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The Best of Rug Fashion

Rugs, whether antique, vintage, or modern, are gorgeous pieces of art that tell a story. Ask anyone with any interest in fashion and they will tell you the same thing about clothes, that fashion is an art form. So doesn’t it make sense to combine these two beautiful forms of art into something entirely new and creative? Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite rug fashion. These fashion pieces are inspired by the patterns and textures of traditional carpets to create a stunning runway statement.

Olivia Pudelko’s Carpet Shoes

Designer Olivia Pudelko, a Polish graduate of University of Westminster in London, is making stunning limited edition shoes that are reminiscent of carpet. Working under the name “Westernaffair” and currently living in South London, her pieces are incredibly unique and also a conversation piece. They are functional as shoes, but not focused on practicality.

Inspired by pattern and texture, she views her fashion designs the same way she would view traditional art like a painting. Her inspiration comes from many different sources. She browses rugs online, at auction houses, and homes of family and friends. Since her designs are made from real, recycled antique rugs and carpets, the shoes are sustainable and eco-friendly. There is absolutely nothing not to love about these creative and original rug fashion designs.

Carpet Mules Rug Fashion Nazmiyal

Olivia Pudelko’s carpet mules.

Chloé New Age Boho Collection

Morocco‘s rich culture and beautiful art are the source of inspiration for many designers, fashion or otherwise. Natacha Ramsay-Levi, the creative director at luxury fashion house Chloé, was no different when working on the brand’s Spring 2019 ready to wear collection. Persian rug motifs popped up throughout the collection, which has been described as boho chic, as well. Even many of the pieces that are not as obviously carpet-inspired borrow inspiration from antique textiles. Notice some of the all over patterns with repeating motifs that are reminiscent of those used in antique carpets.

Chloe Spring 2019 Rug Fashion Nazmiyal

Chloé’s Spring 2019 collection borrows inspiration from antique carpets.

Totême’s Spring 2019 Collection

Swedish fashion label Totême takes inspiration, naturally, from traditional Scandinavian designs. Totême designers Kling and Karl Lindman rarely incorporate pattern into their designs, but for this collection they chose to draw inspiration from Swedish textile artist Marta Maas Fjetterstrom. They deliberately created a pattern in her style, with their own logo superimposed over the design. Celebrities have been spotted wearing this design, adding to its newfound popularity.

Totême Rug Fashion Nazmiyal

Totême’s 2019 rug fashion is inspired by Marta Maas Fjetterstrom.

Chufy’s Moroccan Inspiration

Sofía Sanchez de Betak of the brand Chufy always takes inspiration for her designs from her travels. In this collection, a trip to Marrakech, Morocco inspired her Spring 2019 ready to wear collection. Drawing from the stunning tribal patterns of antique and vintage Moroccan rugs, she re imagined and reworked these patterns to become stunning clothing pieces.

Chufy Rug Fashion Nazmiyal

Rug fashion inspired by Moroccan rug patterns, by Chufy.

Tory Burch’s Worldwide Inspired Patterns

Tory Burch, known for relaxed, put-together outfits, drew inspiration from western Europe for their Spring 2019 ready to wear collection. Inspired by safaris and warm breezes, the pieces from the collection are tribal and stunning. The inspiration drawn from antique and vintage carpets and kilims is obvious. While many of the pieces from the collection are neutral colored, the patterned pieces stand out in bold, colorful stripes and shapes are reminiscent of antique Persian rugs like the Jajim kilims. Even the texture is more tactile than most clothing pieces, just like a rug’s texture. The goal of the collection was to embody wanderlust, and it has absolutely done that.

Rug Fashion Tory Burch Nazmiyal

Tory Burch’s wanderlust rug fashion.

Paco Rabanne Rug Fashion

Paco Rabanne’s Fall 2020 ready to wear collection is heavy and medieval-inspired, and uniquely represents and draws inspiration from opulent antique rugs. The rugs that graced the palaces of kings and queens from the Renaissance to the 17th century onward are now made into designs to be worn and shown off as fashion pieces. These include all over designs with motifs directly drawn from rugs, as well as pieces that almost look like an entire rug has been draped around the model.

Rug Fashion Paco Rabanne Nazmiyal

Paco Rabanne’s 2020 rug fashion.

Rugs Make an Appearance in Fashion Runways!

What are haute couture fashion rugs? Is this really a thing? It sure is. Beautiful rugs, from shag to fringe to floral, are now becoming staples of high fashion runways.

