Hollywood Academy Awards Oscars Red Carpet History

Story Of The Academy Awards Red Carpet – The Staple Of The Oscars

With the arrival of the New Year comes the build-up to the Hollywood Academy Awards, or Oscars, as it is more commonly called. In luxurious pageantry, Hollywood’s elite arrive annually to walk the red carpet as they enter the ceremony to honor the best-of-the-best in the movie industry. The red carpet itself has been woven into the history and spectacle of the Oscars in Hollywood, but what is the story behind it?

What is Oscar red carpet?

The Oscar red carpet refers to the famous red carpet event that takes place prior to the annual Academy Awards ceremony, also known as the Oscars. The Oscars is an awards show honoring outstanding achievements in the film industry. The red carpet is an iconic part of the event and serves as a grand entrance for the celebrities and nominees attending the ceremony.

The red carpet itself is a long stretch of carpet, traditionally colored red, that is laid out at the entrance of the venue where the Oscars are held. It symbolizes a prestigious and glamorous pathway for the celebrities as they arrive at the event. The red carpet is lined with media personnel, photographers, and fans, all eager to catch a glimpse of the stars and their fashionable outfits.

Hollywood Academy Awards Oscars Red Carpet by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Hollywood Academy Awards Oscars Red Carpet

During the red carpet event, celebrities make their way down the carpet, stopping to pose for photographs, give interviews, and interact with the media. It is an opportunity for the stars to showcase their designer outfits, jewelry, and overall style. The red carpet has become an integral part of the Oscars ceremony and has gained considerable attention worldwide, with extensive media coverage and commentary on the fashion choices and appearances of the attendees.

The Oscar red carpet has become an iconic symbol of Hollywood glamour and is closely associated with the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards. It is often considered a spectacle in itself, generating significant excitement and interest among fans and the media.

What makes a red carpet so iconic?

To begin with, the allure and attraction of the red carpet have a lot to do with the color itself that shares a special connection with human beings. Red, along with blue and green, is one of the primary colors. Many hues of red are seen throughout nature in animals, plants, rocks, sand, and occasionally at sunrise or sunset.

Academy Awards Red Carpet Nazmiyal

The Academy Awards red carpet.

Here are more reasons why the red carpet is considered special:

  • Symbolism: The red carpet symbolizes prestige, glamour, and exclusivity. Walking on the red carpet is associated with entering a distinguished event or venue, reserved for celebrities, dignitaries, and VIPs. The vibrant red color and luxurious texture of the carpet create an atmosphere of grandeur and importance.
  • Tradition and History: The red carpet has a long-standing tradition in the entertainment industry. It has been a prominent feature of major events like film premieres, award ceremonies, and gala evenings for decades. Over time, it has become ingrained in popular culture, representing the allure and excitement of Hollywood.
  • Fashion and Style: The red carpet is renowned for its association with high fashion and style. Celebrities and attendees often carefully select their outfits, working with renowned designers and stylists to create memorable looks. The red carpet serves as a platform for fashion statements, trends, and iconic moments, with the media and public closely scrutinizing and discussing the attire and accessories worn by the stars.
  • Media Attention: The red carpet generates significant media coverage and attention. It attracts numerous photographers, journalists, and reporters who are eager to capture images, conduct interviews, and report on the event. The presence of the media helps create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, and it allows for the promotion of films, fashion brands, and the entertainment industry as a whole.
  • Fan Interaction: The red carpet offers a unique opportunity for fans to see their favorite celebrities up close. Fans gather along the red carpet, hoping to catch a glimpse of their idols, take photographs, and sometimes even interact with them. This interaction between stars and fans adds an element of accessibility and excitement to the event.

Overall, the red carpet is special because it encapsulates the glamour, tradition, fashion, and media attention associated with high-profile events in the entertainment industry. It has become an iconic symbol that represents the pinnacle of Hollywood and the allure of the celebrity world.

