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Oprah, on a beautiful Aubusson rug from Nazmiyal Collection

Oprah on an Aubusson Rug From Nazmiyal

Oprah on an Aubusson Rug From Nazmiyal Collection

Oprah, is featured on the cover of the May Issue of O Magazine. In all her grace and beauty, wearing a stunning purple gown, this iconic media mogul conducted her entire interview while laying down on the antique carpet from Nazmiyal Collection.

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Antique Persian Carpets

Roman and Williams Interiors Featured in New York Times with Antique Carpets From Nazmiyal!

Antique Carpets from Nazmiyal Featured in New York Times

Antique Carpets from Nazmiyal Featured in New York Times

Today, the New York Times published an article titled "It’s Mourning in America" which features the work of renowned interior design firm Roman and Williams. This wonderful project features a number of antique carpets from our collection and we are excited to share it with you...

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Antique Persian Carpets

Omar Khayyam The Rubaiyat and Rugs

Omar Khayyam Nazmiyal Antique Persian Carpets

Astro Chart By Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam is the rock star of Persian literature and poetry. The writer, mathematician, philosopher and astronomer was one of the greatest minds of his time and his works remain influential today. This Persian Renaissance man was born on May 18, 1048, in the city of Nishapur, which is located in the province of Khorassan.

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Antique Persian Carpets

Happy Norooz – Persian New Year!

Happy Norooz nazmiyal antique carpets

Happy Norooz

Happy Norooz (Persian New Year) from all of us at: Nazmiyal Antique Carpets! Norooz, also phonetically translated to Nowruz, is one of Persia’s most distinctive and delightful holidays. The name literally means “new day,” but it’s celebrated as the definitive New Year. This vibrant celebration takes place during the vernal equinox.

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Antique Persian Carpets

Antique Rugs, Vintage Carpets and Antique Persian Rugs By Nazmiyal

For Keen Consumers Who Expect Beautiful Antique Rugs For A Fair Value

The Nazmiyal Collection is a respected purveyor of antique carpets and vintage rugs. Our New York City antique Oriental rug gallery has become the go to source for customers from all over the world who expect a fair price and an excellent selection of antique oriental rugs.

Our antique carpet gallery has been in business since 1980. Over the years, we have provided the highest quality service to antique rug buyers from all walks of life. We work with some of the best interior designers, consumers, rug dealers, collectors and auction houses across the world. Our educational approach to selling antique Oriental carpets & vintage carpets, as well as our dedication to customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, ensure that our clients feel confident in every single purchase they make.

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