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Eevahenna Aalto (b. 1944) is a Scandinavian artist. Currently living and working Hammerfest, in northern Norway, Aalto originally hails from Finland, where she was raised and educated. Studying textile art at the prestigious Fria Konstskolan and the Kreeta Pohjanheimos textile art school in Helsinki, Aalto would soon go on to design and compose beautiful textiles in a unique and appealing style. After establishing a distinct aesthetic style while living in Finland, Aalto later relocated to Bergen, in Norway. Here, Aalto pursued a course of study at the Bergen Art Academy, enhancing her formal education and developing her distinct style.

Generally speaking, Aalto’s tapestries and textiles are rooted in a concrete aesthetic, with a particular emphasis on simple shapes. By utilizing large and straightforward circles, squares, and triangles, often overlapping, Aalto is able to communicate a strong structure throughout her compositions. This aesthetic also makes Aalto’s works inherently versatile, able to complement a wide array of disparate spaces. Both the concrete nature of Aalto’s designs and the overall attention to detail that each piece expresses makes her textiles and tapestries truly impressive compositions, with a distinct, unique expression and quality that makes them beautifully versatile and functional works.

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