Red color in human history

Red also shares a long history with humans, being one of the first colors used by mankind in prehistoric art. It was the first color ancient civilizations learned to fabricate, reproduce and then manipulate into different shades. It was used in paintings and later in dye making. The Egyptians and Mayans used red on their faces for ceremonies, and Roman generals would cover their faces and or bodies with it when celebrating victories in battle.

What is the first / earliest reference to a red carpet?

It was in ancient Greece that the first known reference to a red carpet can be found in the Greek Tragedy Agamemnon by Aeschylus in 458 BCE. In it, the title character returns victorious from the Trojan War and is greeted by his wife, Clytemnestra. She welcomes him home by having a red carpet rolled out so that his feet will not touch the ground. He is hesitant to walk upon it as he knows that is an honor for the gods and in the end, it would become a symbol of betrayal and death, representing his blood and not his triumph.

Agamemnon & Clytemnestra Red Carpet Nazmiyal

Agamemnon walks on Clytemnestra’s red carpet.

The materials used to make red dyes in ancient civilizations like Egypt were costly to import, so the color had to be used in moderation. In Rome, the color took on added importance as the color used by the army and by the citizens in celebrations or ceremonies.

The premium prices and revered status of red carpets and clothing continued through the centuries. By the time of the Renaissance, these items came to symbolize the affluent (clergy, merchants, and rulers).

The red oriental carpet and red fashion in paintings and art

Red Oriental carpets began to appear in paintings. In these works of art, the carpets were used as backdrops and draped over furniture. During the Renaissance, extraordinary red outfits were worn by nobility and wealthy alike. Under their feet were carpets on stairs or on a dais. Red carpets had secured a reputation as a symbol of power and wealth in Europe.

What was the origin of the term “roll out the red carpet”?

Distance and time did not diminish this tradition as Europeans settled the “New World”. It is said that the community of Georgetown, South Carolina, rolled out a red carpet for President James Monroe as he arrived by riverboat in 1821. Thick crimson red carpets were used in 1902 by the New York Central Railroad as passengers boarded the 20th Century Limited. These instances are possible origins of the phrases “roll out the red carpet” and being given “the red carpet treatment.”

The red carpet opening of Grauman’s Egyptian Theater in 1922

The red carpet made its way across the USA and one of the earliest known uses in connection to Hollywood was during the opening of Grauman’s Egyptian Theater in 1922. That year, the Egyptian Theater hosted the first Hollywood movie premiere (Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks). It was at this event that the red carpet, and what it symbolized, was passed on to the newly found royalty of Hollywood.

Maximilian Schell, Bob Hope and Greer Garson At Academy Awards / Oscars First Red Carpet In 1961 by Nazmiyal

Maximilian Schell, Bob Hope and Greer Garson At Academy Awards / Oscars First Red Carpet In 1961

The red carpet would still have to wait for 39 years before it found its new home, though.

When did the red carpet tradition in Hollywood and the Oscars Begin?

Even though the Oscars had been broadcast on television since 1953, it wasn’t until 1961 that the red carpet arrived at the academy award ceremony. On April 17th of that year, the red carpet made its Oscar debut at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. By the time Bob Hope hosted the 38th Academy Awards for the first time in color in 1966, the red carpet had become an integral part of circumstance and pomp surrounding the ceremony.

Since then, the red carpet has taken on a status equal to the Oscars. Especially since the arrival of guests has become a fashion show where a designer can show off her or his latest creations as they are modeled by Hollywood’s elite.

Oscars First Red Carpet - 38th Academy Awards 1966 by Nazmiyal

Oscars First Red Carpet – 38th Academy Awards 1966

The use of the red carpet in other events and entertainment type ceremonies

The red carpet has also been an inspiration for other entertainment award ceremonies. MTV features a blue carpet for their Video Music Awards and Nickelodeon makes use of an orange carpet for their Kids’ Choice Awards.

There may be other entertainment ceremonies that make use of a carpet, but the most famous and recognizable of the all will forever be the red carpet.

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