For example, Ralph Lauren recently had a 50th anniversary collection that was shown on a patchwork of carpets up and down the catwalk. The autumn / winter show for designer Marni featured guests sitting on piles of old carpet fragments. Meanwhile, Chloe featured a model wearing a mini skirt made from a rug, and the models walked the floor printed in the style of a patterned carpet. And, strangely enough, Balenciaga’s autumn / winter fashion show featured a logo-branded backdrop made exclusively from carpet.

The Bauhaus – trained textile designer, Anni Albers, has a retrospective of her work opened at Tate Modern, and it includes all of her vintage rugs. It is either a really interesting coincidence, or subliminally many haute couture designers have decided to echo her work in recent years. The many homages include the high street chain, Zara, and Raf Simon’s Calvin Klein collection this autumn / winter, as well as Paul Smith’s collection that he stated was directly inspired by Albers rug works.

Ralph Lauren Rug Catwalk Nazmiyal

The catwalk at the Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary show was made of rugs.

Rugs are an Important Part of Fashion Society

The rug is not only part of the fashion scene nowadays, it is also having its own moment in the fashion spotlight. This is probably because of the resurgence of arts and crafts as a whole. Many of the fashion designers responsible for bringing crafts back into the limelight believe that creating something with your hands is the only antidote to the emergence and eventual takeover of digital media.

Ironically, though, it may be because of digital media that rugs and carpets had become embraced by high fashion society. Because of Instagram and Pinterest, we are seeing inside the homes of both digital influencers and celebrities. Most of the time this is because they are taking pictures of their shoes or outfits in front of full-length mirrors. And, in another spin on this phenomenon, some of these influencers use rugs to block out these photos’ would-be backgrounds, which put their homes on display.

Seriously, even one particular Scandi-style rug from La Redoute has sold out multiple times because it became a darling among fashionistas. It actually had its own Instagram account, which is too meta for words!

Fashion Designers are Designing Rugs

On the flip side, there are many fashion designers that design their own custom made bespoke rugs and carpets. Zandra Rhodes is the mastermind behind those pink leopard-print rugs and she also added her signature squiggles to the backdrops made from similarly-loud colors.

Jonathan Saunders has not one, but two collections that he designed with The Rug Company. His background in textiles and product design makes designing rugs a natural fit. fashion designers Matthew Williamson and Christopher Kane also created their own rug collections. Kane designed several plant-inspired and floral rugs earlier this year while Paul Smith was, once again, inspired by Albers for his fashion rugs.

Paul Smith Anni Albers Collection Nazmiyal

Paul Smith’s collection inspired by Anni Albers.

Habitat, a less luxurious brand, has also collaborated with fashion designers recently. Henry Holland had a grand collection of fashion rugs featuring floral prints in 2016-17, and Hannah Weiland worked with the store last month. As you might already know, Weiland’s label, Shrimps, is famous for its London-based collections featuring brightly-colored fake fur. Their collaborative effort, the Doodle Rug, features artwork of crowns, stars, rams, and the moon, which was duplicated from the label’s clutch bag.

Kate Butler, Habitat’s head designer, believes that working with fashion designers is the way to go because they can take something with small patterns and tiny works of art and blow them up dramatically into something that makes a statement. It also appeals to the fashion designers because they could duplicate some of their best work and enlarge it so it is more “human sized”. For example, the Shrimps collaboration literally enlarged all the original patterns from the bag and the embroidery was replicated to reflect the inspirational piece.

However, the most successful fashion designer to venture into the realm of fashion rugs would have to be Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off White and the creative director for Louis Vuitton. Many waited with bated breath for his collaboration with furniture giant Ikea last year. He finally released four limited edition rugs on the last week of September. One had a really cool swirling pattern, but, instead of leaving it at that, the slogan “Keep Off” was written across it. Not to be outdone, he also designed a red carpet with the word “Blue” printed on it.

Virgil Abloh Ikea Rug Nazmiyal

Rug designed by Virgil Abloh for Ikea.

In conclusion, fashion and rugs have been intertwined for a while now. Fashion designers are trying their hands at designing their own fashion rugs, and at the same time they are introducing rugs and “rug-like” patterns and materials to the catwalks and runways. This is a surprising trend, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Do you want to add designer fashion rugs to your home? Would you like to wear a skirt based on a simple rug? If either of these appeal to you let us know in the comments.

Here are some rugs that have inspired fashion designers:

Large Antique Persian Kerman Rug Nazmiyal

Large Antique Persian Kerman Rug

Antique Sultanabad Persian Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Sultanabad Persian Rug

New York City Fashion Week Kicks Off!

Fashion Week in NYC launches Thursday, the bi-annual sign that seasons are changing. With the days getting longer and our gloves and hats stripped off, it’s time to think spring as the biggest names in fashion unveil their 2013 spring / summer lines.

