Beautiful vintage carpet offering of Scandinavian rugs

Scandinavian Rugs – Scandinavia is known for their Rya and Rollakan Scandinavian rugs. Named after a town in southwest Sweden, Rya Swedish rugs date back to the 16th century.

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At first the Scandinavian rugs designs were woven in solid colors, featuring black, gray, white and yellow but as time passed geometric shapes and floral designs were introduced. Used by nobility as bedding and a display of social standing, Rya Swedish rugs were often displayed as tapestries and exhibited as family heirlooms. Scandinavian design rollakan rugs are distinctive folk weaving and many are flat woven kilim tapestry rugs.

In recent months we have seen a tremendous increase in the demand for Mid Century Rugs and for vintage rugs from Scandinavia especially. Vintage Scandinavian carpets work well as transitional pieces by adding an art deco feel and look which goes hand in hand with the current interior design trends. The shift towards mid-century modern decors has surely done wonders for the prices of Scandinavian rugs and they are finally being recognized for the great work of art that they truly are. Scandinavian Rugs can be found in both flat weaves as well as piled carpets.

Prices for the good vintage and mid-century modern Scandinavian rugs have been increasing tremendously. The recent spike in interest in Mid-Century modern interiors has rejuvenated the demand for rugs and carpets from Scandinavia in a big way.

Without a doubt, the Scandinavian rugs, from the mid 20th century, are amazing textile art pieces. They are sought after and appreciated by many Scandinavian rug collectors, interior home decorators and consumers from the four corners of our globe.

The great examples of Scandinavian rugs, such as the carpets by Marta Maas are usually more modernist and, in some cases, nostalgic. This recent surge in value as well as the massive increase demand seem to be here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future.

So now is the best time to shop for these breathtaking mid-century modern Scandinavian rugs!

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See the present offering of Scandinavian vintage rugs for sale below:

Showing 1–32 of 286 results

Showing 1–32 of 286 results