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Nazmiyal Antique Rugs For International Buyers

Everyone has a language that they feel comfortable with. We can now quickly and easily translate our entire Website dedicated to antique oriental rugs with the click of a mouse. All you need to do is click on a flag below to translate the site to the language of your choice. Don’t see your language? Not a problem – simply contact us and we will be happy to include it! Contact Nazmiyal for Worldwide Carpets and Antique Rugs.

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Rugs, just like people, come from all over the world and each one is unique. We at Nazmiyal understand that everyone feel more comfortable in his or her native language. So with that in mind, we have now incorporated a new feature to our site. With the click of a mouse you can now translate the site’s text into a slew of different languages! So if you are in France, Italy, Germany, China, Israel or Saudi Arabia you can now learn about these beautiful works of art without having to even know one word in English! The internet is a wonderful new frontier, filled with new options and tools that transform only make our life easier but brings us all closer together.

Since 1980, We Serve All Antique Rug and Carpet Inquires Worldwide

The Worldwide Carpets and Rug Source – From Toronto to Paris and London to Sydney, Nazmiyal Collection welcomes national and international carpet buyers from all corners of the world.

Our centrally located New York City rug gallery in the United States and global website allow our company to reach customers around the globe and ship priceless antique rugs to cities on six continents.

We are pleased to be the only international antique rug company that offers global customers access to such a complete selection of vintage rugs and antique carpets at fair prices. Our New York City antique carpet experts are committed to offering international customers exceptional service, affordable, reliable shipping options and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every purchase.

Nazmiyal is Committed to Excellent Quality, Good Taste, Fair Value, and Impeccable Service

The Nazmiyal Antique Rug Gallery Guarantees

Our commitment to serving the international carpet community and offering every buyer the same conveniences has made us the global leading source for fine antique rugs from Persia, Europe, Asia and beyond. We offer international antique rug buyers the same competitive prices, exceptional products, guarantees and personal service that our local customers love.

No matter where you live, you can browse through our incomparable, ever-changing inventory of mid-century carpets and antique rugs. Before you buy, our carpet experts will be here to help you search our inventory, answer questions, provide detailed product photos and educational resources to help you make an informed decision. Plus, each purchase is covered by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and we guarantee the best prices compared to rugs of a similar age and quality.

The International Rug Buying Experience

Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked with private collectors and carpet enthusiasts in North America, Great Britain, Europe and beyond. Our reputation as an exceptional international rug dealer has earned us lifelong customers in London, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto and many English-speaking cities. We also serve customers in Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Athens, Dubai, Milan, Tel Aviv and other major cities.

To make our products and rug-related services more accessible to international shoppers, our online carpet gallery features multiple language and translation options designed to facilitate your shopping experience. Our service areas include these international cities.

English-speaking cities like London, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne

European cities, including Paris, Madrid, Moscow and Milan

We also ship fine carpets to international customers in Athens, Dubai, Tel Aviv and many other areas.

Our fine antique rugs and modern art carpets have found distinguished homes in many of the globe’s great cities, and we look forward to working with you and sending a world-class rug to your home, wherever you live.

At Nazmiyal Collection, we are committed to offering all international customers the best service, the best prices and the best inventory. It’s our privilege to work with foreign collectors, homeowners and designers who have achieved international recognition. We value all of our international customers and offer a variety of services to make overseas shopping more enjoyable and accessible.

International Carpet Shipping and Delivery

Free Antique Rug Shipping Worldwide by Nazmiyal

Free Worldwide Shipping for Antique Rugs

* Customers located overseas, will be responsible for the return shipping plus any local duty and / or vat charges (Nazmiyal covers the physical shipping charges to you only).

Due to the Iran sanctions that were enacted on September 29, 2010, until further notice, we can no longer accept international returns for Persian made rugs. Because of the sanction, all international sales of Persian rugs are final.

In addition to offering international rug buyers the best products and prices, we also take the time to find the most economic and reliable delivery option to your country, city and local address.

After your rug purchase is finalized, we’ll work one-on-one with you to make flexible shipping arrangements and provide personalized service based on your individual needs and timetable. Between our selection, service, prices and international delivery options, there isn’t a better way to shop for rugs overseas whether you are in London, Paris, Toronto, Sydney or exotic locations like Dubai, Madrid, Tel Aviv and Athens.

Browse through our collection of antique Persian and Oriental rugs to see why Nazmiyal Collection is the preferred international carpet company for buyers in Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and around the globe.
古董 地毯 地毯

Nazmiyal is proud to be the Antique Rug Source for the following locations across the World:

The United States Source for Antique Rugs

Amsterdam | Αθήνα (Athens) | Berlin (Berlin) | Brussels / Bruxelles (Brussels) | Dublin

Helsinki (Helsinki) | London | Madrid (Madrid) | København (Copenhagen)

Milano (Milan) | Moscow | Paris (Paris) | Stockholm (Stockholm)

Warszawa (Warsaw) | Zürich (Zurich) | Australia ( Sydney  | Auckland | Brisbane | Melbourne | Perth ) |

Russia ( антикварные ковры из Персии | Антикварные ковры Шелковые) | Canada (Calgary | Toronto | Vancouver ) |

Cape Town Johannesburg | (Tel Aviv) תל אביב| (Abu Dhabi) أبوظبي | (Dubai) | (Jeddah) جدة| Riyadh) الرياض

(Bahrain) البحرين | (Beirut) بيروت | (Kuwait City) مدينة الكويت | (Qatar) قطر

China 傳統 | 香港 (Hong Kong) |上海 (Shanghai) | 北京 (Beijing) | 東京 (Tokyo)

Singapura (Singapore) | Indonesia | Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City)

San Juan (San Juan) | Santiago (Santiago) | Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires)

Bogotá (Bogtoa) | Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo) | Rio de Janiero (Rio de Janiero) | United Kingdom (London, United Kingdom)

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