. That is what makes these magnificent rugs such decorative options that tend to work in almost any elegant room of your interior design and home decor setting.

Malayer rugs often feature rich colors and all-over designs with traditional motifs. The weavers are known for their vast repertoire of designs that use both neutral tones and vibrant colors. The pile of these rugs is typically cut short to highlight the details of the design.

Malayer rugs are versatile and can be used in a range of contemporary design styles or a room of traditional furniture. They also such amazing foundations for conversation type areas with solid color furniture. Persian rugs are the foundation of contemporary room designs, where they add color and a focal point.

The area rugs from Malayer tend to have a tribal feel, but they are also balanced and will create this same feeling throughout the space. They are made from durable wool and have a soft feel and texture. The designs reflect the world around them with traditional motifs and color combinations with a history that goes back centuries.

A beautiful Malayer rug makes a perfect options in formal dining rooms or a Boho Chic-style space. Malayer has been an important economic trade route through the centuries. The Malayer weavers were exposed to many travelers who came through the area. This allowed them to develop a vast repertoire of designs. This is one of the reasons why collectors and designers consider Malayer rugs a design classic that you can add to any space.

Malayer rugs use background colors that range from deep blue to red. You can also find many that feature a neutral color palette. They are an excellent way to add color to your space without breaking from your favorite neutral color scheme. Nazmiyal carries a beautiful selection of Malayer and other tribal rugs that are perfect for your office or home. We invite you to look around, and if you find something you like, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

What are Persian Malayer area rugs?

Malayer rugs are a type of traditional Persian rug that originate from the city of Malayer in Iran. These rugs are renowned for their unique designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. They belong to the larger category of Persian rugs, which are famous worldwide for their beauty and artistry.

Characteristics of Persian Malayer rugs:

  • Design: Malayer rugs typically feature intricate and elaborate designs, often inspired by nature, geometric patterns, floral motifs, and medallions. The designs are meticulously woven into the rugs, showcasing the skill and creativity of the weavers.
  • Colors: The color palette of the Persian rugs that were woven in Malayer tends to be rich and vibrant, with deep reds, blues, greens, and warm earth tones being common choices. These colors are derived from natural dyes, which add to the rugs’ charm and uniqueness.
  • Materials: Malayer rugs are crafted using high-quality wool for the pile, which provides a soft and durable texture. The foundation is usually made from cotton or wool, ensuring the rug’s sturdiness.
  • Size and Shape: Malayer rugs come in various sizes, ranging from small area rugs to larger room-sized carpets. They can be rectangular, square, or even runners, suitable for various spaces and uses.
  • Knotting Technique: These rugs are predominantly woven using the Persian knot technique, also known as the Senneh knot, resulting in a dense and sturdy structure.
  • Age and Collectability: Antique Malayer rugs are highly sought after by collectors due to their historical value and craftsmanship. Older pieces often display a graceful patina and possess a timeless appeal.

The Persian Malayers have gained popularity among interior decorators, collectors, and rug enthusiasts worldwide for their exquisite artistry and enduring beauty. They add elegance and character to any space and are considered valuable investments due to their durability and timelessness.

When purchasing a Malayer rug or any antique rug for that matter, it is essential to authenticate its origin, age, and condition. It is advisable to seek the assistance of reputable dealers or rug experts to ensure you acquire a genuine and authentic piece.

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