Breathtaking Oversized Large Scale Antique Agra Rug 48660


Size: 20 ft 8 in x 26 ft 8 in (6.3 m x 8.13 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Breathtaking Oversized Agra Rug 48660, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Indian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – True to the traditionally sweeping styles of Agra rugs, this masterpiece features a wintry color palette that effortlessly invokes scenes of snowy sophistication. Surrounding the core of the Indian rug are several rich borders, the largest of which features a bright, blue background that houses a multitude of beautiful blooms in varying sizes. Soft beige and coffee brown come together to provide the perfect natural complement to the blue, resulting in effortlessly established boundaries and borders. Closer to the antique rug’s center, the foreground is dominated by a series of thin branches, completing the wintry landscape and creating clear contrast between the colors.

Agra carpets are woven with only the highest quality in mind and are considered to be some of the most coveted decorative pieces around the world. No example is better suited to represent the fine weaving of Agra rugs than this breathtaking oversized antique Agra rug.

This is a spectacular oversized Agra rug. It’s dreamy blue hues flow throughout the exquisite border, making light but deliberately effective appearances in the heart of the cocoa brown center. This is an extremely ethereal and beautiful rug, not to mention rare, as rugs at this caliber and size can’t be found as easily. See more antique oversized rugs.

The border has plenty of blue and ivory floral patterns, woven in between varying sizes of blooming flowers. The vines grow and intertwine and sprout smaller flowers towards the middle of the chocolate colored heart.

Here a close up detail of the heart of the rug shows the intricate care taken in creating the details. A wash of cocoa brown acting as a back drop for the bright intertwining blue and ivory flowers. A beautiful mix of large and small flowers and leaves connect in a map of vines producing a breathtaking pattern.

The sheer size is already something to leave viewers in awe. Measuring 20″8 x 26″8′ this specific Agra rug is decorated from corner to corner making it a beautiful large decoration piece. Originating from India from the 1900’s, this stunning Agra Antique Rug and is part of Nazmiyal Antique Rugs collection of rare rugs.

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