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Ivory Cream White Rugs: Why Colors Matter & How They Can Impact You

Ivory Cream and White Rugs – You may not have realized it, but colors play a huge role in our lives. From telling us that the day will be nice to describing how we feel, colors are an intricate part of our everyday existence. Today we’ll be focusing on the power of ivory and cream colored antique carpets, and how they can have a positive impact on your home.

How Colors Impact Your Life

Colors have a much bigger impact on you than you may realize. In fact, colors are specifically chosen for advertising purposes based on what the product is and what the color usually makes a group of people feel. Even interior designers choose colors based on the mood they want to invoke in a certain room.

A common thought in interior design is, “colors are all around us – even in our vocabulary.” From feeling red hot to feeling blue, or even being ‘mellow yellow’, we are well versed in the psychology of color – even if we don’t know it!

The Psychological Impact of Ivory Cream Colors

As both ivory and cream fall under “white”, they have similar attributes. However, they do invoke slightly different feelings.

Ivory is considered to be a very calming, relaxing color. It offers both the softness and purity of white, but with an airy, full tone. It represents both pleasantness and quietness and can set a tone of relaxed elegance. It is associated both with intelligence and whimsy.

Cream is also very relaxing. However, it has a more warm and inviting feeling than white or ivory. It represents serenity and tranquility, while still offing a high-class look. It, too, is often associated with whimsy, as well as festive holidays – such as Easter & Christmas!

How Ivory and Cream Rug Color Dyes Are Created

Ivory and cream dyes are typically derived from plants – usually tea and coffee plants. While you can buy powders and other such chemical and synthetic carpet dyes, you can also easily dye existing white cloths, clothing, and throw pillows ivory simply by leaving them in hot black tea!

For slightly different shades, DIY‘ers recommend mixing tea with coffee or playing with different types of tea.

Why You Should Add Ivory Cream Rugs to Your Home Decor

Ivory and cream are typically regarded as warm, neutral colors. This means that you can easily add them to any room, not just to help break up a color scheme, but to enhance the mood. Adding an ivory rug to a light blue room and help you feel creative and energized. Giving your red room decor a cream rug can help it feel regal and inviting.

Utilizing ivory and cream colored antique rugs in your home is a fantastic way to lift and enhance your mood while adding comfort and style to your home. And now that you know what ivory and cream tones can do for you, you can use them to let your home decor tell the story you’re living.

White on Off White Interior Design Trends And Cream Or Ivory Rugs To Go With Them

There once was a time not so long ago when blending white with off-white was taboo. During the mid-20th century strict social rules dictated that you did not wear white after Labor Day, and you put away your off white after Easter. Never should they ever appear together, not in fashion and not on the interior of your home. Fortunately, those rules are no longer followed, and now, designers are using a range of whites, off whites, and natural earthy tones to create depth and texture in contemporary designs.

New whites range from the purest Titanium white, to pinkish Chantilly lace, and ever-so-slightly blue white diamond. They also range into earthy tones such as sea pearl with a gray color cast, and taupe-toned Navajo white. All of these different whites have a different character and add something a bit different to the room design.

White on Off White Living Room Nazmiyal

White on off white interior decor living room

Creating An All-White Minimalist Heaven

An all-white room with its clean, fresh feel would seem like the perfect haven for color-averse minimalists. If you fall into this category, it is good to know that the range of whites available gives you some room to play without adding too much color. The idea of trying to recreate the starkness of a white hospital room is no longer the norm when you think of white. Now, you can combine natural textures and colors in a range of whites and off whites to create interest and texture in the design.

Mixing it up a bit when it comes to tone and texture can help to transform the space into one that is cozy and warm, while keeping the fresh look. This can also be an excellent way to add a bit of texture to a black and white room, too. Mixing up the whites with off whites can create a dramatic effect against the blacks in the room. This also allows you to minimize the black because the mixed range of whites is more than capable of carrying the design.

White on Off White Bedroom Nazmiyal

White on off white bedroom interior decor

Bringing Nature Inside

One of the latest trends in the world of design it to try to bring a bit of nature into the design. This year’s design trends are all about creating a cozy, natural feel within the space. If your tendency is towards Scandinavian modern or a bit Boho chic, you know the importance of mimicking nature in the room.

Pure, bright white is a man-made creation and tends to represent the built environment. It is perfect for creating clean lines and an ultra-modern look, but it is not found in nature, for the most part. The white that you find in nature are always a bit tinted, even if it is so slight that you cannot perceive it.

When you begin adding a bit of color to the room, you soon find that whites can be definitively towards the red, blue, or yellow side of the spectrum. If you are going for an ultra-modern look where all of the lines seem to blend into each other, it can be difficult to match an array of whites perfectly.

When you intentionally mix and match your whites, this is no longer an issue. The way to make it work is to add a wider range of whites that do no look the same. Make the differences obvious and intentional. This will add depth to the room without the need to add color.

White on Off White Interior Decor Nazmiyal

White on off white interior decor brings nature indoors.

Play with Textures

Once you have a range of whites and off whites in various tones, the next step is to add texture. Perhaps you could add a soft, down comforter, a textured carpet with a high and low pile pattern, a white piece of macramé, or a giant arm knitted throw. This will give the room a more casually elegant feel and create a feeling that is grounded and balanced. It is difficult to overdo it with texture when it comes to a tone-on-tone design.

When you combine textured white tones with natural wood floors, granite counter tops and lots of terrariums / house plants, what emerges is a design that fresh and contemporary, but still warm and inviting. White is the perfect accompaniment to accessories made from natural materials.

White reflects light and has a tendency to open up the space and make it look larger. Mixing in a few textured off white pieces will help to bring down the scale and make the room look a bit less stark. In a mostly white room, a textured rug will draw the eye and serve as a focal point, which will automatically make the space look more inviting.

White on Off White Texture Nazmiyal

Texture is important in white on off white interiors.

White on Cream / Off White for a Global, Eclectic Vibe

White on off white interior design is the ideal trend of the season to refresh any room. To achieve this monochromatic vibe without it looking too sterile, aim for the perfect balance of creams, pearly whites, and everything in between!

Adding a Moroccan rug with stark white linens, for instance, will help you achieve this balance. It can also be achieved with certain vintage Swedish rugs, or even with the use of an appropriate shabby chic antique rug. If you want to go with a Persian Rug, Nazmiyal offers beautiful options within that range of palette, and we even have Turkish rugs that could work perfectly. With the proper hues, a white on off white interior will feel warm and cool at once, exuding chic character and heavenly charm.

Explore some light colored cream and ivory rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection to make your white on off white dreams come true:

Large Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet Nazmiyal

Large Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet

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