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Elsa Gullberg Rugs – Elsa Gullberg was a textile artist and interior designer who left a great legacy on Swedish home design.  She was born in 1886 in the coastal city of Malmo, in southern Sweden, but left home to pursue an education in Germany and Austria.  On the continent, Elsa was inspired by new aesthetic design movements taking place, and when she returned to Sweden, she joined forces with other prominent architects and designers.

Vintage Swedish Rug by Elsa Gullberg Nazmiyal

Vintage Swedish Rug by Elsa Gullberg

Together, they opened an exhibit at a gallery in Stockholm that focused on creating furniture, area rugs and household products by famous designers, to sell at an affordable price.  Elsa’s approach to rationality through design had a great impact on the Swedish people especially the upper-class.

She was intrigued by the role of industrialization as it related to textile fabrication.  In fact, her hometown of Malmo was one of the earliest and most heavily industrialized cities in Sweden.  In 1927, she began her own textile company “Elsa Gullberg Textilier,” and worked there until 1955 when she handed over the reins to her daughter, Elsa-Maria.  She passed away in 1984, but her influence in contemporary Swedish rug design and interior design can be perhaps be traced down to Ikea, which provides stylishly designed furniture for an affordable price.

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