Family Room Rugs

How to Pick Your Family Room Rugs

The family room is an important room of the home where families come together and socialize and relax. Perhaps the most important element to take into consideration when decorating is the family room rugs. Depending on your design preferences, the size of the room, and many other considerations, there are plenty of elements that go into choosing the right one. Let’s explore the best ways to find the best rugs for you and your family.

Design Considerations for Family Room Rugs

Naturally, not every rug will mesh perfectly in every room. Your rug choice should be in line with the decor and design of the rest of the room. A rug is a piece of art and shouldn’t clash with the design (unless, of course, you are creating an eclectic, maximalist decor that is designed to contrast). Luckily, there are so many beautiful designs, colors, and styles of rugs on the market that you won’t have a problem finding just the right one for you.

Family Room Rugs Design Considerations Nazmiyal

Consider the colors and patterns in your design to make sure the rug complements perfectly.

Family room rugs, no matter the interior design style, are typically homey, warm, and inviting. In the room dedicated for the family to spend time together, the rug should be welcoming and comfortable rather than cold and impersonal. Antique rugs are perfect for this purpose because they have so much life and each hand woven piece tells a story. Beyond that, their age typically means they’ve been worn, broken in, and softened up, creating the ultimate comfort piece. Shabby chic rugs or soft, long-piled shag rugs are perfect to create the comfortable, warm look.

Family Room Rugs Comfort Nazmiyal

Rugs with a longer pile give a comfortable look.

Whatever your interior design style preferences, from farmhouse to industrial, search for a rug the same way you’d search for any other piece of art. Consider the colors and patterns to find the perfect piece to fit in your space.

Size Considerations for Family Room Rugs

When you are choosing your family room rugs, you’ll have to decide which size will work best for your space. Perhaps you will want one large carpet to nearly cover the whole room, or maybe you’ll want one or two smaller rugs. If you’re set on covering the whole room with one rug, make sure that it’s not so big that it touches the walls on any side. As a rule of thumb, you should leave about 18 inches between each edge of the rug and the wall. This keeps the room from looking too shrunken or cluttered.

Family Room Rugs Size Nazmiyal

Consider the size of the room when choosing your family room rugs.

If you’d rather have a smaller rug than a carpet that covers the entire room, there are size considerations for these as well. A popular placement for a family room rug is in the middle of the room surrounded by furniture. If you’re choosing to go this route, make sure your rug is not too small. A small rug floating in the center of large furniture will look out of place. Make sure that your small rug is big enough relative to the size of the furniture, and use care when placing the furniture as well. For example, consider placing the front legs of the furniture on the rug.

Family Room Rugs Small Rugs Furniture Nazmiyal

Place the front legs of furniture on a small rug.

The shape of the rug is also an important consideration. Depending on the size and layout of the room, as well as the arrangement of the furniture, you may want to choose a different rug shape. For example, if you have a long room with spread out furniture, a rectangular rug is probably the right choice. In a smaller room, a square rug looks great amongst the seating furniture. If you have a round coffee table or other piece of furniture, a round rug looks great underneath.

If you need more help finding the perfect family room rugs for you and your family, our rug experts are ready to help you find your dream rug. We work with you and your budget, color preferences, design preferences, size restrictions, and any other measures to find you the perfect piece.

How to place area rugs in a family room?

Placing area rugs in rooms is a wonderful way to enhance the overall aesthetics and comfort of the space while defining different functional areas within the room.

Here are some tips on how to place rugs effectively in a family room:

Choose the Right Size Rug:
Define Functional Zones:
  • Use different types of area rugs to define different functional zones within the family room. For example, you can place a rug under the coffee table and seating area to create a conversation area.
  • If you have a TV or media center, consider placing a rug under the entertainment center and seating to define a cozy viewing area.
Maintain Proportions:
  • Ensure that the rug size and shape are proportional to the room and its furniture. A small rug in a large room may look out of place, while an oversized area rug can overwhelm a smaller space.
Leave Some Space:
  • Leave a few inches of space between the edge of the rug and the walls. This helps create a visually balanced look and allows the flooring to show around the edges.
Coordinate Colors and Patterns:
Layering rugs:
Rug Shape:
  • The shape of the rug should complement the shape of your furniture arrangement. For a rectangular seating arrangement, a rectangular rug often works best, but for a circular seating area, a round rug might be more suitable.
Rug Material:

Choose area rug materials that best suits your family’s lifestyle and maintenance preferences. Some materials are more durable and easier to clean than others.

Rug Placement under Furniture:
  • In a seating area, make sure all the furniture pieces’ front legs are on the rug. This helps create a cohesive look.
  • If you have a dining area within the family room, make sure the dining table and chairs sit completely on the rug when pulled out.
Safety Considerations:

Use rug pads to prevent the rugs from slipping and to provide extra cushioning.

Ultimately, the placement of rugs in your family room should reflect your personal style and the room’s intended use. Experiment with different arrangements to find what works best for your space and preferences.

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