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Rugs, Carpets Make the Room’s Interior Decor!

Blogs about Antique Rugs – Great interiors aren’t complete without great rugs. Antique Carpets can be conversation starters, statement pieces or supporting players that give an interior harmony and unity. These textural handcrafts absorb sound, provide structure and add a bold dash of color. Carpets are available in an innumerable assortment of styles that are as diverse as today’s interiors. The places and the ways that carpets are used and displayed are also endless. When hung on walls, rugs and tribal textiles create a splendid effect. Oriental rugs and Persian rugs are just the beginning, however.

There are neoclassical and vintage rugs from Europe, Scandinavian mid-century rugs and stylish art carpets inspired by legendary modern artists. Use low-impact designs and light colored carpets to make rooms appear larger, or select bold, dark colors and intensive patterns to create a cozy, inviting effect. Great possibilities come from amazing rugs. Carpets really do make the room.

Read the latest Blogs about Antique Rugs and how they relate to interior design

Valentine’s Red Themed Decor: Love is In the Air

Hans Krondahl Tapestry Circa & SquareAntique Persian Afshar Rug

Gorgeous red themed decor to set a Valentine's Day Mood Red Themed Decor for Valentines Day - In celebration of Valentine's Day, check out some of our hot red infused decorations that would look great in your home or apartment - if … Continue reading

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Moroccan Persian or Scandinavian Rug Choose your preference!

Moroccan, Persian, Scandinavian

What's your preference - Moroccan, Persian or Scandinavian rug? We know that all of these rug styles are strikingly beautiful, but if you could choose one, which one would you choose? Still having issues deciding? It is probably because you … Continue reading

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Matching New Antique Rugs For Your Interior Design Makeover

Holiday Hallway Interior Design With Rug

New Antique Rugs For Your New Years Interior Design Makeover Are you giving your interior design a makeover for Christmas or the New Year? Then you may want to consider changing out or upgrading your antique rugs as well. Rugs … Continue reading

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Antique Bezalel Rug from Jerusalem Israel

Antique Bezalel Rug from Jerusalem Israel 8514 by Nazmiyal

This week, in honor of all the recent Jewish holidays, we chose to highlight a rare and beautiful antique Bezalel rug from Jerusalem Israel Antique Bezalel Rug from Jerusalem Israel #8514 Early 20th Century, approximately 1910 Size: 4 ft 9 … Continue reading

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Remembering: Albert Karmely

Albert Karmeli Nazmiyal

We'll Always Remember Albert Karmely It saddens us to inform you that earlier this week, Albert Karmely, one of the most well-respected and influential rug experts in the world has passed away. As we continue to mourn this very significant … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wishlist: Antique Turkish Ghiordes Carpet 50208

Turkish Ghiordes Rug 50208 Nazmiyal

Our latest Wednesday Wishlist item is a lovely Antique Turkish Ghiordes Carpet! This Wednesday, we're very excited to share with you an extravagant Antique Turkish Ghiordes Carpet! Two beautiful golden borders laced with eggshell white trimming frame soft layers of … Continue reading

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The Making of Moroccan Rugs

History of Moroccan Rugs Nazmiyal

Exploring Moroccan Rugs Morocco is a beautiful country situated in the northwestern tip of Africa, is famous for its beautiful beaches, traditional music, delectable cuisine, colorful history and most importantly, its stunning hand-woven rugs. But to Western rug lovers, Morocco means … Continue reading

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The Significance of Cranes as Symbols in Chinese Art and Carpets

Cranes in Chinese Art by Nazmiyal

The History of Cranes in Chinese Art Cranes in Chinese art -- Since ancient times, the Chinese have been exceptionally creative in using various living, non-living and imaginary objects to represent abstract ideas. They have a symbol for everything, including … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wishlist: Stunning Antique Silver Metallic and Silk Khotan Rug 50286

Antique Metallic Silver Silk Khotan Rug 50286 by Nazmiyal

Our Latest Wednesday Wishlist Carpet is a Stunning Antique Silk and Silver Metallic Khotan Rug Antique Metallic Silk Khotan Rug-- Every Wednesday, The Nazmiyal Antique Rug Collection features one spectacular example of a hand-made vintage or antique rug from its vast catalog. We select each piece … Continue reading

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George Caleb Bingham Most Famous Paintings At The Met

Fur Traders Descending the Missouri by George Caleb Bingham Nazmiyal

Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River at the Metropolitan Museum George Caleb Bingham -- The first major American artist known to be based in the west of the Mississippi River, George Caleb Bingham painted many compelling true-to-life paintings depicting the … Continue reading

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