It’s a highly anticipated event, but everyone from the fervent fashionista to the struggling stylish has a hint of what next season’s hottest trends will be. And as they unveil their sneak-peak snippets, we’ve uncovered a trend ourselves: fashion style is taking the leap from the runway to the floor.

New York City Fashion Week by nazmiyal

NY Fashion Week (Photo: Reuters)

Much like the Pantone color of the year holds weight over fashion and interior design, so do the creations at New York Fashion Week. And it makes sense that the maker of your favorite clothes would have an keen eye for the other areas of design in your life.

In that way, everyone from Michael Kors to Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg and Rachel Zoe are setting design trends that work as much in the closet as in the living room. Here are the top five trends set to steal the show at Fashion Week that we’ve spotted in our antique and vintage rug collection.

SIXTIES Fashion On The Runway At Fashion Week:

NYC Fashion Week Runway Models Wearing Sixties Inspired Fashion by Nazmiyal

NYC Fashion Week Runway Models Wearing Sixties Inspired Fashion (Photo: Vogue)

If it’s loud, technicolor and you need shades to see it, you’re surely rocking some mid century vintage 60’s styles this spring / summer. We’ve already heard whispers that Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Moschino will be paying tribute to the 60’s with bold color and style. Oriental rugs are hot on the trend too, with antique carpets like this American braided / hooked rug stealing the spotlight.

Oval Antique American Braided Rug by nazmiyal

Oval Antique American Braided Rug (sold)

Twins Rock The Fashion Runway At Fashion Week New York City:

Twin Models Walking Down The NYC Fashion Week Runway by Nazmiyal

Twin Models Walking Down The NYC Fashion Week Runway (Photo: Vogue)

You’re not seeing double, you’re seeing the newest runway trend. Matching pairs are all the rage for spring / summer fashion style, if the Paris version of Fashion Week is anything to go by. There, Julien David, Giorgio Armani and the closing duo at Saint Laurent paraded pairs. Our Swedish rugs are a mid-century modern take on this trend.

GLAM GOTH Runway Models at NYC Fashion Week:

Glam Goth Fashion - Dots by Nazmiyal

Glam Goth Fashion – Dots (Photo: Vogue)

It’s feminine, sophisticated and dangerous. Black and whites in ladylike prints and patterns are going viral this spring / summer. As if these two classics weren’t already timeless, this trend balances biker style with a hint of Breakfast at Tiffany’s vulnerability that everyone can work. And it works just as well in the home, with beautiful pieces like this antique Persian rug.

Antique Persian Khorassan Rug by Nazmiyal

Antique Persian Khorassan Rug

Models wearing sequins rock the runway at NY Fashion Week:

Runway Models Wearing Sequin at Fashion Week NYC by Nazmiyal

Runway Models Wearing Sequin at Fashion Week NYC (Photo by Vogue)

Every girl loves sequins, but you don’t have to wait for New Year’s Eve to show off your sparkle. Spring / summer 2013 is bringing back the bling in your wardrobe with stylish pieces that blend day and nightlife. Sequins are fabulous inside as well, with vintage Kilim rugs, such as the below Moroccan rug in particular, throwing shimmer on your interior design style.

A Sequin Vintage Kilim Rug by nazmiyal

A Sequin Vintage Kilim Rug

Fashion Week High Style: Fashion Week Runway Inspired Antique Rug Selection

Nazmiyal antique rugs, we believe that style extends to every aspect of life, from the way we design our homes, to the way we dress. Fashion Week in New York just ended, and we’re feeling so inspired by the beautiful styles worn by the models walking the runways. We couldn’t help but notice that many of the collections shown were reminiscent of styles of antique rugs and vintage carpets in the Nazmiyal inventory! We’ve highlighted a few below, in the hopes that you will also feel that spark of creativity!

Fashion Week: Jil Sander Collection & Vintage Scandinavian Rugs

Fashion Week Jil Sander Collection Paired with Vintage Scandinavian Rugs

Jil Sander Collection Paired with Vintage Scandinavian Rugs

Jil Sander’s new collection and our vintage Scandinavian rugs both place an emphasis on bold colors, clean lines, and graphic geometric patterns. Scandinavian design places an emphasis on balancing form and function, an idea we feel was well-represented in Jil Sanders’ collection of smart trench coats, sensible rain boots, and casual separates. If smart design and bold colors speak to you as well, we recommend you browse our selection of Scandinavian rugs!

Fashion Week: Etro Collection and Antique Persian Rugs

Fashion Week Etro Collection and Antique Persian Rugs

Etro Collection and Antique Persian Rugs

When we saw the new Fall 2015 collection from Etro, we were excited to see paisley motifs in abundance. The paisley, or “Boteh,” is a very common symbol in antique Persian rugs, which signifies fertility and long life. The Boteh Plant also symbolizes autumn in many middle-eastern cultures — a very appropriate motif to use in a fall collection!

