Winter Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas

With winter fashion being in full swing, we New Yorkers are subjected to freezing temps and bone-chilling pockets of wind, there comes a time where one draws the line with his or her styling choices.

Women's Furry Vests - Nazmiyal

Winter Fashion – Women’s Furry Vests

Yes, we need to bundle up to protect ourselves from acute frostbite, which means more layers, thicker clothes, and woolen garb. On the other hand, by no means does this burst of frigidity mean bust out the fashion faux pas.

Puffer Vest By Michael Kors - Nazmiyal

Women’s Winter Fashion – Puffer Vest By Michael Kors

This season, there is some spotted fashion that is curdling my blood worst than the mere thought that soon snowpocalypses and blizzards are on their way. Fur, animal hats and scarves, puffy vests, chunky sweaters, and Uggs are popping up around every corner, and I am forced to bite my tongue before I call PETA or worse.

Looking like you just came straight out of the forest having skinned a melee of animals is not okay by any stretch. Furry vests, popularized by the likes of Rachel Zoe, have women traipsing the streets looking like modern-day hybrid-racoon-polar bear people. Not cute. Not cute at all.

Animal Winter Hats by Nazmiyal

Animal Winter Hats

Also, in terms of accessories, animal hats (and we all know which ones I’m talking about) that have ears and faces and dangling fuzzy balls are not for the 20 to 30 something year old professional. Fuzzy hats with cute little penguins on them are for children and children only.

Scarves, gloves, and aforementioned hats with fuzzy balls dangling from every corner screams pre-school. So, unless you have succumbed to attaching your mittens to your jacket, back away from the cartoonish animal gear.

Men's Fox Hat - Nazmiyal

Winter Fashion Faux Pas – Men’s Fox Hat

Puffy vests and Uggs are two trends that just won’t seem to go away. PLEASE go away! Puffy vests are not cute on anyone instead they make you look like the Michelin mascot or a big ol’ marshmallow, a marshmallow who deserves to be splattered with hot chocolate.

Green Winter Vest - Nazmiyal

Fashion Faux Pas – Green Winter Vest

Just because it’s winter does not mean there is an excuse to be sporting a neon orange puffy vest. No way. No how. Lastly, Uggs. That’s all I have to say about those god awful poor excuse for boots because they’re oh so comfy.

Women's Winter Fashion - Uggs Boots Nazmiyal

Women’s Winter Fashion – Uggs Boots

Check out our Winter Fashion Faux Pas:

Bear Shape Hat - Nazmiyal

Women’s Winter fashion – Bear Shape Hat

Knitted Animal Hat with Matching Mittens - Namziyal

Women’s Winter Fashion Faux Pas – Knitted Animal Hat with Matching Mittens

Furry Vests - Nazmiyal

Winter fashion Faux Pas – Furry Vests

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