Wednesday Wishlist: Mid Century Moroccan Rug

Mid Century Moroccan Rug for Wish List Wednesday! Mid Century Moroccan Rug: Glowing with a fiery luminosity, this vintage Moroccan rug is stealing the spotlight this week. Balancing a neutral background with bold oranges and tangerines, its has a dramatic abstract effect and a comfy, shaggy feel. “It looks like a modernist painting,” Nazmiyal’s Omri […]

Most Expensive Antique Native American Navajo Chiefs Blanket Nazmiyal

Antique Navajo Blanket Sells for Huge Price Tag

Most Expensive Antique Navajo Blanket Ever Sold Search Our Comprehensive Rug Collection Most Expensive Navajo Blanket – When I saw that a 19th century antique Navajo blanket was sold in an auction for – $1,800,000 – my eyebrow immediately shot upwards to my hairline. “What?!” I thought to myself – or perhaps I even spoke it aloud. “How […]

Antique Carpet Auction By Nazmiyal

Nazmiyal Holds Antique Carpet Auction

Antique Carpet Auction May 22 Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 7:00 pm Eastern Time The Nazmiyal Collection in New York City is excited to announce a very special auction of fine and decorative antique rugs to be held online through Live Auctioneers. A collection of more than 80 exceptional pieces will be featured. This sale will […]

Antique Carpet DNA Nazmiyal

Antique Carpet DNA by Wilbur Pierce

Antique Carpet DNA – A Guest Blog by Wilbur Pierce Antique Carpet DNA – The unshaven man stood on a boulder looking up at the cave ceiling. The women’s name was Gryt and his name Grunt. He listened to her instructions, for they were husband and wife. As he was married, he did nothing right. He […]