Large Size Antique Rustic Persian Sultanabad Area Rug 50126


Size: 11 ft 10 in x 19 ft (3.61 m x 5.79 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Bright contrasting colors provide plenty of movement for the eye to enjoy in this antique rug.

Antique Sultanabad Carpet, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa 1900 – Sultanabad carpets are treasured among designers and collectors for their crisp, tribal designs, and spectacular use of color. This gorgeous and stately example was created around the turn of the 20th century. The carpet uses an allover pattern, but one of the designs is centered and serves as a central focal point. The graceful stylized leaves represent continual regeneration and growth, making this a fascinating and irresistible piece of artistry.

One of the reasons why Sultanabad carpets are so desirable is that they have a formal design yet retain a tribal character that sets them apart and alludes to the ancient traditions behind the designs. The weaver of this carpet balanced warm, vibrant reds with midnight blues and neutrals. The colors allow the various elements of the design to be distinguished easily. The deep blue border appears to frame the field of the carpet. The artist carried the colors throughout the borders and field, which creates a balanced feel that is lively and fresh.

This antique carpet is spirited and bright, and it is formal enough to complement an elegant dining room or to create a place for conversation in a living room. It also has a distinctive tribal quality that would make it the perfect piece for a Boho chic design or a layered carpet look.

This gorgeous piece shows the artistry and skill for which Sultanabad carpets are known. It has a high knot count and an intricate design. One of the more recent design trends is bringing elements that reflect the natural world into the room.

The floral design of this carpet reflects the natural world, but it does so in a way that is colorful and charismatic. Sultanabads are becoming rare because they are so desirable, especially one such as this spectacular piece. It would make the perfect piece for any collection or as the inspiration for space that is colorful and contemporary.

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