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Britta Rendahl Ljusterdal Rugs – Formerly associated with the Gammelstads Handväveri in northern Sweden, master weaver Britta Rendahl-Ljusterdal (1927 – present) created in impressive number of carpets, flat-woven rugs and ecclesiastical works. Now in her 80’s, Rendahl-Ljusterdal continues to weave privately commissioned pieces for churches, corporations, public institutions and private clients. Her enduring and illustrious career began at the Gammelstads Handväveri, which is located near the historic Gammelstad Church Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features a commuter village where rural families would stay following long journeys to the local church.

Her early works include ecclesiastical textiles and abstract named carpets, such as “Apple Trees in the Morning,” which are typically signed with the initials BR. Britta Rendahl-Ljusterdal is an active member in the KRO or Swedish Artists’ National Organization today and also participates in the Halmstad Artists’ Club near her current home in Haverdal and the coastal province of Halland, which is located in southwestern Sweden. In addition to hand weaving carpets for private clients and craft associations, Rendahl-Ljusterdal was also a respected teacher at a prestigious art school in Uppsala for many years. Britta Rendahl-Ljusterdal is a highly skilled artist and master weaver who created a number of original carpets during the mid-20th century and continues to develop her craft today.

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