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Nazmiyal Rug Company NYC in Manhattan, New York City – Manhattan is home to many rug companies and carpet galleries. Some rug companies deal with new rugs and some with antiques, some might have better quality area rugs and others might deal with very commercial and cheap productions. So how does one know which rug company to go with? The first step would be to search online and establish the type of rug you like. There are many different types of rugs out there such as oriental rugs, Persian rugs, vintage rugs and so on so get a feel for what is out there first.

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Once you have established what you are looking for then comes stage two. Start searching for that specific type of rug online and once you have found a rug company that has the type of carpets you like it is time to ask questions and lots of them. Compare prices, qualities, vintage and ask the sales person to tell you about the rugs you are looking at. Get a feel for how knowledgeable they are and it is important that you feel comfortable during the whole process.

You should also look up any of the reviews that the specific rug company or gallery might have on google, yelp, BBB and so on. The internet is one of the best equalizers when it comes to shopping. From the comfort of your own home, you can easily and quickly “visit” many rug companies and see over 1000 different rugs. If you would like to search locally then simply add New York City to your search term.

Finding the right rug company is extremely important. You want to make sure they have what you are looking and are competitively priced. Nazmiyal Collection is a premier Manhattan, New York City Rug Company and we hope that you consider working with us!

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