Durable Rustic Palace Size Antique Tribal Persian Bidjar Rug 71773


Size: 19 ft 5 in x 31 ft 3 in (5.92 m x 9.52 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Beautiful Rustic And Extremely Durable Palace Size Antique Tribal Persian Bidjar Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1900 – The antique Persian Bidjar rugs are known for their durability and beautiful patterns. They are also known for their diversity of motifs and color combinations that range from vibrant to earthy. The traditional weavers of Bidjar rely on centuries of rug weaving knowledge and skill to create their beautiful masterpieces. Through the 1920’s, they continued to rely on natural carpet dyes to produce harmonious colors that create a peaceful feeling in the room. This gorgeous piece was created in the 1920s and will make a beautiful addition to traditional or contemporary décor.

The design of this jewel tone colored Persian Bidjar rug has a royal feel with a pattern that is reminiscent of the reflecting pools that once adorned the courtyards of Persian palaces and estates. Today, colors that reflect the earth and sky are used to create a connection and evoke a feeling of being in nature. This magnificent Persian Bidjar rug lends a casual rustic feel to the room with its tribal flavor and craftsmanship that shows the touch of human hands.

Village carpets differ from area rugs made in the formal weaving centers of the city in that they often rely on traditional motifs, but they do not show the precision of those produced in the formal carpet weaving schools. This gives these rustic rugs a charm and folk art character that makes them perfect for trends such as Boho Chic, Eco Chic, and the simplicity of Japanese Wabi-Sabi home decor style. This magnificent antique rug would be perfectly at home in a room filled with plants, sculptural wooden pieces, and other natural materials.

This palace oversized rug embodies a close connection to the people who created it and their traditions. Persian rugs are the foundation of many contemporary interior designs, and this one will make a beautiful inspiration for the rest of the space. The rich coloration of these Tribal area rugs allow them to fit into a wide range of color scheme and by adding a splash color to the room.

When buying rugs for the home and especially if you are looking for area rugs for hotels and the hospitality industry, these highly durable area rugs are not only beautiful, they will stand the test of time.

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