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Antique Rugs London – At Nazmiyal Collection, we have been serving London’s most prestigious decorators and estates for more than 30 years. It’s our mission to offer Londoners and international carpet aficionados access to the most complete collection of world-class antique carpets and Persian rugs. We take great pride in our expansive online inventory, fair prices and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Over the past three decades, we have developed a large international client base and industry connections across the globe that allow our New York City carpet experts to work directly with clients in London and around the world. International clients are a valued part of our business, and we support these customers by offering world-class service, convenient delivery options and an unsurpassed selection of vintage and antique carpets.

Nazmiyal is Committed to Excellent Quality and Fair Value To Buyers of Antique Carpets and Persian oriental Rugs in London England

Our immense inventory of vintage and antique rugs is displayed in its entirety in our online carpet gallery, and new pieces are added regularly. This extraordinary collection includes fine carpets and textiles from all eras and regions, including antique Persian rugs that were produced exclusively for the export market in England. We have assembled a large collection of carpets from Persia, China, Morocco, Europe and many local weaving centers. Antique Sultanabad rugs like those produced by Ziegler for Liberty of London are well-represented in our collection. These Persian rugs were selected by the Guinness family to decorate Elveden Hall in Suffolk, and they remain popular design pieces today.

We also have an extensive collection of vintage carpets from Swedish and Scandinavian designers who pioneered the mid-century modern look. Dedicated carpet collectors will appreciate our collection of Turkish Oushak rugs, kilims, tribal trappings, prayer mats and rare ethnic textiles. Palatial carpets from Haji Jalili, Seirafian and the grand masters are also showcased. These antique rug masterpieces rival the luxurious qualities of the famous Ardabil carpet, which is displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Making world-class carpets accessible to international customers in London and the U.K. is an important part of our business mission.

Nazmiyal Antique Rugs Serves London, England Customers With Fine Antique Persian Rugs and Oriental Carpets

Our carpet experts work with homeowners, established collectors and high-end interior designers in London and major cities throughout the U.K. Nazmiyal Collection has had the privilege of providing area rugs, flat-weave mats and luxurious antique Persian area rugs that outfit prestigious homes, businesses and flats in Hampstead, Chelsea, Kensington, Mayfair and London’s most affluent neighborhoods. As a global center for fashion, art and culture, this capital of the UK has a large market for antique rugs. It’s our pleasure to serve clients in this market and deliver carpets to customers here and across the United Kingdom.

Our Guarantees On All Antique Rugs And Persian Oriental Carpets Purchased For London, England

While you shop, we are available to answer questions, provide additional information and offer guidance to help you make the right decision. Our customer service is second to none, and we take great pride in making the shopping experience a pleasure whether you’re browsing or having a rug delivered to your home. We stand behind each product and offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every purchase. We also guarantee the lowest prices on carpets of a similar quality and age.

At Nazmiyal Collection, our reputation and commitment to satisfaction have helped us become one of the most recommended antique rug dealers serving England and the greater area. Browse through our collection to find the perfect vintage or antique rug today.

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London Antique Rugs And Carpet Dealer:

London Antique Rugs – In the past few years there is arguably no single industry in the world that has seen such a boom in globalization than the antique rug and carpet market. In days past collectors and decorators used to have to trek through the bazaar, spending a lifetime searching and haggling to find the perfect piece at the right price, or else pay exorbitant prices from dealers and auction houses who had already done the hard work.

Now with the advent of internet and advancements in secure e-commerce, selling antique rugs to clients overseas is no different than selling them in person. A client in the United Kingdom who is looking to buy an antique carpet can sit in the comfort of their London flat and shop for an antique rug from a vendor in the States. Whether in the bazaar or online people want to ensure they get a fair deal. If you just bought a beautiful new apartment in London or Edinburgh, then naturally the first step in decorating is the rug.

Most likely you will start local – you will search for Antique Rug Dealers in London or the UK / England / Great Britain in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. After spending some time researching and visiting showrooms in the London / the UK, most likely you will begin to hone in on what you want and you may even find the right piece for the space.

Unfortunately, many times the price for that piece is so inflated it is not worth what the dealer is asking or it may simply be out of budget.

Buying Antique Rugs in London England

The good news is that you now know much more about what you are looking for, what that piece is worth and what it is worth to you. In addition, you can now browse inventory from across the world online with the click of a mouse so now you are not limited to buying rugs from the UK only.

International shipping has become common practice for everything from groceries to unique items like antique rugs. Surprisingly, we have found that the cost for shipping rugs to the United Kingdom and specifically to London is often comparable to shipping a rug domestically. We sell numerous pieces to the UK every year and are very familiar with all the shipping requirements needed for London / the UK.

You might be pleasantly surprised at how simple it actually is buying rugs online for your London / UK home. Here are just a few of the benefits of buying online:

1 – Shopping Efficiency – No need to drive to a dealer outside of the city or walk the streets of London – going from store to store for hours on end; browsing from home is fast and easy.

2 – Buying Comfort – If you’ve ever had the pleasure to visit a real bazaar (regardless of the location – the UK or anywhere else) , you know how pushy sales people can be at times. When you shop online YOU decide which piece is right for you and whether or not YOU want to buy it.

3 – Larger Selection – While your local UK dealer may have a good selection, there is no way he will have the diversity of sizes, styles, colors, and designs you will find online. Just browse “antique rugs” on your preferred search engine and you’ll likely have a choice between at least 20 different dealers showcasing their wares.

4 – Greater Value –With the number of antique rugs available online, to be competitive, a dealer simply has to have great prices.

Since it is so easy to get information now through internet, the days of overpaying at the bazaar are gone. A customer can shop 10 different stores at once comparing prices across the world and finally deciding on the piece that suits his needs.

So don’t limit yourself to your local London Rug Dealer – or for that matter anywhere else in the United Kingdom or the world.

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