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Mishan Rugs – The Persian Mishan Malayer rugs are a subset of the “regular” Malayer antique rugs. Known for having placed a higher importance on the quality of the weave, design, wool grade and colors, the antique Persian Mishan rugs are some of the most artistic and beautiful antique Persian rugs to come out of Malayer. If you love the art of tribal weaving but are drawn to finer more refined artistic patterns, then the Mishan rugs may be the one great option.

Due to the higher cost of production, not many Persian Mishan carpets we made. As a result, the antique Persian Mishan rugs that were woven and that are still in good condition today, are considered prized possessions by antique rug collectors from all over the world. Needless to say, these rugs are some of the finest, most beautiful and coveted examples Persian textile arts.

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