Fashion Week: Anna Sui Collection & Antique Rugs from East Turkestan

Fashion Week Anna Sui Collection Paired with Antique Khotan Rugs from East Turkestan

Anna Sui Collection Paired with Antique Khotan Rugs from East Turkestan

Anna Sui’s new collection is fun and funky, mixing patterns and colors in a way that feels eclectic yet refined. Nazmiyal’s collection of rugs from East Turkestan speak to a similar aesthetic. Woven with both tribal and classic designs, each antique East Turkestan rug is uniquely interesting. If you like elegant, bohemian rugs and designs, antique rugs from East Turkestan are perfect for you!

Fashion Week: Michael Kors Collection & Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Fashion Week Michael Kors Collection & Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Michael Kors Collection & Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Michael Kor’s new collection for Fall, 2015 is modern, subtle, and luxurious. Our mid-century Moroccan rugs, which feature lush shag piles and spare geometric designs are similarly modern and subdued. Our Moroccan rugs prove that neutral colors in interior design can be incredibly interesting, especially since these rugs feature luxe details and plush softness.

Fashion Week: Christopher Kane Collection & Roy Lichtenstein Pop-Art Rugs

Fashion Week Christopher Kane Collection & Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Rugs

Christopher Kane Collection & Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Rugs

Christopher Kane’s Fall 2015 collection was filled with graphic pieces composed in primary colors. Vibrant geometric patterning and a strict palette of blue, red, and black kept the collection feeling clean and contemporary. Our collection of Roy Lichtenstein rugs, which feature the artist’s pop-art motifs in classic colors feels fresh and bold. If you’re looking for a carpet to add an artful pop to your interior decor, these Roy Lichtenstein rugs are a perfect option.

Which collection of fashion rugs is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Where Fashion and Expensive Carpets Intersect

International fashion shows are famous for high profile fashion designers and their creations, a bevy of extremely good looking models, and the exquisitely beautiful, expensive carpets. Yes, fashion shows are where fashion and carpet meet and intersect. The entire venue is covered in the most beautiful carpets to create the right ambiance. Thus, to carpet lovers, fashion shows are as much about carpets as they are about fashion.

The most anticipated international fashion show this season is Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show starting on December 8. True to the world famous company’s brand image, this popular fashion show employs the finest quality carpets of the most beautiful pink and red hues to lend an air of feminine beauty and high sophistication to the event. The coveted red carpet, as it is called, is reserved for celebrity models, fashion designers and movie stars.

Fashion Runway Meets Expensive Carpets by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Fashion Runway Meets Expensive Carpets

There are also many minor and local fashion shows throughout North America during this winter season. Depending on their importance, some manage to make national headlines. Some are attended by international celebrities, most aren’t. But they all have one thing in common and that is the use of

rugs. In every fashion show that’s worth attending, there are carpets everywhere – in the hall, in the corridors and on the ramp.

The real season for international fashion shows begins right after the Christmas holidays. As always, there are nearly three dozen or so show fashion shows slated for January that include Milan Moda Main Fall / Winter, Amsterdam International Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, Modea Paris Men’s Fashion Week Fall / Winter, Stockholm Fashion Week, Copenhagen International Fashion Fair Fall / Winter, Roman Fashion Week and Munich Fashion Supreme Women & Men.

For carpet lovers, attending an international fashion show or watching one on TV is a great way to witness the marriage between fashion and carpets. Since the organizers of the big fashion shows settle for nothing less than the best, it provides the perfect opportunity to see the finest and the most expensive carpets in the world that include antique, vintage carpets and contemporary carpets from around the world.

Carpets From All Over the World and At Home

So what carpets do they use in the fashion shows that you can watch on TV? Without a doubt, they use carpets of the highest quality. Their reputation depends on it, although carpets are rarely mentioned, except the red carpet. You will get to see antique rugs from Turkey, Persia, India and elsewhere. You will get to see vintage rugs from Sweden, Denmark, Morocco and other places. There will likely be contemporary carpets from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Why not emulate that in your own home decoration for the winter season? After all, the winter season is about family gathering, fun and happiness. It’s also a good time to show off your new acquisition to relatives and friends. So, add a touch of glamour to your interior decoration. Let your home be where fashion and carpet intersect this winter season. You don’t have to be a celebrity to walk the red carpet when you can do it every day at home.

Here are some fashionable rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection:

Large Antique Amritsar Indian Rug Nazmiyal

Large Antique Amritsar Indian Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Persian Serapi Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Persian Serapi Rug

This fashion blog about rug fashion was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs.

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